Chapter 89. Heatstroke

She prepared a hearty breakfast for the boys.

Only then did she let the two brothers, Da Wa and Er Wa go out. These brothers were really active.

Because of these kind of life, other families' children were forced to go. But these brothers were both eager to go.

What can Lin Qing He do? As expected, she can't do nothing.

After feeding the pigs and chickens, she began to make the dough. Pancakes was for lunch.

She grabbed a handful of mushrooms and soaked them.

The filling was bountiful. The soaked mushrooms were diced, then the loin. She plucked three pieces of cucumber and cutted it into sticks for later. Next was scrambled eggs. Eaten with it inside the scallion pancake, the taste will be heavenly.

Then she prepared a few tomatoes and a bowl of mung bean soup.

These things were what Lin Qing He was going to send over.

Usually, she placed these things directly into the space and takes them out after arriving there, so that they won't overflow and easily drop out.

After finishing this, it was only past 9 o'clock, not 10 o'clock yet. She waited until 10:30 before delivering the meal with San Wa.

"San Wa, come. Mother will teach you how to draw." Lin Qing He, who was at home, started teaching San Wa to draw. She found that San Wa really had a gift for drawing. It must be noted that even though the kid was mischievous, he was serious once he drew.

Next time she intends to buy some colored pencils back for San Wa to let him draw better.

"I really envy Fourth's wife. To actually be able to stay at home and paid no heed to outside matters." Second Sister-in-law, who was busying away in the field, was so dead tired that her waist and back were sore and she couldn't resist muttering.

Second Brother remarked: "Weren't you saying she was lazy before? Why are you being envious now?"

"Why else? If it weren't for you being incapable, I won't need to come out and suffer this torment on this day!" Second Sister-in-law couldn't resist complaining.

Now each family was responsible for one piece of land. They don’t work together like before. This one family was responsible for this piece and another was responsible for that piece. The earlier one finished, the earlier one can rest. If not done, then continue to work with no break for lunch.

So here was working on one piece.

Zhou Qing Bai was responsible for another piece. Don't underestimate him on his own, he can do the work of two.

Second brother pursed his lip: "If you scorn me for being incapable, then you can find another guy."

This remark made the Second Sister-in-law furious.

"Just work, what are you talking for," said Father Zhou from that side.

"Chattering all day long, and not much work done." Third Sister-in-law scowled.

Third Brother was also exhausted, just commented: "I wonder what we'll eat at noon."

"This time, Mother is at home. What delicious thing can there be?" Third Sister-in-law sighed.

If she or Eldest Sister-in-law was cooking at home, it would definitely be better. But when her mother-in-law was holding fort at home, then, needless to say, cornmeal pancake served with pickled veg and lump veg was the best it can get.

Eldest Sister-in-law also held no hope toward this.

Eldest Brother scolded her: "What Mother makes is what you eat."

Eldest Sister-in-law responded: "Now the days aren't terrible. After this time, the food will be distributed. We'll also have a bumper harvest this year. We should eat better at home occasionally."

It was draining to work in the field. If one didn't eat well, how can the body bear the strain?

"Our family hasn't split yet? What Mother makes is what you eat. Can you even complain to Mother? Did you not see Mother is giving displeased attitude toward Fourth's wife." Eldest Brother said.

Eldest Brother knew this even if he was slow-witted.

Because their mother was disgruntled with Fourth's wife's extravagant way in life, where they had either eggs or pork every day, she said a few words.

Fourth's wife became offended, so the conflict happened.

"Da Wa's family had already separated out, how they eat and what to make, Da Wa's Mother what she's doing. Can't believe Mother, why did she have to go and say something." Eldest Sister-in-law replied.

In this matter, she supported Da Wa's mother. If they hadn't separated, then it was fine. Now they moved out, she didn't have to criticize Da Wa's mother on what she wants to do as long as she doesn't reach out to old Zhou Family.

It was more like Da Wa's Mother giving attitude to her mother-in-law, rather than their mother-in-law giving disgruntled looks to Da Wa's Mother.

Look, there was no bite of delicious food at this side. During the summer harvest, it was a must to send a portion over. Now this even more exhausting autumn harvest. don't dream of sharing a bite.

Who was on the losing end?

Eldest Brother sighed: "Fourth's wife hold resentment so long. No matter what, Mother is an elder."

Eldest Sister-in-law said nothing.

Haha, being sisters-in-law for so many years, who didn’t know Da Wa's Mother's character. Expect her to give food when they are in a cold war, gotta be dreaming right?

Moreover, Da Wa's mother wasn't in the wrong on this matter. Compared to before, Da Wa's mother was more reasonable now.

At least Eldest Sister-in-law and Third sister-in-law were willing to interact with Lin Qing He. As for the others, they don't know.

Mother Zhou delivered the lunch. After Lin Qing He learned that she was delivering the meal, she deliberately delayed herself.

After she had arrived for a while, she came down much later with the pancakes packaged in the insulated box for Zhou Qing Bai and her sons to eat.

"Did you come with your Eldest Aunt in the morning?" Lin Qing He asked Da Wa.

"Came with Third Aunt." Da Wa answered while eating the pancake.

"Mother, this pancake is really yummy." Er Wa munched in content.

Lin Qing He observed the brothers' sun-flushed cheeks and nagged, "Don't you know to rest occasionally when it's too sunny?"

"How can I rest? If I rest, it'll let them pick up more and our work points will be less." Er Wa shook his head.

Da Wa nodded in agreement: "That's right, Mother. Don't worry about us, we're all right."

Because of the way Lin Qing He fed them, the brothers were fine. But Eldest Third Sister-in-law's eldest daughter, Wu Ni, suffered from heatstroke. (T/N: mistake in raw)

That night she vomited and had diarrhea.

Third Brother came knocking at midnight to borrow the bicycle to send Wu Ni to the health center.

Lin Qing He has taken a liking to Wu Ni. The little girl was very clever and occasionally came to help with chores. Although there was nothing much to do at home, Lin Qing He still gave her a little when there was something delicious.

"Is it serious? I have medicine here, I bought it for an emergency. How about letting her take it first and see?" Lin Qing He entered into her room and took out the pills.

This was something she didn't forget to buy when she was collecting materials. They were all very effective medicines.

But she didn't dare to say anything absolutely, instead, said give it a try?

"Thank you Fourth Sister-in-law. I'll take it back to try!" said Third Brother.

Because when brought to the health center, she'll still have to take medicine and injections. Of course, if there was medicine, they can try it first.

However, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai sorted themselves before heading over.

As for the three boys at home, they were exhausted from the day and slept like little pigs at this moment. Even thunder couldn't wake them up.

It was enough to leave Fei Ying to watch in the house.

Wu Ni's face was a little pale. The small face, which was initially tiny, became even thinner. Lin Qing He's medicine was very effective. After eating it, Wu Ni was much better.

After being in agony for so long, she fell asleep once she was comfortable.

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