A wisp of golden thread cuts through the sky and reflects the sky over the whole nine regions battlefield.

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Strong people like Lintian who wear the flying fairy order all have a strange feeling, just like being watched by a mysterious force.


A thunder like sound of Tao Lun resounds through the sky. Countless strong men in the nine regions are also shocked at this moment.

"Here it is

"Feixian battle realm is open again. This time, who will be the first person in the nine realms?"

"It's certain that Lintian will die!"

"It's a great pity that we can't take part in such a fierce battle."

All kinds of sounds sounded, and countless eyes looked at the sky.

With the sound of Tao, the chaotic air in the sky is diffuse, reflecting a mysterious and unpredictable virtual shadow of the world.

In a moment, in the shadow of the mysterious world, a rainbow suddenly burst out, fell down into the sky, and rushed to different areas of the nine regions battlefield.

Among them, there were three sacred rainbow, which swept to the city of protecting road in the ancient wasteland, bathing Lintian's figure in it.

Almost at the same time, Lintian and Xiaoyin and Xiaotian, who were dormant in the sea of his knowledge, felt a little shiver in their hearts. Then they were carried away by the rainbow force.

On the head of the city, Zhao Jingxuan stares at the figure that is gradually going away, and murmurs in his heart: "you must come back alive for me..."

"Take care, brother Lin!"

In the city of protecting the road, countless strong people in the ancient wasteland prayed silently in their hearts.

At the same time, in the northern underworld, kunshaoyu, chiwushu, candlelight Yingkong, xueqingyi and many other top saints also left one after another.

On this day, the Feixian battle scene came, and all those who wore the Feixian order were moved to it, which aroused the attention of the nine regions.

Only SHAOHAO, ruowu and others had been prepared. They didn't wear the flying immortal order, but they didn't move it away.

Also on this day, in the eight regions camp, like the tide of strong people gathered together, roaring toward the same place.

The sound of the trumpet and the air of cutting in the sky completely broke the atmosphere that had been calm for nearly half a year.

Eight regions of the army together, soldiers refers to the ancient wasteland!

At the same time, all the strong men in the ancient wasteland camp were stationed in the garrison. Under the dispatch of SHAOHAO, ruowu and other top sages, they carried out defense in an orderly way.

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For a time, the whole nine territory battlefield was filled with killing opportunities.


Feixian battle zone.

This is a mysterious world. It is said that the secret of Feixian is buried here. If you can get it, you can prove it!

But from the first battle of nine realms to now, no one has got the secret of Feixian, which makes this rumor more like an illusory and absurd talk.

However, Lintian knew clearly that there was a kind of terror monster in Feixian battle, which was regarded as "Feixian ghost spirit".

Each of them has the fighting power no less than that of the supreme sage, and the number is huge, which can be seen everywhere in the secret place of Feixian.

It's no exaggeration to say that even if other people have the chance to enter the Feixian battle realm, if they don't have the power of juetong sage, it's no different from death.

Since the first battle of the nine realms, Feixian battlefield has been regarded as a battlefield for the top figures in the nine realms.

The one who has the ability to dominate the others is the first true saint of the nine regions!

When Lintian entered the Feixian battlefield, he saw a sea of bones at first sight.

There is a vast ocean of white bones, and the number of floating and sinking remains is enough to make anyone's scalp numb.

The world here is gray, and the air is filled with a strong and gloomy atmosphere of depression. The sea made up of numerous bones makes it look like a ghost land, not like in the world!

"Lost bone sea..."

Lintian frowned and immediately judged his position.

In the Feixian battle area, the bone sea is definitely a place of great evil, in which the bones accumulate and hide many Feixian ghosts!

When Lintian looked around, he saw that he was the center of the sea, and there was a white sea in all directions.

"Master, I can feel the strange atmosphere here. I'd better leave as soon as possible."

Little silver came out, and a dignified look appeared on his handsome face. On his shoulder, the wings of the butterfly converged and stood still.

"Not bad."

Lintian chose a direction and was ready to go, but at this moment, the sea of bones below rolled violently and roared.

One of them, dressed in broken armor, burst up with bare bones, and his whole body sent out a terrifying evil spirit.

This skeleton holds a rusty broken sword. When you step in the air, it gives you a unique style of sword repair.

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It broke through the void, and the evil spirit swept through the universe. A broken sword sent out a dim gray light, cutting the void, and it was fierce.Feixian Guiling!

Xiaoyin immediately sent out a cold hum and rushed up.


A bright and transparent magic sword appeared in Xiaoyin's palm, and suddenly it passed through the body of the Feixian ghost.


The bones of Feixian and Guiling fell apart.

Small silver lips pan sneer: "vulnerable."

But as soon as the words came to an end, his eyes were coagulated, and the scattered bones gathered again and recovered as before.

Then, the flying fairy ghost came again!

Even Lintian was surprised to show his astonished face. The spirit of the flying immortal was really not simple. His whole body was full of evil spirit. Even if his body was broken, as long as the strange evil spirit did not die out, he would soon recover.


Xiaoyin's handsome face was cold, and he rushed again.

This time, he changed his strategy and tried his best to kill the evil spirit covered by the flying immortal ghost.

It wasn't until hundreds of rounds that the flying immortal ghost was completely wiped out. There was no bones left. Even his broken sword was powdered.

At the same time, a kind of martial arts appeared in Xiaoyin's flying immortal order. This flying immortal order was originally owned by Lintian, but it was only given to Xiaoyin.

In the same way, the demon butterfly has a flying fairy order, which comes from the sword Qingchen.

The flying fairy order that Lintian wore came from Miss AHU.

"This thing is not only powerful, but also more difficult to kill than the average supreme saint."

Xiaoyin frowned, "one is OK. If there is a large group, it will be troublesome..."

The next moment, small silver is a stay, see in all directions of the sea of bones, rushed out one after another flying fairy ghost.

All of them are broken, some of them are human figures, some of them are all kinds of strange ethnic creatures, there are dozens of them.

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"Crow mouth."

The butterfly, the demon of the split sky, flutters up and exudes a tremendous momentum.

"How could I have thought that my luck would be so good this time..."

Xiaoyin was speechless for a while.

"Let's go."

Lintian shook his head and rushed forward with them.

A group of flying immortals and ghosts rushed to the scene.

Lintian didn't dodge. Suddenly, a wave of sword Qi came out of his body, which covered ten directions.

Bang bang!

In all directions, one after another, the flying immortals and ghosts burst open, and were wiped out by the fierce sword Qi. There was no residue left.

At the same time, Lintian's flying immortal order suddenly had 19 kinds of martial arts.

"The master is still cruel!"

Xiaoyin has a look of admiration.

Lintian knocked a little silver head, but he didn't have a good way: "if you can't boast, don't boast! Ferocious? Do I look like that? "

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian nodded together: "like."

Lintian couldn't help being happy.

With the sound of conversation, they rushed forward, and Lintian deliberately slowed down to test the fighting power of those Feixian ghosts.

See along the way, one after another out of the flying fairy ghost spirit rushed out, all evil spirit into the sky, strong breath terrible.

But before he could get close to Lintian, he was defeated and wiped away by the taixuan sword Qi, which could not cause any obstacles.

This made Lintian feel a little excited. If he stayed in this sea of bones, he would be able to collect a thousand kinds of ZHANXUN fortune in a day?

Just think of this, not far away from the sea of white bones, suddenly burst out a dazzling blood light, the nearby dense corpses are as if alive, whooshing up in the air, piled up and intertwined with each other.

In a flash, a "giant" with thousands of feet high and made up of countless white bones appeared between heaven and earth, just like an ancient god, with eyes bigger than a lake.


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Its body looks bloated, but it is extremely flexible. Every inch of its body is filled with terrible blood light, which makes the world red.

In particular, its breath was so strong that Lintian could not help feeling the pressure.

That kind of power is stronger than that of such leaders as Jian Qingchen!

"This place is really an evil place. Whatever you want..."

Lintian's black eyes were silent.

"Master, escape or fight?"

Xiaoyin couldn't help asking.

"Now it's just such a fierce object. How many similar monsters are hidden in this sea of bones?"

Lintian frowned.

It's just a problem, but as soon as the voice fell, there was a roar in other directions, and then, one by one, the "giants" piled up by countless white bones rose into the air, one by one, with blood flowing and fierce power.

Evil door!

Lintian, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian were all speechless.

Without any hesitation, Lintian ran away at full speed.If only one opponent, he is not afraid, but if a group of similar opponents appear, even he can only choose to avoid the edge.

Fortunately, although the "giants" had a terrible breath, their moving speed was a little sluggish, and they were easily left behind by Lintian.

"The Feixian war scene is too weird and dangerous. It seems that Zhan Xun and Dao Yun are not so easy to collect."

Along the way, Xiaoyin sighed.

"The master didn't come here to collect Zhan Xun's fortune by hunting Feixian, GUI and Ling. Don't forget, there are still people from other eight regions."

Xiao Tian said suddenly.

Silver suddenly excited: "rob them?"

Lintian's forehead was black. Since he became a saint, even his temperament seemed to have changed. Was this the real character of the insect?

All of a sudden, the melodious sound of the flute rings from the distant heaven and earth, ethereal like the sound of nature, making people relaxed and happy.


2 even more!

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