Chapter 1059: Old Yu was Cheated

When Elder Yu was cheated, Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t find anything odd about it but now that she was aware of it- could it be that Lin Yi was trying to protect her at that time? XIaoxioa’s heart warmed up at the thought alone, she was extremely touched to an unreachable level- their relationship wasn’t that harmonic at that time, was it? Why would he risk his life to protect her?

That time Lin Yi was just Golden Class late phase- he was obviously no opponent of Wu Gonggao! But yet Lin Yi still did that anyway- it meant that Lin Yi really did care about her a lot! Feng Xiaoxiao was moved and ignoring the fact that they were in front of the school gate, she went ahead and hugged Lin Yi, moved to tears.

Lin Yi was taken aback by Xiaoxiao’s sudden reaction- what had happened? She was just fine a few seconds ago, why was she in tears suddenly? She wasn’t possessed by the crybaby, Fatty Lai, was she?

“Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong?” Lin Yi was a little frightened as he asked awkwardly. They were in fornt of the school gate, after all, what would people think of him hugging a girl in tears? Some people might already know of their relationship but what about those that were ignorant…?

“Wu wu…. Lin Yi honey, you’re being too kind to me!” XIaoxiao sobbed.

“Huh?” Lin Yi startled- was he being too kind to Feng Xiaoxiao?

“In Yanjing, during the auction, you knew how strong that old fart, Wu Gonggao, was, yet you still stood up for me and acted as a shield, protecting me!” Xiaoxiao saw that Lin Yi was in confusion so she explained.

“Ugh…” Lin Yi didn’t know whether he should be cry or laugh, “You are talking about that….”

“Wu wu…. I’m extremely touched by your actions, I’ve never been treated so kindly before!” Xiaoxiao said the truth from the bottom of her heart. Due to Feng Tianlong’s work, he couldn’t stay by Xiaoxiao’s side all the time so Lin Yi naturally became the person that was the kindest to her.

“You don’t have to cry over things like this…. We are in front of the school gate, it’s not good to let people see this…” Although, Lin Yi didn’t really mind how others judged him, it wasn’t exactly appropriate, either.

“I don’t care, I just want to hug you and cry right now, just let me do what I want for once!” Xiaoxiao acted like a spoiled kid.

Lin Yi was helpless- he could only let Xiaoxiao do whatever she wanted.

A while had passed, and Xiaoxiao took far longer than Lin Yi had expected.

“Xiaoxiao, let’s go back the school okay?”

“No! Let me continue hugging you!” Xiaoxiao felt super warm hugging Lin Yi and didn’t want to let this feeling slip away so quickly.

“If you don’t listen to me, I won’t be nice to you anymore,” Lin Yi threatened helplessly.

“Oh…fine…” This technique was indeed effective- XIaoxiao let go of Lin Yi reluctantly, the tears on her cheeks had already long dried up. She refused to move away because she wanted to stay in Lin Yi’s embrace forever.

Feng Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi went back to their classroom together which caused a bit a fuss, though the Miss and Chen Yushu knew about their relationship so they didn’t really pay much attention on them. However, Xie Yufeng, on the other hand, had been glaring daggers at them since they entered in the classroom. A trace of toxicity could be seen in his eyes!

It was because of Feng Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi, he had lost the five million! He swore that he would remember this debt and make them pay!


Yuren was an ordinary person operating a grocery store, working on his own small business. His financial condition was always tight as he had little capital, and so his small business was unable to expand. The earning he made every day was just barely enough to cover the expenses of his family.

But Yuren was frustrated- he didn’t want to stay poor forever, he wanted to have a drastic change. That way, when his business was doing better, he could spend the money on buying lottery tickets. He dreamt that he would hit the jackpot one day, and earn the five million grand prize without a sweat and finally upgrade his family’s living standard.

“Old Yu, what are you thinking?” The guy from the next store came over and asked. He sold pork as a living.

“Nothing, preparing to go back home…” Yuren said while starting to pack up some stuff.

“Do you have time tonight? I’ll take you to somewhere exciting!” The pork seller said.

“Oh? What’s so exciting?” Yuren paused, he didn’t know what the pork seller was talking about, but he shook his head anyway, “Are you bringing me to those types of dirty places? I ain’t going with you, my wife is really something, I’ll be done for if I was caught attending events like that!”

“Hey, don’t be a coward!” The pork seller shook his head, “What dirty? It’s just boxing! Have you heard of underground boxing? It’s super exciting!”

“Boxing?” When Yuren heard that it was nothing sexual, he didn’t instantly reject the idea anymore, “Is the entrance fee expensive?”

“It’s free of charge!” The pork seller chuckled, “My nephew knows someone from the upper society and they gave him a few tickets while I got two tickets from him! Let’s go, we’ll learn something, definitely!”

The pork seller then put his oily arms around Yuren’s shoulder, inviting him to join warmly!

This pork seller was actually here to scam Yuren- he had a nasty personality. He had already received five hundred RMB from his nephew to bring Yuren to the boxing arena. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even remember Yuren at all.

“Free? How’s that possible?” Yuren didn’t believe what the pork seller said, “Even if it was a good thing, why would you think of me?”

Yuren was no stupid- he knew that this pork seller and him were just acquaintances, their relationship was just ordinary. He could’ve found someone else, why him? It was obvious that the pork seller was hiding something from him, this made Yuren wondered.

“Hai! Didn’t you help me to look over my stall a few days back? You even helped me in selling some pork too! Now that I’ve found something good, it was natural for me to think of you Yuren bro!” the pork seller smiled.

“Is that so!” Yuren gave in at last, but he still couldn’t believe him completely yet as he asked, “You sure, it’s free of charge? I’m telling you first, I’m totally broke right now, this money is for my daughter, Yuanyuan, to bring back home!”

“I don’t need your money!” the pork seller reassured him, “Let’s go, just follow me!”

Yuren finally relaxed after listening to the pork seller’s last line as he joined him to go to the underground arena.

Initially, Yuren still felt that the whole situation was not very logical until he entered the arena and sat down with the pork seller beside him. He realised that what the pork seller said was true, he really didn’t have to spend a penny to enjoy the battle!

When his concerns diminished, he started to relax and discuss with the pork seller, “Who organised this boxing competition? Is it really that good?”

“Hey! This is an underground competition, obviously, it’s gonna be super good! They are all real fighters that fight to the death, you know!” the pork seller chuckled, “It’s a death match! I heard that they aren’t allowed to stop the competition until one is beaten to death!”

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