In this strange sea of bones, a flute sounds like the sound of nature, which is very strange and strange.

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Lintian's eyes were fixed. Xiaoyin and Xiaotian, who had already had a tacit understanding, swept into his sea of knowledge and hid.

While Lintian was running, the Dragon Qi covered his whole body, and the whole person seemed to disappear completely in the void.

After thoroughly understanding the mystery of nine changes of dragon robbing, the power of lion dragon Qi was also deduced to a new level by Lintian.

At this time, no one could even sense Lintian's existence except those of the same generation who had a unique perception secret.

Following the sound of the flute, Lintian saw an incredible picture.

A group of flying immortals and ghosts appeared from the pile of bones, under the traction of the flute, gathered together and swept away into the distance.

The evil spirit of them is still there, and they are all terrible, but the sound of the flute seems to have a unique magic, which makes them all obey the call!

"What a powerful way of temperament!"

Lintian was surprised.

It should be noted that the fighting power of each flying immortal ghost is no less than that of the supreme saint, but they can't resist the control of the flute, just like the tamed beast.

However, this kind of flute sound fell into Lintian's ears, but it had no power. On the contrary, it sounded very pleasant and refreshing.

This made him instantly judge that this kind of rhythm secret method should be created specifically for Feixian ghost spirit!

Lintian thought and went on quietly. He wanted to see who was holy.

"Ten, thirty, fifty..."

Along the way, Lintian found that there were more and more flying immortals and ghosts controlled by the sound of the flute.

However, when it reached ninety-nine, the sound of flute suddenly changed from high to low, and changed into another kind of temperament.

Immediately, Lintian saw that all the ninety-nine flying immortals and spirits began to flee, and they moved away in groups with fierce evil spirit.

At this time, Lintian saw a figure.

It was a girl with white legs, a fur skirt and a crown of thorns on her head. She was slim and full of wildness.

Holding a flute made of polished white bones, she walked forward in the void while playing the bone flute. Her whole body was filled with a sense of ancient obscurity.

The group of fairies followed.

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"The breath of Jiuli ancient region!"

There was a cold light in Lintian's dark eyes.

Every strong person who enters the nine domain battlefield wears a token of his own domain.

Only with this token can we calculate the number of meritorious deeds and return to the respective domain boundaries when the nine domain dispute ends.

For example, Lintian had an ancient wasteland.

Because of the existence of this order, there is no need to identify it at all, and the enemy will be aware of its origin at the first time.

This girl, wearing a fur skirt and a crown of thorns, is obviously from the ancient region of Jiuli. It is said that she still retains the ancient world.


Suddenly, the girl in the fur skirt in the distance seemed to notice something and looked back. At the same time, the sound of the flute spread like a ripple.

"What a sharp reaction."

Lintian was surprised, but his figure was far away.

In the end, the girl didn't find anything unusual and turned to move on.

But Lintian was sure that the girl was not simple, and even the ordinary top Saint could not compare with her.

"That's right. Those who can enter here with the flying immortal order are the most outstanding figures in every realm. It's not surprising that the girl has such a quick reaction..."

Lin xunruo has some thoughts.

He didn't beat the grass to scare the snake, and continued to follow.

The girl in the fur skirt was obviously familiar with the sea of lost bones. She was familiar with it all the way, and did not hesitate to move.

Moreover, with the spread of her flute, there was no more Feixian ghost along the way.

"It seems that the previous two battles between the nine realms have already made the other eight realms know everything about the Feixian battlefield. That's why the eight realms like this girl have gained all the advantages after arriving at the Feixian battlefield this time."

Lintian sighed.

Compared with the eight realms, the ancient wasteland camp is not only lack of combat power, but also has a gap in details.

After a stick of incense.

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In the distance, the scene suddenly changed, and there appeared a long and rolling mountain. The peaks were like halberds, straight into the sky, and boundless.

A flood of primitive and ancient atmosphere came with it.

"Hengduanwu mountain!"

A place name came to Lintian's mind, which was a very famous place in Feixian battle realm.

This mountain range is more than 100000 Li. It is full of fog and mountains. There are many dangerous things hidden in it.However, there are also some rare treasures in this mountain.

According to Lin Xun's knowledge, it is said that during the first battle of the nine realms, there was a great sage in the ancient realm of heavenly fire who picked up a vine of yin and Yang from the mountain!

This is the first-class deity between heaven and earth, which can give birth to "Yin and Yang buds" like sacred treasures.

Every Yin and Yang flower bud is a kind of rare material for refining holy treasure!

Even, if you can wait for the Yin and Yang nature rattan to produce natural patterns, or even condense the nature gourd, it's a congenital holy treasure!

However, the Yin and Yang nature vine is extremely rare, and the one that can accumulate natural patterns is even rarer. As for the nature gourd, it is no different from the legend.

In addition to Yin and Yang rattan, hengduanwu mountain also has many other supernatural materials, but most of them are accompanied by danger. After all, there are many flying immortals and ghosts in the depth of the mountain.

Playing the bone flute, the girl in the fur skirt soon entered the mountains. Before long, the view of the mountains was wide, reflecting a flat and open canyon.

At this time, in the canyon, there was already a group of people waiting.

The first one is a man with a huge body, hair like halberd, rough face and a pair of purple eyes.

When he stood there with his negative hand, he had the momentum of connecting heaven and earth, overlooking the eight wastelands, which made other people around him look gloomy.

This man is Chi Wushu, the leader of Jiuli ancient region camp!

His name means "unforgivable", and he has the same domineering spirit.

"Yunyi, you're back!"

When she saw the girl in the fur skirt coming back with ninety-nine ghosts, Chi Wushu's purple eyes lit up and welcomed her.

"Brother Chi, I'm glad I didn't disobey my orders."

The girl in the fur skirt called Yunyi nodded slightly.

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"We have already subdued ninety-nine Feixian spirits ahead of time. It's time to join Kun Shaoyu and them."

Chi Wushu said with a smile.

"What does kunshaoyu want so many Feixian ghosts to do?"

Yun Yi can't help asking.

"It's not Kun Shaoyu. It's candle reflecting sky. This guy plans to set up a" thousand ghosts array ". The more ghosts he catches, the stronger the array will be. It's specially used to deal with Lintian."

Chi Wushu said casually without concealing.

Cloud according to this just suddenly, way: "where are they now?"

"It's not ten thousand miles away."

Chi Wushu points to the depth of Wushan mountain.

"But even if the array was set up, what was the way to let Lintian take the initiative to throw himself into the net?"

Yunyi frowned.

Chi Wushu burst out laughing: "it's OK to lure the enemy to go deep. That guy's temperament is extremely fierce. Whether it's the first time that the seven regions allied forces fight together or the battle of the black cliff sea, he dares to fight it alone."

"If he knew where we were hiding, how could he not come?"

After hearing this, Yunyi also couldn't help laughing and said: "it seems that brother Chi and Kun Shaoyu have all figured out the strategies, and they have thoroughly understood Lintian's basic knowledge. It's so best to finish his work in the first battle. When I kill him, I'll have to collect some martial arts."

"Come on, let's go now."

Chi Wushu waved.

This time, he led eight saints of Jiuli ancient region, such as Yunyi, to capture Feixian ghost.

Now that the task is done, it's time to leave.

The melodious sound of the flute rings again. Yunyi plays the bone flute and follows Chi Wushu. Just as they are preparing for action, they suddenly rise.


One of the ninety-nine flying immortals suddenly roared like thunder and burst into the air.

The melodious sound of the flute was interrupted by the roar.

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Immediately after that, the other Feixian ghosts who had been under control all became restless and resumed their ferocity. They suddenly attacked Chi Wushu and others.

For a moment, the field suddenly chaos.

"What's going on?"

"Damn it

Yunyi's face sank and she was just about to continue playing the bone flute. Suddenly, a dangerous cold current came to her heart, which made her flash without hesitation.


A sword shadow like nothingness passed her original position. Behind the shadow of the sword is the figure of Xiaoyin.

However, without waiting for Yunyi to breathe a sigh of relief, a black and magnificent butterfly suddenly appeared in her pupil and patted her wings gently.

Then, a pair of sharp and unparalleled forces cut the void open and plundered it.


Her face changed suddenly, and she waved the bone flute in her palm to resist.

In the terrible roar, although Yunyi finally blocked the unexpected attack, her shoulder was scratched and the bone flute in her palm almost flew out."Enemy attack

Yunyi sends out an angry scream.

In fact, there is no need for her to remind us that the scene is already in chaos.

After ninety-nine Feixian spirits lost control, they were like ninety-nine absolute saints attacking together, which made Chi Wushu and others immediately fall into battle.

For a moment, here the divine light explodes, roars like thunder, curses and roars.

No one thought, this just entered the Feixian battle, less than two hours, it encountered a sudden fierce fight.

It makes their faces look bad.

In the distance, Lintian saw this scene in his eyes, and his face was calm. This sudden battle naturally came from his hand.


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