Chapter 1058: Lin Yi’s True Ability

“Sun Jingyi wanted to talk to me, he told me to be careful of Wu Chentian,” Lin Yi replied.

“Oh, will you then?” Feng Xiaoxiao asked.

“I think he’s one who should be careful,” Lin Yi smiled.

“Haha!” Feng Xiaoxiao was amused, “I think so too!”

“But that Xie Yufeng, you should be careful. When I’m not around, you and Shu shouldn’t offend him,” Lin Yi warned.

“Oh? What about Xie Yufeng? What’s so good about him? Can he do anything to us?” Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t understand why.

“He’s a cultivator, a master at the peak of initial stage of mystic division,” Lin Yi didn’t hide this from her. From her background, she should know the meaning behind these cultivators and their divisions.

“What?” Feng Xiaoxiao was shocked, “He’s that good? Really?”

“Yes.” Lin Yi nodded.

“No way! How could he be so useless then? He was beaten up by a few gangsters? And he could sit on nails? And he was beat up by Wu Tieshou this morning?” Feng Xiaoxiao found it unbelievable.

“He is,” Lin Yi nodded seriously, “But he decided to hide his true ability in front of me for some reason.”

“Oh?” Feng Xiaoxiao heard Lin Yi’s words and frowned as she pondered.

If it was like what Lin Yi had said, then Xie Yufeng had indeed hid his ability. Whether it was when they were at the karaoke or when they encountered Wu Tieshou in the morning, Xie Yufeng looked like he was confident to beat them up, but suddenly gave up!

Feng Xiaoxiao was confused before but she didn’t think of this possibility. Now that she thought about it carefully, it was indeed strange. Only Lin Yi’s explanation would make sense! In front of Lin Yi, Xie Yufeng intentionally pretended that he wasn’t a cultivator!

“Then why did do that…? He’s targeting you?” Feng Xiaoxiao was stupid and immediately thought of the benefit chain behind it. Xie Yufeng must’ve done it for a purpose and it was most likely due to some reason related to Lin Yi. Feng Xiaoxiao’s heart clenched at the thought of it. Without knowing when, she treated Lin Yi as her boyfriend. He was someone she cared about, not an experimental object for love or someone she wanted to take revenge on. This changed silently overtime and even Feng Xiaoxiao herself didn’t know when it happened.

Human’s thoughts was the hardest to guess. In many situations, love and hatred developed in an instant. Perhaps love was born from hatred and perhaps hatred born from love. Feng Xiaoxiao’s situation was that of love born from hatred.

“Perhaps. But he’s only at the peak level of the initial stage of mystic division…” Lin Yi shrugged and replied carelessly.

“Oh?” Feng Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up after hearing Lin Yi’s words. Lin Yi appearing at the auction meant that he must know these noble houses well. Knowing the divisions of cultivators was normal so Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t think it was inappropriate. But now that Lin Yi was talking as if he looked down on Xie Yufeng, he was being questionable!

Since Lin Yi knew what it meant to be a mystic division master and looked down on him, then what’s Lin Yi’s true ability? Perhaps Lin Yi was also a cultivator?

Feng Xiaoxiao couldn’t believe it! Because of her father’s job, she knew the insider new more than most. But the more she knew about them, the more she knew how scarce these cultivators were! Though this was excluding golden division masters, as there were some golden division masters around wealthy people!

Many cultivators would be stuck after reaching golden division and instead of chasing a higher cultivation, they chased after money and enjoyment. It wasn’t strange to be the dogs of wealthy people and become fighters, but there weren’t so many mystic division masters in the world. Usually, those who reached mystic division would rather not be a wealthy family’s bodyguard if there was even the slightest hope in advancing. Although there weren’t a lot of mystic division masters, there were still some.

But Lin Yi, a high school, looked down on a master of mystic division, then he himself… Feng Xiaoxiao knew that Lin Yi was skilled, but she didn’t expect him to be this skilled! It looked like Lin Yi’s rank was even higher than Xie Yufeng!

“Husband Lin Yi… You…” Feng Xiaoxiao widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief, “Don’t tell me your rank is higher than Xie Yufeng?”

Lin Yi nodded. Since he had already accepted Feng Xiaoxiao, he wouldn’t hide it from her. Tang Yun, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu all knew about his rank, not to mention that Feng Xiaoxiao’s father, Feng Tianlong, was one of his old comrades, hence it was impossible for him to hide it from her.

“Woah!” Feng Xiaoxiao received his confirmation and yelled in surprise in excitement, “Xiaoxiao, you are too good! You got a random boyfriend and he’s of mystic division! Wahahaha, it’s a harvest!”

“…” Lin Yi saw Feng Xiaoxiao’s excitement and he was speechless. He didn’t know why she was so happy; what’s so good about mystic division? He couldn’t even heal her…

“Hahaha, does that mean that you are better than the majority of the masters from the noble houses?” Feng Xiaoxiao paced around him and her eyes fixed on Lin Yi, as if she wanted to see what was different about him, “No wonder you could attend the auction, you are a master!”

“I wasn’t back then, I was only at the final stage of golden division at that time…” Lin Yi said, “But I can usually handle those whose ranks are slightly higher than mine…”

He recalled that the last time he broke through, it was with Feng Xiaoxiao’s contribution. Although he already touched on the wall of mystic division, if it wasn’t for Feng Xiaoxiao, he definitely wouldn’t have advanced to mystic division so easily!

“Oh?” Feng Xiaoxiao heard Lin Yi’s words and paused.

Lin Yi had said everything clearly to make her feel assured. After all, she couldn’t live for long and Lin Yi didn’t want her to be worrying everyday.

“Haha, so that’s why you don’t need to think too much about it. Whether it’s Wu Chentian or Xie Yufeng, everything will be fine. Not to mention Wu Chentian, I won’t need to be afraid if even his grandfather came!” Lin Yi laughed.

“Wu Chentian’s grandfather…” Feng Xiaoxiao suddenly recalled something. When the auction ended, she had offended Wu Chentian’s grandfather, Wu Gonggao. Wu Gonggao was furious at the time and said he was going to kill her, and it was Lin Yi who stood in front of her?

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