Chapter 88. Zhou Qing Bai's punishment

When Zhou Qing Bai brought Da Wa and Er Wa back, it was already half past six in the evening.

It was pretty late this time, so when the father and sons returned home, the delicious meal was ready.

White buns are served with tomato & scrambled eggs and a braised pork. A cucumber and a bone radish soup was the finishing touch.

The food was very simple but it still a wonderful meal.

After the whole family finished eating, Lin Qing He didn't tidy up the dishes and cutlery as usual. It was Da Wa's responsibility.

Lin Qing He had finished her work, so she can do as she liked with the time. She started studying.

Although there was still seven years more before the college entrance examination, it did not affect her enthusiasm for studying. Since there was nothing to do, then study.

Zhou Qing Bai said: "I can come back and tidy up the pigsty."

"When the autumn harvest is over, naturally it'll be you who clean it. At the moment, you don't have to snatch to do it." Lin Qing He kept on processing the book's content as she answered without looking up.

Zhou Qing Bai stared at her for a moment before going to bathe first.

The autumn harvest was indeed tiring, but with enough energy from food and enough time to rest, he can still keep going.

When he came back after the wash-up with a cool soapy scent, Lin Qing He glimpsed at him and said, "After a hectic day, you must be tired? Would you like to take a rest first?"

"No need." Zhou Qing Bai stared at her.

Lin Qing He let him be and continued to read her book. She brought up: "I don't know if the college entrance examination will resume in the future. If it does, then I will try it. Don't stop me."

"At that time, how old will you be." Zhou Qing Bai did not expect his wife to think of this and uttered with somewhat bafflement.

By that time, who knows what age she'll be, so why take part in the college entrance examination?

Lin Qing He glared at him: "I will always be eighteen, understand?"

Zhou Qing Bai nodded very tactfully: "In my eyes, my wife will always be 18 years old beauty."

Satisfied, Lin Qing He said, "At least you're discerning, otherwise you will spend the night with mosquitoes outside."

Just finished washing the dishes, Da Wa pinched his mouth to copy from her: "At least you're discerning, otherwise you will spend the night with mosquitoes outside."

Lin Qing He didn't find it odd when she said it but listening to Da Wa's parroting, she had goosebumps all over. She set down the book and snapped out: "Zhou Da Wa, do you want a beating?"

"Mother, you can do it, but I can't. Isn't that what you said just a few days ago, only allow officials to set fire and forbade the common people to light the lights?" After Da Wa cheekily laughed, he ran out.

Lin Qing He sat back down and continued studying as she muttered: "None of these cheeky boys are affectionate. They all get me fuming. Sons are birthed to collect debts, only girls are caring."

"I think so too." Zhou Qing Bai nodded seriously.

Lin Qing He gave him a glance: "You still dare say that you think so too? Whose planted these seeds!"

Zhou Qing Bai's eyes looked at her softly: "I didn't expect you to be so capable."

She was very capable, three sons in one go.

But in the future, shouldn't they get a daughter?

Speaking of it, he had done it a lot with her, but her stomach still had no movement these days.

Lin Qing He gave him an eye roll and mentally uttered, 'it got nothing to do with woman whether they gave birth a boy or girl. It’s up to you guys to decide.'

However, this couldn't be randomly voiced out, so she continued to read her book.

"My mother is like that, always worried that our family isn't faring well, so she says a lot." Zhou Qing Bai said hesitantly.

"So it's my fault. I should have empathized with her good intentions instead of butting with her, right?" Lin Qing He gave him a smile.

As if without hesitation, Zhou Qing Bai shook his head: "Wife, I don't mean that."

"If you think that I am insensible and unfilial to your father and your mother, you can say it clearly. We can end it here." Lin Qing He solemnly declared.

Zhou Qing Bai's face sank.

Lin Qing He sneered: "I'm telling you now, Zhou Qing Bai. I don't care if your mother meant well or not. In short, I am filial. She can take anything to eat, but I don't allow others to intervene in my family and how I treat you or your three sons. If you aren't uncomfortable or unhappy, you can tell me directly. But if others come, then I won't be polite."

After that, she grabbed the book and went straight to the children's room.

Leaving Zhou Qing Bai with a helpless face.

Needless to say, Lin Qing He wanted to sleep on a separate kang tonight instead of sleeping with Zhou Qing Bai, the stinky man. He can sleep by himself

However, Zhou Qing Bai refused to. He openly carried her back in front of the three sons, causing Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa to protest.

Lin Qing He was embarrassed, while Da Wa didn't mind inflating the matter: "Daddy, what are you doing!"

"Taking my wife back to the room to sleep." Zhou Qing Bai stated: "The three of you sleep well. You have to get up early tomorrow morning."

The latter half was directed to the brothers.

In the summer, San Wa no longer slept here. He preferred to sleep with his two brothers.

It goes without saying, Zhou Qing Bai was delighted.

The kids giggled in agreement and Lin Qing He was taken back to her room.

"Can you not do this in front of the children!" Lin Qing He warned, but her voice was lowered, so it seemed to coquettish.

"It's time to sleep. There'll be a lot of matter tomorrow." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Even after the lights went out, Lin Qing He was still angry. Zhou Qing Bai started coaxing her, softly and gentle coaxing.

It took almost ten minutes for Lin Qing He to drop her anger. Then Zhou Qing Bai flipped on top of her at once.

"What are you doing? Aren't you tired out from the whole day?" Lin Qing He said.

"Not tired." Zhou Qing Bai began his meat-feasting activity.

Halfway through his work, Zhou Qing Bai questioned her: "Do you dare to say end it with me anymore?"

This woman's words irked him. They got three children already and she dare to say anything!

At this critical time, what can Lin Qing He do? Of course, she can only surrender and admit her mistake.

Only then, Zhou Qing Bai continued to love her.

After busying from nearly nine o'clock to ten o'clock, the couple went to sleep.

As for the previous anger, it was naturally quarreling at the head of the bed and reconciled at the end of the bed. That was basically how it was between husband and wife.

Zhou Qing Bai was refreshed when he got up the next day, while Lin Qing He slept lazily until she woke up at six in the morning.

As for Zhou Qingbai, he had already set off then.

The autumn harvest was also harvest rush. At about 4:30a.m., the whole group departed. The sky hadn't lighted yet when they head over. Once the sun rose, a lot of works were already done.

Before she went to bed last night, she steamed a pot of pumpkin mantou. As for the vegetable dish, she didn't have time to make. She only cooked a shrimp skin soup to eat with pumpkin mantou.

Da Wa and Er Wa wanted to head over, so they followed over their grandma a little later.

Although Lin Qing He and Mother Zhou had some differences in opinions, Lin Qing He did not stop the kids from interacting with their grandma. She was not that unreasonable.

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