Chapter 87. Chen Shan the scum

Soon September arrived and they entered the season of autumn. The autumn harvest started at the end of this month and all the way up till November.

This was a very huge project, equivalent to three times the summer harvest's effort. That was enough to understand how tormenting this autumn harvest was.

Still, Lin Qing He did not enter the field.

From the beginning of this project that started at the end of September. Lin Qing He made lunch every day and delivered it over. Because she empathized with how much toil it was on Zhou Qing Bai, she took on all the chores at home.

Even the pigsty was cleaned before he returned home, so Zhou Qing Bai, who was busy, doesn't have to tidy the pigsty and chicken shed when he returned.

As for lunch, Lin Qing He exhausted her all creativity.

Big buns, mantou with fried meat, or cornmeal mantou with stew meat.

Of course, a huge bundle of vegetables can't be omitted, such as tomato soup and green bean soup.

She had brought it all to Zhou Qing Bai.

The lunch was delivered by bike. She didn't care about the old Zhou's house. Even when Eldest Sister-in-law suggested that she help her bring it, Lin Qing He refused without hesitation.

Every family did their own thing. Don't mix them together, so no one gets condemned.

Yes, Lin Qing He was still mad about Mother Zhou poking into her family affairs. She wasn't one to let herself be aggrieved, so naturally, she won't take care of the old Zhou Family.

When harvesting this summer, she would send a portion of mung bean soup or something to the old Zhou Family. But this autumn harvest, that side didn't receive a single bite from her. Of course, Lin Qing He also knew they might not desire it, but what does it have to do with her?

Her attitude was very obvious. She was in charge of her family's affairs, and no one else is allow to chip in, even if it was the mother-in-law, Mother Zhou. Her intention was good but still shouldn't stick in.

It may be overbearing, but that was the kind of person she was.

Zhou Qing Bai probably felt it too. As he drank the mung bean soup, he snuck glances at his wife.

Lin Qing He's eyelids soberly squinted at him: "Do you have something to say?"

Before Zhou Qing Bai had the chance to speak, Da Wa spoke on behalf of his father: "Mother, do you need to send some to grandpa and grandma?"

"If Old Zhou's home wants to drink, don't they have mung beans to cook? Since they didn't make it, it means that they don't want to drink." Lin Qing He indifferently replied.

"Then Second Aunt will definitely criticize you," Er Wa remarked.

"So what if she criticize! If she has the gut to come and say it to my face, I'll definitely give her a good punishment." Lin Qing He sneered.

Zhou Qing Bai felt helpless.

"Quickly eat and rest once done." Lin Qing He ordered.

Zhou Qing Bai munched his own food. Same with Da Wa and Er Wa. After eating, they laid on the nylon polybag and catnapped.

There was limited time to rest, but drowse when they can.

Lin Qing He took San Wa home on the bike, as well as Third Sister-in-law.

Third Sister-in-law advised her: "Don't hold your grudge so long."

Lin Qing He laughed: "What grudge do I have? Everybody has their own life, wasn't it like this before?"

Third Sister-in-law said: "Before was before, now is now. Now Fourth Brother-in-law is also at home, you acting like this makes his heart ill at ease."

Lin Qing He gave no response, but her mind muttered, 'how am I making Zhou Qing Bai ill at ease?'

But she didn't give much explanation. After all, there was a generation gap, and some things cannot be communicated.

When she got home, she separated from Third Sister-in-law. Lin Qinghe led San Wa home. At this time, an urban educated youth came over: "Fourth Zhou Sao, can I have a lend of the bicycle? I'm going to the field. Fourth Zhou Ge and the kids can ride back in the evening."

Lin Qing He frowned: "Who are you?"

"My name is Chen Shan, an urban educated youth from Jin City. Please take care of me Fourth Zhou Sao." The urban educated youth, Chen Shan, smiled gently.

Lin Qing He's face remained unchanged, while her heart was surprised. After the shock, she sneered.

Chen Shan?

Wasn't this the scum man who seduced the original owner in the original plot?

No wonder in life, encounters happen everywhere. She came across him now!

"Educated youth Chen, before today we never met and you still dare to come and borrow a bike from me. Who gave you the face? Do you think because you are an educated youth from Jin City, that you're so amazing?" Lin Qing He laughed, but what was said was similar to cold scum.

A scum man dared to come to her and pretend to be elegant?

However, Chen Shan was able to maintain his grace and look: "The Fourth Zhou Sao's words said it like you discriminate against us, urban educated youth who came to the countryside and is no different from everyone."

"Can be called discrimination. Just some people, who aren't what they appear to be, dissuade people from giving flatters. Of course, it's undeniable that most of them are good, but there happened to be some lazy bum, who has never gone to work til now!" With a chuckle, Lin Qing He turned around with San Wa and walked away.

Although she got even more unpleasantness to give, she mustn't go overboard and give some face as her three kids were still young

"Such a lovely skin, to marry such a rough country man, you'll have a time when you'll regret it, I'm waiting for you to follow me once you're in regret!" Chen Shan's gaze held a must-have intention as he watched Lin Qing He's back.

Based on Chen Shan's high-level examination, Zhou Qing Bai's wife was a gem. She got what was truly defined as a waist and a hip. That face was so smooth that one can pinch out water.

Within these ten li and eight villages, one couldn't find such a woman. Even if she had three sons, she was still so beautiful and so tempting.

Sooner or later, you will beg for mercy under me!

Despite not knowing what this sewer rat thought, Lin Qing He held contempt toward him.

In fact, the original owner didn't fancy this man, but she was tempted by Chen Shan only after she was forced into a helpless corner. Although the external temptation was there, it was still due to the fact that the original owner wasn't highly-principled.

She was not the same as the original owner. In her opinion, Zhou Qing Bai was great in every aspect, so no such thing will happen.

No matter how powerful the plot was, since she was here, it was her decision!

"Mother, sleepy." San Wa said as soon as he came home.

"Mother happened to be sleepy too." Lin Qing He grinned and went to bed with her son.

They slept until 2:30 and Lin Qing e got up. San Wa had enough sleep, so she let him play with Fei Ying. Lin Qing He went off to handle the dough to steam mantou. As the dough was resting, she started to clean the pigsty and chicken shed.

Since Zhou Qing Bai was too worn out, she will help out with a question. If the original owner was still there, then it was impossible for the family to raise pigs. She believed that she has done a lot better than the original owner, but Mother Zhou still gave criticize. Even if her original intention was benevolent, she really doesn't approve.

So don’t blame her for being extreme. What she wanted to express was that she doesn’t need anyone, even her mother-in-law, to intervene in her family’s affairs, no matter how big or small.

She won't accept any compromise. On this matter, as long as Mother Zhou did not express her attitude or come up with an attitude, there was no room for reconciliation.

Even if Zhou Qing Bai was put on a tight spot, she won't cause herself discomfort. he loved to be troubled then go be troubled

Sao (zi)- means Sister-in-law/ brother's wife, but also a way to address a married, unrelated woman near their age.

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