In the canyon, fighting broke out and chaos broke out.

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Chi Wushu, Yunyi and other nine saints of Jiuli ancient region were caught off guard, and were immediately surrounded by ninety-nine flying immortals and ghosts.

It should be noted that each of them has the fighting power no less than that of the supreme saint. Now they are fighting together, with fierce evil spirit and boundless terror.

For a moment, the roar and scream were heard all the time.

"Yunyi, do it quickly!"

Chi Wushu also realized that it was not good, but he was quite calm. He knew that as long as Yunyi could control these flying immortals and ghosts, the dilemma would be solved.

At the same time, Chi Wushu focuses on Xiaoyin and Xiaotian, and does not hesitate to fight in the past. He is as powerful as an ancient man God.

His body was magnificent and strong, his hair was like halberd, his eyes were like electricity. When he struck, a series of purple lightning rules, which were as thick as dragons, twined around and made the void roar.

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian didn't shake, they didn't hesitate to move.

"Want to escape? No way

Chi Wushu looks cold and continues to pursue.

On the other hand, under the protection of a group of companions, Yunyi gets away from the entanglement of Feixian ghost, and then takes a deep breath and plays the bone flute.


But at this time, a blast of wind and thunder resounded through the sky.

Then, a Magic Arrow came through the air. Just with the unparalleled power of the arrow, it tore apart the flying immortals and ghosts on the road.


Yunyi's face changed greatly and her hair stood up. For a moment, she felt as if she was being watched by death and was about to suffocate.

Almost instinctively, she dodged to one side.


In the earth shaking roar, Yunyi screamed. Although she dodged for the first time, she was still hit by the arrow. Half of her body was smashed and blood was flying.

If not for her spirit in this instant out of shell, this blow is enough to her life!


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Chi Wushu was shocked in the distance. A pair of purple eyes burst out a terrible anger, and he immediately noticed Lintian's existence.

At this time, without hesitation, Lintian pulled up the spirit bow and shot out more than ten gorgeous rainbow arrows.

Although these arrows were not as powerful as the blue arrow, their killing power was still amazing. They all rushed to Yunyi.

Looking down from the sky, you can see a gorgeous rain of arrows sweeping out, just like the sky and the earth. The fierce and fierce air makes heaven and earth pale.

Even the flying immortals and ghosts were aware of the danger and dodged one after another.

"Get up!"

At this moment, Chi Wushu roared, and suddenly offered up a pot of ashes and blood, which rose up in the air. The dark light flowed from the mouth of the pot, just like the entrance to hell.

Bang bang!

The arrows were swallowed one by one into the earthenware pot before they came near, only to cause such a terrible impact, and the earthenware pot roared and swayed violently.

Chi Wushu, who was connected with the spirit of this earthenware pot, coughed up a mouthful of blood. He was shocked. What a terrible power!

Fortunately, Yunyi's spirit has taken advantage of this to get out of trouble.

This made Chi Wushu feel at ease.

Among the Jiuli ancient strongmen who entered the Feixian battle field this time, Yunyi was not the most powerful, but he was proficient in the magical music and could easily subdue and control the Feixian ghosts. Chi Wushu attached great importance to this.

If Yunyi is in trouble, it's like cutting off one of his most powerful arms!

"Protect Yunyi. I'll kill the bastard named Lin!"

Chi Wushu rushed up to kill Lintian. There was a Feixian ghost nearby. He waved a white bone spear and tore it to pieces with one blow. It was overwhelming! It shows extremely terrible combat power.

But at this time, the rear rang out.

"Brother Chi, Miss Yunyi is in trouble!"

Chi Wushu felt his head buzzing. He suddenly turned his head and saw that Yunyi's yuan Shen had been killed and disappeared

And not far away, Xiaoyin was holding a tallow jade bottle almost as high as him, with a touch of pride on his handsome and cold face.

One of the most proficient ways to kill insects is to kill spirits.

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Just now, Xiaotian cooperated with him to exert the talent of "instant kill" and rushed to Yunyi without any sound. Then, with the move of "there is no way back" sealed in the boundless bottle of the avenue, he blew out the other party at one stroke!

"You Damn it all

At this moment, Chi Wushu was furious and about to go crazy.

The arrival of Lintian and Xiaoyin was so abrupt that they caught him by surprise. Now even Yunyi is in trouble, which makes Chi Wuxu's heart bleed. How can he not be angry?

As a leader of the ancient region of Jiuli, Chi Wushu, a peerless Tianjiao in the eight Jue of Qingming, had ever suffered such a big loss?


His body suddenly burst out of purple thunder and lightning, just like a thick thunder dragon flying into the sky. Some flying immortals and ghosts nearby could not dodge and were killed instantly."Let's go!"

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian dodged without hesitation.

Although their natural strength is against heaven, they have just become saints. If they fight head-on, there is still a long way to go between them and Chi Wushu, who can lead the world.


Chi Wushu roared. His fighting style was known for his fierce and domineering style. At this time, he was infuriated and his fighting power was astonishing.

A white bone spear can pierce heaven and earth!


The deafening sound of collision rang out, which was enough to make the most saints despair of a spear, but was blocked by a broken blade as white as snow.

Chi Wushu's palms and fingers felt numb. He was shocked in his heart and knew that it was Lintian.

It was also this blow that calmed him down a lot from his anger.

At the beginning, Jian Qingchen was killed by Lintian. Xueqingyi, shipohai and huahongxiao couldn't siege him. They were seriously injured.

After the first confrontation, Chi Wushu realized the terrible combat power of Lintian and made a decision immediately.


He glanced at Lintian in the distance. His brows were full of unwilling and scared. Then he turned around and ran away without hesitation.

The other top figures in Jiuli ancient region were very cold because of Yunyi's death, and they saw Lintian's powerful means with their own eyes. Almost unexpectedly, they left with Chi Wushu.

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As soon as Xiaoyin and Xiaotian were about to pursue, they were stopped by Lintian.

Although he had the upper hand and the situation was good, Lintian frowned: "let's leave here first."

Without waiting for Xiaoyin and Xiaotian to agree, Lintian had already taken them away from the original place.

It's just a moment.

In this gorge, there are terrible figures, like rainbow, falling from the sky.

The leading group were Kun Shaoyu, Zhu Yingkong, lie Qian, Xue Qingyi and others.

Chi Wushu and others are also among them.

It's no exaggeration to say that if Lintian went after them before, or delayed here for some time, he would definitely meet Kun Shaoyu and them head-on!

At this time, there are still some flying immortals and ghosts cruising in the canyon. When they see Kun Shaoyu in such a big battle, they all flee away.

Obviously, though they are not intelligent, they can recognize danger and make the most instinctive response.

"The little bastard has escaped!"

Chi Wushu's face was livid, and he was so angry that he almost bit his teeth.

Before, none of them had expected that Lintian would suddenly appear, and the means were extremely insidious and cruel. First, they disturbed the flying immortals and ghosts, and used their strength to fight.

And then surprise against cloud according to carry out a fatal blow!

Chi Wushu was at a loss when he saw Xiaoyin and Xiaotian. He didn't expect that Lintian would be there at that time.

Now when he thought about the battle, Chi Wushu realized that from the beginning, the battle was under the control and calculation of Lintian!

"So, there are still two helpers around Lintian?"

Blood green clothes frown.

"Yes, a god eating insect and a devil splitting butterfly are both extremely rare ferocious creatures. They are good at sneaking attack and sniping."

Chi Wushu said in a deep voice, "however, these two little things should have just become saints. It's not enough to be afraid of confrontation."

"Don't be careless. Since Lintian appeared near hengduanwu mountain, he would know that we had gathered together."

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Kun Shaoyu pondered, "from now on, we don't have to act separately to avoid being defeated by this guy."

Everyone nodded.

They had a deep understanding of Lintian's horror. This time, none of them would be careless.

"Let's go, let's go out together. First, we'll catch enough flying immortals and ghosts. First, we'll arrange the thousand ghosts array. In this way, we'll be able to attack and defend."

Xueqingyi made a quick decision.

Chi Wushu, who was unwilling, sighed, "it's the only way."

Soon, the crowd roared away.

The Grand Canyon is empty again, only the wind whistling.

This hengduanwu mountain is very strange. No matter what the rocks and plants are, they are all shrouded in a layer of mysterious law of heaven and earth. No matter how terrible the breath of destruction produced by the battle is, no matter what the plants and plants in this mountain can be damaged!

Just like this canyon, after a great war, it has not been damaged or collapsed.

"These guys have come prepared..."

Before long, Lintian's figure quietly appeared in the canyon, looking at the direction where Kun Shaoyu and Chi Wushu left, his black eyes were cold.

"If you want to get rid of me in Feixian war zone, it depends on your ability!"

Lintian turned the lion dragon's Qi into nothingness and went to the depth of hengduanwu mountain. He planned to have a look at what the other party was preparing.

In particular, how wonderful the thousand ghosts array is.Hengduanwu mountain is very large, with a range of more than 100000 Li. When you enter it, you will be filled with the ancient and wasteful atmosphere.

Along the way, Lintian saw many rare miraculous materials and elixirs, either rooted in cliffs or growing in the depths of some shrubs.

All these were picked up by Lintian.

At the same time, there are many flying immortals and ghosts hidden in this mountain range. They have various forms, some of which are like strange plants, some of which are like mist, rocks, waterfalls and flowing haze all sorts of strange things.

Once, Lintian saw a towering and majestic mountain. In an instant, it suddenly came to life. It turned into a flying immortal ghost with a heavy armor, a tall body, and a strong evil spirit. The strong smell of it made Lintian feel like suffocation!


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