Chapter 1057: Not Much Time Left

“Jingyi sis, let’s contact more in the future. I quite like you!” Feng Xiaoxiao spoke sincerely. It looked like she was still thinking about her threesome plan… Wanting to make it come true before she died.

“Okay,” Sun Jingyi smiled slightly. She didn’t mind talking to Feng Xiaoxiao as she could learn more about Lin Yi from her! Sun Jingyi thought that she underestimated Lin Yi. He wasn’t as simple as he looked!

“Consider my suggestion! I don’t have much time left!” Feng Xiaoxiao panicked.

“Not much time left?” Sun Jingyi froze.

Lin Yi, who was sitting in the back, opened his eyes abruptly.

“Ha, yes. I’m in the last year of high school and perhaps I’ll go to university in another city. I won’t be able to see you often then!” Feng Xiaoxiao also realised that she accidentally let that slip. Luckily she was smart and rounded up the lie.

“Oh, university. Haha, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to accept your suggestion temporarily,” Sun Jingyi shrugged apologetically. She was an unrestrained person and she wasn’t too shy to speak about this.

If Lin Yi could make Sun Jingyi develop more feelings for him, then there was a possibility that Sun Jingyi would accept Feng Xiaoxiao’s suggestion. But right now was the time.

Lin Yi closed his eyes again. He knew that Feng Xiaoxiao let it slip but immediately made up for it. Those who didn’t know the truth would be easily tricked by her. Lin Yi sighed lightly. Although Lin Yi was moved by Feng Xiaoxiao’s suggestion, but he couldn’t help her to make her wish come true.

If Feng Xiaoxiao could continue to live, then perhaps there would be a day for this. But speaking from the time she had left, it wasn’t enough. Lin Yi was a person with strong principles and he would never force Tang Yun to do anything. Because of his special career, he was destined to not be someone who prioritised their bottom half of their body.

This time, the car didn’t stop at the snacks street behind the school, but stopped at the front gate.

“See you. Jingyi sis, remember to text me!” Feng Xiaoxiao easily built up a friendship with Sun Jingyi and friendly said goodbye to her.

Lin Yi realised that it was extremely easy for Feng Xiaoxiao to make friends with others. Her personality was energetic and she could be acknowledged by others easily.

“I will,” Sun Jingyi nodded. She looked at Lin Yi and urged him again, “Wu Chengtian probably won’t give up so easily this time. I’m worried that he’ll look for trouble!’

“Ha, whatever, I’m not scared of him,” Lin Yi shrugged carelessly.

“Don’t underestimate him. Although Wu Chentian looks like an idiot, but he’s from a noble house and you know their power… Oh right, Wu Chentian said that you two met at Yanjing’s auction?” Sun Jingyi was going to tell Lin Yi about noble houses’ power and enormosity, but she suddenly recalled that Wu Chentian said he met Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao through the auction at Yanjing.

Sun Jingyi found it strange. Wasn’t that auction the one House Yu conducted a while ago? Sun Jingyi was from the noble house Sun and she naturally knew a lot about it. Although she didn’t participate, she knew that all the people who attended it were either wealthy or noble. Other than the people from the noble houses, the others who could participated all had backgrounds.

Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao, who on earth did they have be to attend the auction? Sun Jingyi was curious and wanted to ask, but Wu Chentian was there and she didn’t have a chance to ask. Now she recalled it, she was confused.

“I went with a friend,” Lin Yi smiled and replied indifferently. He didn’t tell her about his company as their relationship wasn’t that close yet.

Speaking mercilessly, the initial feeling Sun Jingyi gave Lin Yi was someone who felt slightly more familiar than a stranger, she wasn’t even as well as Wang Xinyan. Lin Yi thought that he was closer to Wang Xinyan as she was the first girl Lin Yi made friends with after coming to Songshan. She was also kind, making Lin Yi feel better towards her than Sun Jingyi.

Wang Xinyan’s interactions with Lin Yi didn’t have anything to do with benefits. She gave one-sidedly, just as when they first met on the train, she warned Lin Yi that there were scammers. She never thought of seeking anything back from Lin Yi but Sun Jingyi was different.

When Sun Jingyi first met Lin Yi, her intention was strong. She asked Lin Yi pretend to be her boyfriend in order to chase Wu Chentian away. And after it, she “hired” Lin Yi to steal the recording of her competitor but the reward was to be Lin Yi’s half lover.

To women like Sun Jingyi who liked to be smart about trivial matters, Lin Yi often showed respect from a distance. Although Sun Jingyi was good looking, but Lin Yi didn’t want to drag himself in when he enjoyed seeing her beauty.

After today’s interaction, Lin Yi’s impression towards her changed a little. Sun Jingyi wasn’t a clingy girl like what he imagined her to be. He recalled the times when she asked for help, she asked him to help when there was no way she could get it done. After that, she didn’t call him again to bother him.

This made Lin Yi feel that Sun Jingyi was a decent person. Although he suspected her of using him at first, but she didn’t continuously seek from him as if he was an idiot.

“Is that so!” Sun Jingyi looked at Feng Xiaoxiao and lowered her laugh after Feng Xiaoxiao got off, “I thought you wanted something at the auction…”

“Hmm…” Lin Yi shrugged, “I’m not the grand thief, I occasionally make a guest appearance as him.”

“Then what’s your main job? Student?” Sun Jingyi asked.

“Do you really want to know?” LIn Yi aske.d

“Yes.” Sun Jingyi nodde.d

“Murderer and arsonist!” Lin Yi replied indifferently.

“Huh?” Sun Jingyi froze but immediately frowned, “You don’t have to lie if you don’t want to tell me. Isn’t murder and arson skills of the grand thief?”

“Haha…” Lin Yi didn’t explain further, “Don’t worry about Wu Chentian doing something to me. If they force me, I’ll set their house on fire and kill his family.

“…” Sun Jing was speechless. But she didn’t know what else to say after seeing how careless he was, “Then be careful.”

Lin Yi nodded. He pushed the door open and quickly caught up to Feng Xiaoxiao.

Feng Xiaoxiao saw that Lin Yi didn’t get off until now, she asked confusedly, “What took you so long?”

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