Chapter 1056: Growing More Curious

“Okay,” Feng Xiaoxiao took Song Jingyi’s invitation casually and sat in the front of the Audi A4L.

Ling Yi didn’t care as he already guessed what Sun Jingyi’s intention was. However, Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t know much about Lin Yi so he wasn’t afraid of her giving something away.

After they got in the car, Sun Jingyi asked, “Where are you going? Where you were before?”

“Yes, Songshan city’s First High School.” Feng Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Oh… Okay. Where do you live?” Sun Jingyi probed.

“We go to school there!” Feng Xiaoxiao blurted it out, but she immediately regretted. Feng Xiaoxiao wasn’t stupid and she knew that she fell for Sun Jingyi’s trap. Sun Jingyi was trying to probe on their identities! From the current situation, Sun Jingyi shouldn’t know that Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao went to the First High School!

Feng Xiaoxiao turned around and glanced at Lin Yi nervously and sighed in relief after seeing that Lin Yi didn’t act any differently and he was still resting with his eyes closed.

In fact, Lin Yi had hid his identity. He was afraid that Sun Jingyi would bother him infinitely after knowing where he studied at. The promise of being half a lover was like kidnapping him. If Sun Jingyi had any problems and found Lin Yi for those, would he be able to do anything else?

That’s why Lin Yi intentionally didn’t tell her that he was a student of the First High School, and told her to wait for him around the school!

But from the past period of time, Sun Jingyi never bothered him and hence, Lin Yi didn’t mind revealing his identity to Sun Jingyi after knowing that she wasn’t someone that would bother him for all her small problems.

“You, study at the First High School? Are you both high school students there?” Sun Jingyi was surprised. She thought that Lin Yi should be ‘younger’ than her but it was her age after she dressed up. Lin Yi should be around the same age as her, around 20 years old, but she certainly didn’t expect Lin Yi to be a high school student! Isn’t the difference too big? Lin Yi was a high school student? How was it possible? Wasn’t he the grand thief?

“Yes, we are in our third year of high school!” Feng Xiaoxiao spoke the truth after she saw that Lin Yi hadn’t changed his expressions.

Oh my! Sun Jingyi was embarrassed after confirming this information about them. She was twenty years old yet she developed feelings for someone younger than her?

“Hmm… Then why are you Lin Yi’s concubine? He has another wife?” Sun Jingyi quickly changed the topic.

“He does, I’m only his small wife.” Feng Xiaoxiao nodded straightforwardly, “Aren’t you Lin Yi’s lover too?”

“I… I’m only half a lover to him. Haha, only in name,” Sun Jingyi explained, “It’s only because Wu Chentian is too clingy so I asked Lin Yi to be my shield.”

“Oh, is that so…” Feng Xiaoxiao was disappointed, “I thought I could have a threesome with you!”

Feng Xiaoxiao interacted with Chen Yushu often and became bolder. In fact, she was curious about threesomes. She didn’t have too much time left and she wanted to do everything new.

She could tell that Tang Yun was a conservative person and she wouldn’t join them in a threesome especially in such a short period of time. Even with Lin Yi alone, Tang Yun was probably not ready yet.

As for Chen Yushu, Lin Yi didn’t have that sort of feeling towards her and how could she not see that? If Lin Yi had feelings for them, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu would’ve been his already. After all, they lived in the same mansion everyday!

Hence, Feng Xiaoxiao changed her target to Sun Jingyi. Feng Xiaoxiao was a conservative person too, but the current situation didn’t allow her to be conservative anymore. In her perspective, she already confirmed that Lin Yi was the one, it didn’t matter what he did. She wouldn’t do anything with other men in this lifetime and hence she became bolder.

“Huh?!” Sun Jingyi heard Feng Xiaoxiao’s shocking words and almost drove onto the pedestrian’s path as she quickly stepped on the brake.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly yet frowned at the same time. Feng Xiaoxiao was acting more and more like Chen Yushu now. He didn’t know if it was good or bad thing to put the two together! But luckily Feng Xiaoxiao couldn’t live for too long…

But Lin Yi’s heart hurt when he thought of it. Was it really, “luckily”? Lin Yi didn’t want Feng Xiaoxiao to die, even if she was to make all sorts of troubles with Chen Yushu, he still didn’t want to lose her!

In merely two days, Feng Xiaoxiao’s position in Lin Yi’s heart became heavier and heavier. Especially when he heard that Feng Xiaoxiao woke up in the middle of the night to make the cake for him, it touched him dearly. That’s why, Lin Yi really really wanted Feng Xiaoxiao to live!

Lin Yi sighed and became worried.

“Haha, it’s just a joke!” Feng Xiaoxiao quickly stopped after seeing that Sun Jingyi was shocked by her words.

“Haha, nothing, it’s fun…” Sun Jingyi wiped the sweat off her forehead…

Threesome! What a shocking thought! Although Sun Jingyi was born into a noble house, but her thoughts were rather conservative too. Although her grandfather and uncles all had multiple lovers, but they were never said to have threesomes…

But in the end, although the women looked harmonious on the outside, they secretly couldn’t get along with each other and no one would try to be friends with another. They were only harmonious because men were much more powerful in noble families!

Hence, Sun Jingyi didn’t dislike the thought of having multiple wives as she lived in such an environment. It was also why she decided to be someone’s lover.

However, that man must be someone who also liked her. Marrying a person like Wu Tieshou would only make her gloomy for the rest of her life!

Lin Yi… Sun Jingyi glanced at Lin Yi through the mirror, who was resting at the back. She became more and more curious! How did he make Feng Xiaoxiao love him so much? Sun Jingyi could feel that Feng Xiaoxiao had no other intention towards her but acceptance! Sun Jingyi was rather confused at this situation!

Not to mention women in the noble houses, even the concubines of the emperor fought often. She had never heard of them getting along well! But Lin Yi did it! Lin Yi… What kind of unknown skill did he have?

The grand thief… Student… Which one was his real identity? Or perhaps, both were fake?

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