The insight along the way made Lintian realize for the first time that the fierce objects in the Feixian war scene were not only stronger than juetong saint, but also some of them were more terrible than juetong saint!

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For example, in the sea of bones, the "bloody giant" was piled up by countless corpses.

For example, the "heavy armor figure" formed by the towering mountains.

One by one, Lin Xun felt extremely dangerous.

"Master, after killing Yunyi, the Feixian order in my hand suddenly produced 218 kinds of martial arts."

Xiaoyinxingfen said, "it seems that the news is true. In the Feixian battle environment, killing the strong one wearing the Feixian order can win all the other side's battle glory and fortune!"

Then he handed Lintian a piece of Feixian Ling: "this is the Feixian Ling he got from Yunyi after killing him, but it's blank now."

Lintian took it and said, "the competition of Feixian battle field is only ten days. Now we have four Feixian decrees in our hands. We can collect enough ZHANXUN's fortune when Feixian battle field is over."

"Master, it's Yuteng in the night sky!"

Xiao Tian, who has always been cold in character, is suddenly excited.

Lintian looked up and saw that in a pile of rocks not far away, there was a snow-white vine with gorgeous white leaves.

But over the vines, there is a layer of night, showing a dark and profound color. When you look at it from a distance, it is like a vine, which opens up the night sky!

"It's really this treasure!"

Xiaoyin's eyes brightened. "It's said that this vine is a congenital deity with natural strange patterns. After being picked and refined, one day's practice can be worth hundreds of days of work!"

"It's true that if you swallow this medicine, your body and mind will be like entering the vast night sky. It can stimulate the spiritual power of the practitioners. It has an incredible effect on both practice and enlightenment."

Lintian had also heard of this treasure, but it had already disappeared from the outside world. He had never thought that he would see it in the Feixian battle.

"If I can swallow this medicine, my cultivation may be further improved..."

When Lin Xun thought about it, he had already approached the jade vine in the night sky.

However, when he was about to pick it, he suddenly noticed that on the rock at the root of the vine, there was an ancient Taoist pattern, which turned into a kind of prohibition and protected the vine.

Lintian's eyes narrowed and felt carefully. He immediately judged that this forbidden building had been laid at least 8000 years ago!

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In the history of jiuyu, jiuyu battlefield appeared three times, the first time was at the end of the Archean period.

The second is the ancient times.

The third time is now.

And eight thousand years ago, we can't reach the tail of the ancient times, we can only be regarded as the present!

But eight thousand years ago, the nine regions battlefield didn't appear in the nine regions at all. Naturally, no one could enter the Feixian battlefield.

But this jade vine in the night sky was forbidden eight thousand years ago. It's amazing!

"Is there anyone else who can go in and out of the Feixian war zone at will?"

Lintian's eyes flashed.

"What a powerful Dao Wen!"

Soon, Lintian made a new discovery. It seemed that there was only one pattern in this Taoist pattern forbidden array, but the patterns that could make up this pattern were extremely complicated.

Lintian's attainments of Lingwen couldn't see the secret for a moment.

"This should be the work of a master of Daowen. If it is destroyed by violence, this force will instantly destroy this jade vine in the night sky. In that case, it will be nothing."

Lintian picked his eyebrows. He felt vaguely that it was not like the means of people from nine regions.

The purpose of entering Feixian battle realm is to gain the honor and fortune, and only ten days are available.

When the battle of the nine realms is over, the next time the battlefield of the nine realms will come, who will spare no effort to set up the Daowen forbidden array to protect the growth of a divine medicine?

No need at all!

"Is this the work of monks outside the nine realms? They have the means to get in and out of the Feixian battle area and regard hengduanwu mountain as a natural "medicine garden."

Lintian had a bold guess in his mind.

For example, eight thousand years ago, when Yuteng was discovered in the night sky, it was still a seedling, so it was forbidden and protected. When it matured, the person who arranged the forbidden array would come to collect it?

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"Master, can this battle be broken?"

Xiaoyin couldn't help asking.

Lintian immediately abandoned his thoughts, nodded and began to concentrate on deduction.

A quarter of an hour later, Lin Xun, who had been motionless, finally made some moves. With a wave of his sleeve robe, he swept out the bright light and rain. According to a strange and mysterious track, he swept into the forbidden array carved on the rock one by one.

At that moment, the forbidden array disappeared like melted snow.

At the same time, a dark night light, like ink, swept up from the jade vine of the night sky and rushed straight to the void, just like a night cover!Looking at the jade vine in the night sky, it has become different from before. The whole body is full of light and rain, and the fragrance is full of fragrance. Its snow-white jade like surface is shining with stars like light spots.

This is the true face of Yuteng in the night sky!

But at the beginning, it was covered by the power of the forbidden array.

Lintian was not polite and picked it up.

But in my heart, I have a little doubt, this forbidden array Who laid the cloth?

Without much delay, they continued to move on carefully.

The hengduanwu mountain is too big. There are many peaks and mountains in hengduanwu mountain. Through it, the fog covers the sky, and the air is filled with an inextricable atmosphere of flood and famine.

Along the way, Lintian was also looking around, trying to find some rare treasures similar to the jade vine in the night sky, and to see if there were any Daowen forbidden array nearby.

Unfortunately, he didn't come across any more along the way, but he collected a lot of other rare drugs and spiritual materials.

Some of them are even enough to make saints blush.

But when it comes to rarity and wonder, they are inferior to the jade vine in the night sky.

"That's right. All these divine medicines are the first-class natural resources and local treasures in the world. You can't meet them or ask for them. You can't see them casually..."

Finally, Lintian was relieved.

Two hours later.

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Lintian was standing on the top of a steep mountain. The fog was rolling nearby, and the mountain wind could not disperse.


It was empty all around, but Lintian seemed to notice something, and his eyes were delicate.

Tens of thousands of miles away, kunshaoyu, chiwushu and other eight strong men are fighting against a group of Feixian ghosts.

But at this time, the candle moved in the hollow, and a bronze mirror with the pattern of flowers, birds, insects and fish appeared in front of the body.

In the mirror, a tall and slender figure emerges, standing on the top of the mountain, covered by mist, making its figure looming.

"I knew you'd be sneaking around."

The candle reflected in the sky, and a cold radian appeared on his lips. Then he said with a smile, "everyone, the prey has entered the net. From now on, this son can no longer escape from hengduanwu mountain!"

Kun Shaoyu and others all gathered together. When they saw the stern figure in the bronze mirror, Xue Qingyi, Chi Wushu and others could not help showing their resentment.


How can they not recognize it?

"Brother Zhu, when can I take in the net?"

Chi Wushu couldn't help asking.

"Don't worry, he has entered the game. When we catch enough Feixian ghosts, it's time to close the net."

The candle reflected in the sky, and the air was full of confidence.

This time, the Daowen forbidden array he arranged is the highest inheritance of the candle dragon. Let alone the ordinary Daowen master, even if Daowen master mistakenly entered it, he could not fly!

"Brother Zhu, you also know that Lintian is also good at array, but don't be careless."

Blood green dress reminds a way.

He always had an unspeakable fear of Lintian.

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Candle Ying Kong said: "it is because I treat him as the number one enemy in my life that I make great efforts to arrange Daowen forbidden array here. But brother Xue is right to remind me that I can't be too careful when dealing with him."

As he spoke, he folded up the bronze mirror.

Almost no one noticed that at the moment when the bronze mirror was put away in the candlelight sky, Lintian, who had been holding his hand back to them, turned around quietly with dark eyes and a playful look.

"It's said that the most powerful inheritance force of the candle dragon is Lingwen. Is this candle Yingkong going to fight me with Daowen forbidden array?"

On the top of that steep mountain, Lintian laughed, and a look of arrogance appeared between his eyebrows.

On the confrontation of Lingwen, he was never afraid!

At this moment, why did he choose to stay here?

It's very simple, just because I realized the breath of the Taoist pattern forbidden array!

It would be a big mistake for candle Yingkong to think that he is not aware of these things, just like a fish crashing into a fishing net.

However, Lintian also had to admit that the method of candle reflecting the sky was great, and the Taoist pattern forbidden array was completely integrated into the heaven, earth, mountains and rivers.

As you can see, the mountain peaks emptied like halberds, the mist on the rolling sky, and the plants and trees in each area are all integrated into the force of the forbidden array.

Not to mention ordinary people, even if Daowen master came, it was absolutely difficult to detect anything abnormal.

This is also the most powerful opponent of his generation that Lintian has met in the spiritual tattoo since his cultivation, which makes Lintian feel happy when he sees it.

"Zhunyingkong comes from the ancient land of Yin Jue. I don't know if he has ever heard of Baqi zhundi. No matter what, if he has the chance to capture him alive this time, he will be tortured."

Lintian thought of the culprit who had been hiding behind Yun Qingbai, and his eyes became cold.

Yun Qingbai, a tragic chess piece, has always been controlled by the quasi emperor Baqi.Strictly speaking, this Baqi is the mastermind behind the murder of the Lin family!

"Master, what shall we do next?"

Xiaoyin can't help but ask. He has learned from the exchange of spirits that they are now in a Daowen forbidden array arranged by candlelight Yingkong.

After thinking about it, Lintian gently spat out eight words in his lips: "take the stratagem and steal the day."

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