In the next few days, Lintian's footprints were all over the nearby mountains and rivers, walking and stopping, as if he was searching for something.

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Along the way, he also collected many miraculous materials and medicines.

Occasionally, he met Feixian ghost, but Lintian just kept away from him and didn't do anything. He looked very cautious.

In the dark, the candle Yingkong with a bronze mirror was watching Lintian's movements all the time, watching him shuttle between the mountains and rivers, watching him collect the magic medicine

"This guy is very careful. He's worried about scaring the snake. All the way, when he comes across Feixian ghost, he can't help it."

"Unfortunately, he didn't realize until now that he had already stepped into the game I set up. Even if he continued to search, he could not find us at all."

The candle is shining in the sky.

Originally, he was quite afraid of Lintian's spiritual tattoo accomplishments. He was afraid that Lintian would see through his own spiritual tattoo forbidden array.

However, after several days of observation, he gradually relaxed.

"Be careful. Although this guy is extremely fierce, he is by no means a fool. When he detects something bad, he is bound to withdraw."

Blood green dress reminds a way.

In the past few days, these saints of the eight regions gathered together, went in and out together, and no more accidents happened.

Moreover, only a small part of the number of Feixian ghosts captured is enough to support the candle Yingkong to run the "thousand ghosts array".

"This son is already in the net. Even if he wants to escape, he will not be able to fly!"

"However, in order to avoid anything unexpected, as long as you can collect all the fairy spirits today, you can close the net tomorrow."

"Then move on."

Kun Shaoyu said decidedly.

This time, they are painstakingly prepared. Until now, the situation is completely under their control.

This is quite satisfactory to everyone.


As soon as he thought that he would be able to take over the net tomorrow and kill Lintian, Chi Wushu couldn't help killing him.

It's not only him, such as Shi POHAI and Hua Hongxiao, who hate Lintian to the bone. They all want to kill Lintian early to vent their hatred.

"Unite with the top forces of eight domains, just to deal with him, Lintian If this son doesn't die this time, where will our face go? Isn't this battle of nine realms to be honored by his ancient wasteland

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In the action, lie Qian couldn't help feeling.


A small role that was ignored by them at the beginning, however, just like a black horse, rose strongly in the nine domain battlefield.

Up to now, it seems that it has become the number one enemy of their eight domains like a supreme overlord!

Before, it was unthinkable.

"No, his ancient wasteland camp will still lose this time!"

The blood green clothes are firm, and the scarlet eyes are shining, "don't forget, the city of the moat where the ancient wilderness camp is now We have already been besieged by the forces of the eight regions! "

A word, make everybody eye son all flash.

There are only ten days to compete in Feixian battle field. Now four days have passed. No matter how strong the city of protecting road in ancient wasteland is, how can it block the attack of the Allied forces of the eight regions?



Outside the city of moat, the sky shaking cry of killing soared into the sky, and the fierce air turned into smoke, which covered the sky in all directions.

Under the control of an old monster who was proficient in Lingwen in yinjue ancient region, the army forces belonging to the eight regions constantly bombarded the city of Daohu.

Just like the tide of Taoism and treasures, like the Milky way of the nine heavens, they are constantly pounding down. They are so powerful and brilliant that they make the world turn pale.

This is the fourth day for the eight regions army to attack the city!

In the past four days, the army of eight regions has been attacking the city in turn. The means are very simple and the offensive is very rough.

That is to break the battle with strength, to break the city with strength!

In the past four days, the city of berms has been like an island on the vast sea, constantly suffering from the attack and beating of the rough waves, and is on the verge of collapse.

The array of four unique and eight domains has been run to the extreme, making the whole city of moat glow with golden brilliance, which has blocked round after round of impact.

However, SHAOHAO, Ruo Wu and Zhao Jingxuan, who are the most important saints in the city of moat, are all dignified.

The other side is extremely cunning and doesn't get close at all, which makes the power of the four killer array unable to play out and naturally can't cause damage to the other side.

Up to now, the other army is intact!

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On the other hand, in the city of protecting the road, countless monks feel depressed and nervous. These days are almost like years!

This time, the army of the eight regions went out with all its strength and made a great impact. The strong were like clouds. Looking around, the enemy was everywhere outside the city.

Just the scene of the army's crushing the city has brought great pressure to people."The spirit pulse under the great battle array in the city can only last for three days at most. If you are beaten passively all the time, I'm afraid the city will be captured before the end of the Feixian battle."

If Dance Dai eyebrow tight wrinkly, worried.

"It's nothing. The key is that the morale of our ancient wasteland camp is being impacted. The atmosphere in the city is too depressing. Many people have been panicked and their fighting spirit has been shaken."

Zhao Jingxuan also had a heavy mood.

"It's normal to stick to one city and be doomed to be beaten passively, but if the fighting spirit collapses, it's bound to be in chaos. That's a serious problem."

SHAOHAO sighed.

"This situation must be changed! At least let everyone in the city see the hope and strengthen their confidence! "

The old clam is sonorous.


Arumo hands.

"If they don't dare to get close, we will act as bait and go out to provoke them. If there is any danger, we will return to the city immediately. As long as the other party can't help it, we will certainly pursue them. At that time, with the power of the four killer array, we can easily kill them!"

Said the old clam quickly.

"Isn't it too dangerous?"

Everyone else was shocked. Old clam's proposal was too risky. If he was not careful, he would encounter an accident. It was no different from dancing on the tip of a knife.

"What are you afraid of? I'm willing to cut myself. I dare to pull the emperor down!"

Old clam looked arrogant, but the next moment, he revealed his true face, "of course, I can't go out to play alone, at least It's up to 70 or 80 people to act together, isn't it? "

Everyone could not help but smile.

"I'm with you."

Xiaotiantian is the first to stand out.

"Count me in. I've had enough of being beaten."

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The night also makes a sound.

After that, Yue Jianming, you hengzhen and others also made a sound one after another to form a Death Squadron with the old clam.

Seeing this, SHAOHAO clenched his teeth and said, "since that's the case, it's settled! But you must remember, life is the first

Everyone nodded.

On that night, the old clam, ALU and other nine great saints attacked together, and immediately killed one of the eight regions.

No one thought that in such a situation of ambush, the ancient wasteland strongmen would dare to fight back and get out of the city!

Together, the nine sages at the top of the mountain were like a large army in the northwest of the moat City, which broke through and killed their heads.

If it were not for the timely arrival of the enemy's foreign aid, they would have killed the enemy there with their temper.

After this war, although it did not cause too much damage to the strength of the eight regions allied forces, it boosted the morale of the ancient wasteland camp!

However, SHAOHAO and others knew that after this attack, the other side would be on guard, so such a surprise attack could not be repeated.

"Just look Can we hold on to the end of the Feixian battle... "

SHAOHAO murmured in his heart.


Feixian battle zone.

The next morning, when the candle was empty, his hand was on his back, his eyes were purple, he looked at the mountains and rivers in the distance and said, "today is the time when Lintian gave the first prize."

Around him, kunshaoyu, xueqingyi, lieqian and other sages of the eight regions also showed their undisguised murders.

"Brother Zhu, it's up to you next."

Kun Shaoyu said with a smile.

A thousand flying immortals, ghosts and spirits have been collected completely. Now it's time for the candle to show his ability in spirit tattoo.

"At the beginning, this son first broke through our seven territory allied forces with spiritual tattoos, and then he was on the Bank of the black cliff sea, causing us heavy casualties. This time We are treating people in their own way. "

Shi Po Hai laughs.

"All of you, the great array belongs to the great array. The fighting power of this son should not be underestimated. We must not be careless."

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Only xueqingyi still plays the same old tune, reminding people not to be complacent.

They were not surprised by this, and they would not ridicule Xue Qingyi for being timid. However, when they thought that they could kill Lintian today, they all had an excited sense of expectation.

"Look, this boy is aware of something bad and is about to run away!"

Suddenly, the candle reflected in the sky and sneered. In a bronze mirror in his hand, Lintian looked gloomy and was moving between the mountains and rivers. He felt that something was wrong and wanted to withdraw.

"Brother Zhu, don't let him escape."

Chi Wushu couldn't help opening his mouth.

"Gentlemen, let's take a look at the means."

The candle reflected in the sky with a smile and a wave of hand, offering a small black flag with numerous patterns, and shaking it gently in the void.

All of a sudden, people saw that on the picture that appeared in the bronze mirror, a towering mountain suddenly rose to the sky, just like a wall across the sky, blocking Lintian's road!

Boom!Lintian launched the bombardment, but the strange thing was that he could not shake the mountain with his terrible power.

This makes him face a change, turn round to retreat, run to another direction.

"Get up!"

Before long, the candle waved the black flag again.

Roaring ~

a hanging river covered the sky and flooded the void, just like an insurmountable Tianhe, which once again blocked Lintian's way.

He wanted to fly away, but in an instant, he was beaten back by the stormy river water, and looked very embarrassed.

Helplessly, he changed his direction again, but his face became more and more gloomy.

Chi Wushu and others can't help laughing when they see this scene in their eyes.



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