Chapter 85. Wagging tongue nature

On top of that, she scooped two jins of brown sugar out. There were two jins of red dates at home, she also gave out one jin. As for the rest, she planned to make red date mantou as a change. She also threw in half a jin of shrimp skin and a jin of eggs.

Once these things were brought out, Third Brother Lin questioned at once: "Sister, what are you doing?"

"I'm most clear about those two old ones' nature. Your wife birthed a daughter last time, and this time she birthed another girl. The two of them will definitely be displeased. They always favor boys over girls, so your wife can forget about good post-natal confinement. But how important post-natal confinement is to a woman? I know you who have been a dad once understand, so do you still want to push these around with me? "Lin Qing He said.

"Sister." Third Brother Lin's eyes reddened.

After his wife gave birth to this daughter, his father and mother didn't display any good attitude, making his wife shed tears several times during the post-natal confinement.

Wanted something to eat, but got none. This made him feel very guilty.

However, being guilt was useless, it can't give anything to his wife during post-natal confinement.

"It's still early in this period. Everyone hasn't got off work, so go back quickly." Lin Qing He urged.

"Okay." Third Brother Lin nodded and pushed back the tears that were about to fall.

He did not want to cause trouble to his sister, so he took advantage of this time to return quickly.

A nylon polybag held all these things on his way back.

But even at this time, there were still people in the village. For example, Wang Ling, who had been headbutting with Lin Qinghe before. She had witnessed it.

"Sure enough, she's a wicked thing. It didn't take long before she started to pour things into her maternal family!" Wang Ling sneered coldly.

She waited for Second Sister-in-law to get off work and brought it up to her.

"You don't know how much he took back. I saw it with my own eyes, there was quite a quantity!" Wang Ling exclaimed.

"Do you really see it?" Second Sister-in-law instantly uttered.

"How can I lie? I estimate there are eggs for sure!" Wang Ling nodded.

Second Sister-in-law went straight home to tell Eldest Sister-in-law about it.

Third Sister-in-law was also present and once she heard it, she said: "Second Sister-in-law, we are two separate families now. How Qing He lives got nothing to do with us. Whether she gave it to her maternal family or not, those things don't belong to us. We don't have to preach. ”

Eldest Sister-in-law had the same perspective, uttered: "They already separated off. Qing He is the one in charge over there, let's not say too much."

Second Sister-in-law felt that her two sisters-in-law were bribed by Fourth's wife. See here, they all stood on Fourth's wife's side!

Second Sister-in-law made a beeline to Mother Zhou and revealed this news.

Although Mother Zhou was really displeased, she still scowled at her second daughter-in-law, said "Where did you hear the gossip? If you have nothing to do, then give old Zhou family more grandsons and reduce your trips to talk to those wagging tongue natured women! "

Second Sister-in-law's face was flashed green and white for a while. She explained herself: "Mother, I was just thinking on behalf of Fourth Brother-in-law, as the whole family rests on his shoulders. Now he has to help his wife support her maternal family's brothers. Isn't this wanting to crush Fourth Brother-in-law to death? "

This registered into Mother Zhou's mind.

However, Mother Zhou didn't dare to look for Lin Qing He. She had a private talk with her youngest son, Zhou Qing Bai. Observing how tired her youngest son was after work, Mother Zhou's heart broke. "Old Fourth, you don’t have to work yourself to the bone, have an occasional break. "

"Mother, I'm fine." Zhou Qing Bai spoke: "Mother, did you come for something?"

"Today, Da Wa's Third Jiu from old Lin Family came over. I heard that your wife gave a lot of things away. Is there enough to eat at home?" Mother Zhou mentioned.

"His(Da Wa's) Third Aunt gave birth and is in post-natal confinement. It's only right to give some things." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

His wife only acknowledged her third brother from old Lin's side, she alienated the rest.

"Yes, it is right, but at most a jin of eggs. I heard that he took a lot back." Mother Zhou continued: "It's not the same as before, where you send few tens of yuans in allowances back every month. The whole family relied on you, this burden isn't light. "

She certainly didn't dare to say these words to Lin Qing He, even when Lin Qing He was courteous to her. It was only because she was Zhou Qing Bai's mother that Lin Qing He occasionally sent Da Wa to deliver stuff when they got something good.

But if Mother Zhou wanted to intervene in her life and arrange how she lived, Lin Qing He would never allow it.

Once she sticks in, a fight was inevitable.

This wasn't what Mother Zhou wanted to see, so she looked for Zhou Qing Bai in private instead.

"Mother, my wife knows what she is doing, you don't have to worry about us. Aren't we living well now?" Zhou Qing Bai assured.

"You are doing fine now, and doesn't that cost money? When the money is all spent, doesn't everything need money when Da Wa and his brothers get older like marrying a wife or something?" Mother Zhou pointed out.

"My wife said no need to make provision for children. When the kids grow up, they can just earn it themselves." Zhou Qing Bai said this with laughter in his eyes.

His wife's original words were: "It's still a long before the boys marry. Besides, when you married me, didn't you rely on yourself? Our house was built with your money. You can do it, your sons can do it too. The tiger father birth no pups, so we don’t have to worry about it. ”

With one sentence, she praised him and his sons.

Mother Zhou sighed aloud. Seeing her son was, it was apparent that he was tamed by Fourth's wife, so how could he have the ability to think?

In peasant households, who doesn't save money for emergency use? Such spending habits, how can they live properly?

Mother Zhou went back, and Zhou Qing Bai came home.

Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows when she saw him return: "What did Mother talk with you? Acting so secretively and hide outside to discuss?"

"Not much." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head.

"Did my Third Brother's visit reached Mother's ears through someone? Mother came to get you to remind me that one need to live more prudently now that there's no fixed income every month like before. The pressure of the whole family is all on you, and her old heart is distressed for you, the youngest son." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai glanced at his wife. Even though she didn't hear it, his wife had basically repeated what his mother said.

"Correct." Lin Qing He threw a glance at him.

"Wife, you're the head of our family." Zhou Qing Bai looked at her seriously.

"That's more like it." Lin Qing He observing how firm he was, she harrumphed.

As for the things given to her third brother, she did not intend to explain.

"If Mother comes to ask you again, then simply tell her that she doesn't have to worry so much and our family is doing well." Lin Qing He stated.

Zhou Qing Bai knew that his wife must be displeased due to his Mother getting involved in their family matter.

But he was the type of person that didn't know how to explain, so he could only solemnly stare at his wife.

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