Chapter 1055: Troubled

From Jingyi’s view, it was normal for noble houses to have mistresses, since the men of noble houses were all powerful people. It wasn’t weird!

But it was in the common world!

People of the Wulin world had their rules, and people of the common world had theirs- every level had their own system, and Jingyi simply couldn’t understand how Lin Yi already had mistresses at his age! And from what Xiaoxiao was saying, she must have had quite a nice relationship with this main wife, since she didn’t stop Lin Yi from having lvoers!

There were only two possibilities for a situation like this to happen!

One was that these two girls were idiots, and they couldn’t find a boyfriend, resorting to sharing one man! But this possibility was zero- after all, how high was Xiaoxiao’s quality? She was so pretty, a flower that stood out in the garden! One look at Xiaoxiao and she knew the main wife’s looks wouldn’t be far off! Would girls like them really need to share one man?

The second possibility was that Lin Yi was too high quality! If high level girls like her were willing to go to this point for him, that’d imitate the situation with the noble houses! Yet, Jingyi didn’t feel that there was anything outstanding about Lin Yi… He was a Grand Thief, yes, but was that a career with a bright future..?

Jingyi frowned as her curiousity towards this man thickened. He seemed to have a thick air of secrecy around him?

“Jingyi, you’re from a noble house, how could you be someone else’s mistress?” Chentian’s heart was bleeding. He was getting pissed off! Jingyi would rather be the third wife, a mistress, than marry him officially? Why? Why?! Was he that weak? Yet, on the surface, he kept his composure as if he was some big brother of justice, lecuturing her, “Old Lin Yi is outstanding, yes, but if he has many mistresses that would cause chaos in the household! Think about it, Jingyi, if you were to be someone else’s mistress, that make Grandpa Sun extremely angry!”

“Is that so? What’s wrong with being a mistress? If I remember correctly, Grandpa Wu has a lot of small wives as well?” Jingyi said casually.

“Ugh…” Chentian froze, his face btiter, “This is a different situation, isn’t it? Our House Wu is a noble house, not restricted by the common world’s rules, so naturally you could have a few wives… But the point is, my grandpa is very strong, and the wives wouldn’t fight around with each other, they’re very respectable in front of my grandma!”

“Oh, I’m from a noble house as well, I’m not restricted by the rules,” Jingyi said faintly.

“I…” Chentian’s face tensed up. He wasn’t expecting Jingyi to be so stubborn! He’d already told her that Lin Yi was a normal man, not capable of playing around with so many wives! Conflict would be inevitable!

Yet he couldn’t say that in front of Lin Yi! If that pissed him off, he might bring Xiaoxiao and leave, making the situation awkward! It’d be even worse still if Jingyi left with them!

At this moment, the waitress came in with the dishes, forcing Chentian to shut up and rethink his strategy.

Just what could he do to twist Jingyi’s thoughts back to the light?

God damn it, this Feng Xiaoxiao, she wasn’t displeased one bit! That Jingyi was even worse, willingly becoming Lin Yi’s mistress- what was so good about this Lin Yi anyway? He didn’t see any reedeeming qualities about him!

If it weren’t for Jingyi being present, he really wanted to give Lin Yi a slap and kill him, so he wouldn’t be such a thorn in his eyes!

The dishes were here, and Xiaoxiao didn’t care about anything else, wholeheartedly diving into the food and sweeping everything clean. She didn’t care what people thought of her, since she didn’t have much time to live! As long as Lin Yi didn’t mind, she didn’t care!

Lin Yi had brought Xiaoxiao here to eat, so of course that was the point! He would even help put food on her plate, telling her to eat more! This made her quite happy.

Jingyi didn’t eat much- she carried herself with a little more grace, becoming full after eating some of the food. Chentian, on the other hand, didn’t eat one bite! He was quite troubled, after all- no way he could be in the mood to eat! This situation wasn’t what he imagined at all!

As for letting Xiaoxiao help him act cool, Chentian had given up on that thought as well. Jingyi didn’t even like him right now, there was no point in looking cool!

So what should he do? Chnetian locked his brows. The most important thing now was Xiaoxiao’s attitude. She was supposed to reject Jingyi, and force Lin Yi and her to end their relationship. That was how Chentian would have a chance!

The other move would be to call Jingyi’s house, and tell House Sun about how Jingyi was a mistress to another man. This would be his trump card, the last resort! Because, if she were to know the truth, then she’d only hate and loathe Chentian! This was not a position he wanted to be put in, he didn’t want to do something like that.

There were happy people and troubled people at the table. Xiaoxiao was eating quite happily, Chentian was quite troubled, and Lin Yi and Jingyi were just here to watch the show.

Chentian had originally prepared a couple of moves to show his coolness, but none of them had come into play because he had lost his mood! Even if Xiaoxiao cooperated, there was no point since Jingyi’s heart wasn’t with him right now!

The meal ended quickly, and Chentian got in a taxi and left, still very troubled. Jingyi, on the other hand, drove Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi back to school.

Upon entering the car, Jingyi couldn’t help but laugh aloud, giving Xioaxiao a thumbs up, “Lil’ sis Xiaoxiao, you’re way too good at scamming people! Wu Chentian lost ten million in one morning, just like that!”

“Heh heh heh!” Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but smile gleefully. She was quite confident in her ability to scam people, after all, although it was quite rare to meet someone so easy to scam like Chentian.

“Xiaoxiao, want to sit in front and let’s talk?” Jingyi was curious towards Lin Yi now. She knew that Lin Yi had a colder personality, and if she were to ask him the questions she wouldn’t get many answers. Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, was a lot more willing to chat, so she decided to get her information from Xiaoxiao instead.

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