"Get up!"

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"Get up!"

"Get up!"

As the candle reflected in the sky, waving the black flag and Issuing the order, in the vast mountains and rivers, whenever Lintian's figure appeared in the direction, the forbidden force that had already been arranged would emerge.

There are majestic mountains into the sky.

There are vast rivers like Tianhe.

There's a roar of molten lava.

There are

Heaven and earth, Southeast and northwest, the land of all directions, just like a cage, completely blockade the land of mountains and rivers.

Lintian, who was in the middle of it, would come back in vain no matter where he fled!

His face was as gloomy as water, and his eyebrows were filled with a look of wonder, panic, surprise and anger.

All these pictures are reflected in the bronze mirror, clearly seen by Kun Shaoyu, Xue Qingyi and others.

They couldn't help laughing.

"Brother Zhu, it's a good way. It's just like a fish in the net. It's doomed!"

Chi Wushu caresses and praises.

Other people also nodded their heads, and they were amazed to see the great array of restraining power that the candle reflected in the sky.

When they saw that Lintian could not get out of the difficulty like a random head of a fly, they all had an indescribable sense of comfort.

You have today, too?

It's no exaggeration to say that for a long time before, the camp forces they represented in the place had suffered great losses in Lintian's hands.

The most serious casualties are the blood devil ancient region and the Daluo ancient region camp. The former has caused too many blows and already suffered a great loss of strength and power.

The latter lost such a leader as Jian Qingchen, and suffered a greater blow.

In addition, other domains also suffered more or less from the attack from Lin Xun, such as the collapse of the coalition forces of the seven domains, and the disastrous defeat in the battle of heiyahai

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Therefore, when they saw Lintian trapped, how could they not be happy?

Listening to the admiration of the public, the candle reflected in the sky could not help but smile, looked proud and spoke calmly:

"don't worry, it's just an appetizer. When the thousand ghosts array is fully running, it's the finale of this feast."

The voice just dropped.

He waved the black flag in his hand.

In a short time, like a tide of flying immortal ghosts, they rush out from different areas and directions.

These evil things are full of vitality, and the breath is terrible. Just the breath is enough to make any real saint despair.

And now, they're in droves!

And if you look at it carefully, every 100 of these flying immortals and ghosts gather together as a force to occupy all the places in ten directions, forming a round siege form.

And this round formation can make them echo each other, produce some wonderful connection, showing a kind of "step by step, perfect without leakage" charm.

"This is the great array of thousands of ghosts, born out of the highest inheritance of our family, which can cover thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, fit with the power of heaven and earth, and turn into a circle in sequence, so as to deduce a perfect and unavoidable situation of killing."

Candle reflects empty words, full of self-confidence.

Taking a broad view of the nine regions, the attainments of the candle dragon pulse in the spiritual pattern can be ranked in all directions!

"The most wonderful thing is that every plant, mountain and stone in hengduanwu mountain is shrouded in the mysterious power of heaven and earth rules, which can't be destroyed by brute force. When I set up the array, I used this natural geographical advantage, so that when the thousand ghosts array was in operation, even if Lintian's fighting power was against the sky, he couldn't break the array by brute force!"

The candle reflected the sky and opened his mouth. The God awn in his purple eyes surged, "next, it's time to kill this tusk!"

The voice just dropped.

In the scene reflected by the bronze mirror, thousands of flying immortals and ghosts attacked in ten directions, just like a shrinking circle besieging Lintian in the center.

Anyone who sees this scene will have a sense of despair of "no escape, no escape".

Sure enough, everyone immediately saw that Lintian's face was very ugly, and he was at a loss.


A lot of people laughed.

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"Thousands of Feixian spirits, though powerful, can't kill that boy?"

Blood green clothes frown.

This time, many people don't agree with Xue Qingyi.

A thousand flying immortals and ghosts are equivalent to a thousand supreme saints!

Even if it is easy to kill the existence of the great holy land, there is no suspense. Now that Lintian was trapped in the battle, how could he have an accident?

"Look, this son is also aware of the danger and is constantly retreating. Unfortunately, there are murders and robberies in all directions of him!"

Chi Wushu was excited.

Generally speaking, he would not be so upset because of his state of mind. He hated Lintian so much that he held back his anger. Seeing that Lintian was about to suffer, he was right in his heart.The rest of the people were staring at him, looking cold.

It's undoubtedly the best way to set up a big formation and kill Lintian, the number one enemy, without having to fight in person!

"Please see, when this son is trapped, the power of the whole formation will converge and concentrate in the area where he is standing. In this way, he will surely die!"

Candle Yingkong seems to be afraid that other people do not understand the mystery, not without pride to point out, complacent.

"Good, good."

Kun Shaoyu and others nodded.

This makes Zhu Yingkong feel light on his face. If ordinary people praise him, he doesn't care at all. But Kun Shaoyu is different from them. They are all leaders who can match him. It's not easy to let these proud guys open their mouths and admit that they have good skills!

"No, this son has blocked the attack!"

But just then, there was a voice of surprise.

Then he saw that Lintian suddenly sacrificed twenty-four bright beads the size of his fists, which covered him in all directions and suddenly turned into a big array.

When some flying immortals and ghosts nearby came, they couldn't break the defense of the big array for a moment!

"Isn't this the" zhentianping sea array "in brother Xue's hands?"

At a glance, Shi Po Hai saw that these twenty-four beads were "sacred pearls of Dinghai", which originally belonged to the treasure at the bottom of the box of xueqingyi.

At the beginning, on the Bank of the black cliff sea, blood green clothes used this set of treasures to set up a big array.

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They looked up, and sure enough, they saw that xueqingyi's face was as gloomy as water, and his eyes were about to crack. He was eager to choose someone to eat.

"Look, that boy Actually... "

Someone's eyes are wide open, and they look incredible.

When people looked at him, they saw that Lintian was sitting in the "zhentianping sea array" with his knees crossed, meditating.

No longer see the panic before, even look no longer gloomy, become very calm and calm.

Outside the big array, a thousand flying immortals and ghosts have been besieged and bombarded madly, but they can't shake the sea array of the town!

"Brother Xue, why is this array so wonderful when it is used in this hand?"

The stone breaks the sea.

If the "zhentianping sea array" had such terrible defense power, why would they have to flee when they were attacked by Lintian?


The eyes of xueqingyi are straight. It's hard to believe that the twenty-four Dinghai pearls are indeed a set of rare and incomparable holy treasures.

But no matter how powerful it is, it will never be able to block the attack of a thousand fierce objects comparable to the saints on the top of the mountain!

What's going on?

Other people's smile also solidified, become suspicious, eyes are coincidentally looking at the candle Yingkong.

At the moment, the candle filled with pride is missing. His brow is wrinkled, his purple eyes are turbulent and obscure, and he stares at the deduction carefully.

At half a sound, he seemed to realize something, and his face changed: "this boy is so powerful that he used 24 sacred pearls to set up an array, and then used the power of" thousand ghosts array "to defend! In this way, the thousand Feixian ghosts are actually bombarding the power of the thousand ghosts array! "

When this remark came out, everyone was shocked.

No one thought that Lintian could play such a game, which was similar to the method of "transplanting flowers and trees, changing stars".

The most amazing thing is that in such a desperate situation, he succeeded!

"I said, don't underestimate this son!"

Blood green clothes gnash teeth with hatred.

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Everyone could not help but sneer. These twenty-four pearls belong to you, but now they are used by the enemy. Whose fault is it?

"Brother Zhu, what should we do now? According to what you said, if you let Feixian GUI Ling break through the great array, isn't it the same as helping that little bastard break through a way of life? "

Kun Shaoyu asked in a deep voice.

"It's not hard to solve this problem."

The candle reflected in the sky and took a deep breath. There was a flash of determination in his purple eyes. "Would you like to go with me and break the big battle of that boy? As long as this step is done, this son will not be alive any more! "

Naturally, Kun Shaoyu and others could not refuse.


The next moment, they and their party began to move into the vast mountains and rivers covered by the great array of prohibitions.

Almost at that moment, Lintian, who was sitting on a rock with his knees crossed, opened his eyes, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

He sat there motionless, wearing a white dress, and his breath was as ethereal as a banished immortal.

Even though there were thousands of ghosts and spirits bombarding him outside the array, he could not frown.

Because, all this is in his expectation!

In other words, when he stepped into this mountain and river a few days ago, Lintian had decided to "steal the day and change the day".In the past few days, he seems to be exploring all the way, running all the way between mountains and rivers. In fact, he is trying to deduce the mystery of this "thousand ghosts array".

Until today, candlelight Yingkong and others think that he is aware of something bad and wants to escape.

In fact, Lintian was just a fake. While he was escaping, he had changed a series of forbidden fluctuations in the mountains and rivers.

Of course, at the moment, the thousand ghosts array is still the thousand ghosts array, which can still be controlled by the candle in the sky.

However, when Lintian decided to fight, the big array would change its flag and get out of the control of candle Yingkong.

That's what it's called!


PS: during the Chinese new year, goldfish try their best to fight for two consecutive shifts, so that we don't have to spend any more time waiting ~

goldfish also understand the taste of waiting for shifts, because I also read books for goldfish, and it's better to wait. What I can't stand most is meeting duangeng and eunuchs

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