Chapter 84. Can I tonight?

Da Wa got home first.

Once he reached home, he grabbed a back basket and headed out to gather pigweed with his other small friends in the village.

These can contribute to the work points.

Da Wa, who was conscious of being the second man in the family, would forage a basket of pigweed every day after school.

He only had enough time to give the schoolbag to Er Wa to help him take it into the house and did not catch Er Wa saying that Mother had bought a huge watermelon back, don’t go out and get pigweed.

The baby was very responsible, so Lin Qing He doesn't govern him too much now. She let him decide on some things on his own.

This was also to cultivate his independence.

For dinner, it'll be a simple meal, stewed pork ribs with potatoes, a soup, and then cornmeal mantou.

When Zhou Qing Bai was off work, Da Wa also returned.

So they ate dinner first.

As for the watermelon, it was a snack after a meal.

"Mother, why are you willing to buy such a big watermelon?" Da Wa's eyes brightened.

"If I don't buy a big one, how can it be enough for our family to heartily feast on?" Lin Qing He said.

Watermelon was one of her favorites. She had asked Zhou Qing Bai, Zhou Qing Bai liked to eat it. The 6 jin watermelon was actually just right, not too much.

What's more, they were still young now. When they get older, two was required to satisfied them all.

After dinner, the brothers started rolling the watermelon.

Dinner was at six. At seven, Lin Qing He got Zhou Qing Bai to cut the watermelon and then divided it between them.

Coincidentally, Mother Zhou came over and saw the family munching on the watermelon. She sighed at how shocking Fourth's family's life was.

Such a life costs a lot of money.

"San Wa, give a piece to your Grandma." Lin Qing He said.

San Wa grabbed a piece of watermelon and handed it to his grandma. Now, this little brat can understand people's words and can express himself clearly.

Mother Zhou received it and mentioned, "I just heard that your maternal family's Third Sister-in-law had given birth."

Lin Qing He froze for a moment, then her brain reacted, it was Third Brother Lin. When she went back before New Year, she didn't know that the Third Sister-in-law Lin was pregnant.

Even though she didn’t have a good impression of Third Sister-in-law Lin, she still liked Third Brother Lin very much. Must give Buddha face, even if one doesn't to the monk, so she nodded. "I'll see how it is after my brother come over with happy news."

The watermelon was very delicious. It tasted average in Lin Qing He's opinion, while the children were obviously satisfied with it. Even Zhou Qing Bai also enjoyed it.

"Next time I go to the county city, I'll buy another one." Lin Qing He promised.

The brothers cheered in joy. Although the time was now 7 o'clock, the sky was still not dark. The kids took Fei Ying out for a walk.

Lin Qing He knew what was up without asking, she didn't intervene.

Kids, it was good to have a little hobby.

"Tired?" Lin Qing He turned to Zhou Qing Bai: "Do you want me to give a massage?"

Zhou Qing Bai was not tired, but it didn't stop him from enjoying his wife's services. Now that the three children weren't home, he readily let her massage.

Lin Qing He had already knew that he had muscles. Only when she pressed, she found out that the flesh was really tough.

"Not doing it." Lin Qing He gave up after pressing twice.

It was too hard to massage.

Zhou Qing Bai grinned and took his wife into his arms.

On such a hot day, Lin Qing He didn't mind the heat and sat on him. Smelling the refreshing smell of his body after bathing, she spoke: "This soap fragrance is quite nice."

He used the soap she had collected for bathing. After one wash, even the little grease and mud could be removed. It was efficient to use.

"Do you think I'm splurging a lot of money? Think I'm a prodigal woman?" Lin Qing He hugged his neck, stared at him with raised eyebrows.

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head: "No."

His wife was doing it for the sake of the family, not being extravagant and wasteful.

"I was thinking, when will we have time to go over to the capital and take a look?" Lin Qing He brought up.

"Why do you want to go to the Capital?" Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

"Just curious. The Great Wall, Imperial Gate, the legendary existence." Lin Qing He laughed.

As if. She didn't know how many times she had been there already.

But for people of this era, it was very meaningful to go to the capital.

"Not possible at the moment. After all, outside is unsteady. Wait and see." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He just wanted to mention it. She turned the topic, "Is there anything like jade on this side?"

"Those are all old capital feudal objects." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

Lin Qing He: "..." She understood the environment in which this man grew up since he was a child, so she said: "Then forget it."

Zhou Qing Bai understood that his wife wanted one, so he decided to find some time to check with his old friend. If it was good, he'll bring it back to her.

"Can I tonight?" Zhou Qing Bai asked as he stroked her skinny waist.

Lin Qinghe: 囧. What was inside this head?

But when she met his eyes, Lin Qing He was extremely embarrassed as he was seriously asking her: "After a day's work, you're not tired?"

"Not tired." Zhou Qing Bai beamed. He knew what she meant, and plucked a kiss on her cheek.

Da Wa and his brothers went out to walk for about ten minutes and then came back. After returning, they did their homework as usual and then prepared to sleep.

Zhou Qing Bai ate a meal, and Lin Qinghe, who was eaten, was exhausted in the end.

"You worked in the field for the whole day, every day. Once you're home, you continued to work. You still have that energy." Lin Qing He expressed weakly in frustrated.

Zhou Qing Bai said hoarsely: "If you want to, I can continue."

Lin Qing He pushed him aside. Zhou Qing Bai chuckled and pulled his wife into his embrace. He fanned his wife with a fan and then went to sleep.

Now the weather was really sultry, Lin Qing He frequently made mung bean soup. Every night after a family's meal and rest, they will drink a bowl of sweet mung bean soup.

Third Brother Lin came with happy news after half a month.

Lin Qing He scolded: "It's been a long time since the birth, why come over here now?"

"It was busy for a while, I had to help out at home." Third Brother Lin meekly smiled.

"Hurry up and drink this bowl of mung bean soup. Just look at you, you're so exhausted that you'll soon become a skeleton." Lin Qing He frowned.

Third Brother Lin was indeed too thin. He was one meter seventy-five tall, which wasn't too short in this era, but it was unknown if he even reached one hundred and ten jins in weight. He was too skinny.

"How can it be as exaggerated as you said, Sister?" Third Brother Lin smiled but still drank mung bean soup.

After drinking, his face displayed satisfaction. This sweet mung bean soup was really delicious.

Lin Qing He scooped up another bowl for him, Third Brother Lin immediately reacted, "Sister, I had enough."

"What enough? One bowl for such a big man? There's a lot left in this pot." Lin Qing He maintained.

She had Third Brother Lin drink mung bean soup as she went in and got some pork out. She gave a jin of pork belly and two ribs. These were private goods from her space.

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