Chapter 1054: Confessing Identity

Jingyi smiled and took the menu, ordering the simpler dishes. The prices weren’t very cheap, but compared to the expensive items, these were obscenely cheap. They weren’t even past ten thousand, and this made Chentian’s face change. The dishes were all ordered by Jinyi though, so what could he say? He didn’t dare say anything!

“Here, take a look,” Jingyi gave it to Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao.

Lin Yi left it to Xiaoxiao, who ordered the dishes she liked the most. The prices weren’t very high, and they were all the ‘cheap but good’ kind. The weird and expensive ones, she left out. This was her money, after all, she had to save it.

“Just these, then,” Xiaoxiao handed the menu to the waitress.

Chentian was about to add a few, but Xiaoxiao spoke up before he could, “Chentian Bro is a big CEO, and he’d already gotten tired of those alabone stuff- there aren’t many good choices here, so might as well get something simple and nice. It’d ruin Chentian’s image if we get too many expensive items!”

“Wha?!” Chentian froze, and waved his hand with a smile, “That’s true, those things aren’t really that good. Having something lighter and simpler would suit our stomachs better in the morning.”

The waitress didn’t mind- the guy had spent five million on a card, he could order whatever he wanted! Even if he didn’t eat anything and asked for some free fruit plates, she still had to continue with a smile!

Just putting out five million like that was enough for her to know how rich he was! Only someone with a couple hundred million in their pockets could spend money like this!

The waitress backed out of the room, and Chentian stopped his heartache as he remembered what he came here for! He wanted to show Jingyi the relationship between Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao! If that goal was fulfilled then this ten million would definitely not be a waste!

“Old Lin Yi, this is Lil’ Xiaoxiao’s first time seeing Jingyi, right? Let me introduce the two of them!” With that, Chentian stood up with a smile and made introductions, “Jingyi, this is Lin Yi’s girlfriend, Feng Xiaoxiao, we met at the auction in Yanjing, we got along quite well!”

“Nice to meet you, Xiaoxiao. You don’t mind if I call you that, right?” Jingyi said with a smile, extending her hand for their first official meeting.

“I don’t mind. I’ll call you Jingyi sis then,” Xiaoxiao already knew who Jingyi is from Lin Yi, and she didn’t mind her as long as she didn’t cause any trouble to her relationhisp with Lin Yi.

“Haha, I’ll call you Xiaoxiao lil’ sis then,” Jingyi nodded with a smile.

“Xiaoxiao, this is Sun Jingyi, she… Uh, Jingyi, how do I explain your relationship with Lin Yi?” At that thought, Chentian looked at her, as if troubled when he passed on this ‘hard question’ to Jingyi.

Chentian may be prideful, but he wasn’t too dumb- he at least knew that the strategy to bring these three together and reveal Jingyi and Lin Yi’s relationship! Letting Jingyi explaining herself to him would also be a strategy if they put their relationship forth!

Chentian was someone who looked for these things, after all- it was just that he was too prideful and wanted to look cool, that was how Xiaoxiao managed to scam him like this! Although, Xiaoxiao had always had the title of little demon in school- she’d messed with just about everyone.

“Haha, I’m Lin Yi’s lover,” Jingyi said to Xiaoxiao with a wide smile on her face.

“Wha!?!” Chentian’s eyes went wide- he never expected JIngyi to admit that right in front of Xiaoxiao! Wasn’t she just making things awkward? Would Xiaoxiao agree to that? Would they be able to finish their meal?!

Why would she say she was Lin Yi’s lover like this?

Chentian thought that Lin Yi was two-timing, and that Jingyi didn’t know Lin Yi’s true colors- his plan was to let Xiaoxiao and Jingyi meet, and make Jingyi pissed off when she realized Lin Yi was cheating! She would push him away and tell him to scram!

But this wasn’t what he was expecting- Jingyi didn’t seem to mind at all when Xiaoxiao was holding hands with Lin Yi the first time they appeared!

Of course, that didn’t confuse Chentian- as far as he could tell, this meant that Jingyi and Lin Yi weren’t in a relationship in the first place, and that it was an illusion- she grabbed Lin Yi and pretended to be lovers with him!

Chentian was quite happy- JIngyi had no reason to reject him anymore, it seemed!

But now, things were different- Jingyi said that she was Lin Yi’s lover! What was going on here?

“So it was you!” Xiaoxiao extended her hands to Jingyi gracefully, “Pleased to meet you, Jingyi sis!”

“You…” Chentian rubbed his eyes. Was he dreaming? Why wasn’t Xiaoxiao angry, and being friendly to Jingyi instead? What was going on?

“What? Chentian Bro?” Xiaoxiao said, as if she didn’t know what was wrong.

“You… How could you let your boyfriend get a lover?” Chentian was dumbfounded, panicking.

“Oh, what’s wrong with that? If he wasn’t looking for lovers, do you think I’d still be able to be his girlfriend? I’m just his small wife, not even the main wife! Even the main wife is fine with him getting a mistress like me, so what right do I have to refuse a newcomer?’ Xiaoxiao said naturally.

“Ha?!” Chentian was even more confused- this Xiaoxiao wasn’t Lin Yi’s true wife? She was a mistress?

But, even Jingyi was shokced, let alone Chentian! She was Lin Yi’s lover, sure, but that was just an agreement- they weren’t actual lovers! She had some interest in him, but she wouldn’t act on that unless she made that decision!

What shocked her was that Xiaoxiao was also a small wife to Lin Yi, such a pretty girl like her! Did this mean that Lin Yi really had a main wife? Why was Xiaoxiao willing to be the small one? This didn’t seem real, it didn’t seem possible!

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