Including being trapped before, and using the power of "thousand ghosts" to defend, Lintian also intended to do it.

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He is very clear, candle Yingkong painstakingly under this array, must have absolute self-confidence to Lingwen.

Even don't rule out, this guy wants to compete with oneself on the spirit grain.

Therefore, Lintian directly threw out a difficult problem, just like a bait. If the other party was not tempted, the "thousand ghosts array" would be broken by those flying ghosts.

At that time, I will be able to get out of trouble easily.

Candlelight in the sky must be able to see through this. Can he watch his efforts go to waste like this?

Definitely not!

As long as he decides to solve this problem, he will "enter the Urn".

By then

That's when Lintian returned his body with the same way!

As expected, the candle was shining in the sky, and he took a group of saints from eight regions to enter the mountain and river.

That kind of posture, just like the master of this heaven and earth, in cruising their own territory, seems to have no fear.

This made Lintian sneer in his heart, but he didn't see any fluctuation.

He's waiting.

"Brother Zhu, I think it's better to be careful. That boy's attainments in Lingwen can be called terrible. I doubt that this guy has another talent."

Xueqingyi always felt that he was not steady in his heart.

All of them were speechless for a while. From a long time ago, the blood green clothes regarded Lintian as a fierce beast. He was so careful that he was disgusting.

This makes many people feel a little unhappy.

Look at them. If you pick up any of them, they are all proud of the world. They have excellent fighting power and amazing talent.

Kun Shaoyu, Chi Wushu and others are the leaders of Yiyu. They have unparalleled power and overlook their peers!

Now, they are all gathered together, and can be called the stars, which can sweep the whole nine regions battlefield.

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But now, blood green dress is still so cautious, naturally disgusting.

"Brother Xue, the thousand ghosts array was made by candlelight himself, and the thousand flying immortals and ghosts were captured by us one by one. It's no exaggeration to say that we are the dominating beings in this mountain and river!"

The candle reflected in the sky and said, "even if Lintian had a back hand, he was doomed to be in vain. If you didn't see him, he was trapped and helpless?"

Xueqingyi said, "brother Zhu, do you think I'm too timid?"

Candle Ying Kong shook his head and said, "we should be careful. But now that we have the chance to win, why should we be afraid of our hands and feet?"

Without waiting for the blood green clothes to say anything more, the candle reflected in the sky had offered a black flag.

At this time, they had come to the place where Lintian was trapped. Thousands of ghosts were attacking the "zhentianping sea array" near Lintian.

Huala ~ ~

with the black flag waving in the sky, an incredible scene appeared.

The thousands of ghosts stopped attacking at lington, separated a road like the tide, and stood there one by one. Although they were still terrible, they seemed very tame.

Seeing this, Kun Shaoyu and other people couldn't help but praise him again. This is the way of Daowen master. It can be said that he is skillful in seizing nature and has the power of being unpredictable!

Candlelight reflects the sky to see the public look in the eye bottom, can't help but smile, way: "everybody, wait and see candlelight some broke this son last depend on!"

Then he strode forward.

Kun Shaoyu and others also followed. Even these peerless figures, when they passed by the dense flying immortal ghost, they were also subconsciously tense.

Without him, thousands of flying immortals and ghosts on the side, enough to make anyone feel uneasy!

Only candlelight Yingkong was calm and came to the place where Lintian was trapped. A pair of purple eyes gazed at Lintian in the big array, and the corners of his lips couldn't help thinking.

"Lintian, as a Daowen master, you must have seen that you are at a dead end this time

He didn't rush to break the battle, but he said, "but before you die, I can make a deal with you."

"He said

In the big battle, Lintian sat on the rock with his knees crossed, motionless and leisurely.

This makes Kun Shaoyu and his family frown. They are all prisoners in the lower echelon. It's arrogant that this guy dare to pose like this.

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However, they had long heard that Lintian was an arrogant person, but they also felt that it was reasonable. If Lintian looked worried, they would have doubts.

"If you hand over your spiritual tattoo inheritance, you can die with dignity, and your ashes will be sent to the ancient wilderness camp, how about it?"

The candle reflected in the sky and said that he had treated Lintian as a dead man.

Then they realized that the candle reflected in the sky was thinking about the spirit lines on shanglintian's body!"A dignified way to die..."

Lintian repeated it in his mouth. He couldn't help laughing and said, "I'll give it to you too. If you hand over your treasure now and kneel down to die, I will also send your ashes back to your camp. How about that?"

"Toast, no penalty!"

Chi Wushu is cold.

"Brother Zhu, why talk nonsense with a maniac? When you kill him and extract his spirit, you can't catch what you want?"

Kun Shaoyu could not help frowning.

Others are a little impatient, too.

Lintian was obviously a stubborn person. It was obviously impossible for him to let the other party bow his head and admit defeat just by a few words.

Candle Ying empty face a sink: "you should know, I am not joking."

"You think I'm joking?"

When Lintian spoke, he got up from the rock and fell to the ground. His dark eyes swept away, and the candle reflected in the sky. He said:

"or, you don't know when you are dying?"

In a word, people almost can't believe their ears. Is this guy crazy? When did he say such ridiculous words?

In the thousand ghosts array, they gathered together, and thousands of ghosts and spirits were waiting for them. But Lintian said that they were dying. Who could not think it absurd and ridiculous?

"It seems that you really don't know."

Lintian could not help laughing, but his smile was cold.

He has already seen that Kun Shaoyu and his family are pouring out of the nest without missing anyone. That's enough!

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"Brother Zhu, as you can see, this son has lost his mind and there is no medicine to save him. It's better to break the battle quickly and kill him."

Kun Shaoyu and others are haunted by murders, and they can't help it.

The candle nodded.

He runs "the pupil of the candle dragon", a pair of purple eyes suddenly appear strange light, black and white, derived from the mysterious symbols, scanning the whole "zhentianping sea array".


Soon, the candle reflected in the sky realized that it was not right. There was a magical fit between the thousand ghosts array and zhentianping sea array, just like an integral whole.

The feeling is that to crack the "zhentianping sea array" is equivalent to breaking the thousand ghosts array!

"What have you done?"

After half a sound, the candle Yingkong's face suddenly sank. He looked directly at Lintian with a look of misgivings.

Because with his "candle dragon's pupil", he was unable to see through the mystery, which was undoubtedly a big blow to the candle Yingkong, who always had absolute confidence in the spirit pattern.

Other people can't help but eyes a coagulation, candle Yingkong can't break this array?

If so, doesn't it mean that even if he is trapped here, he will be in an invincible position?

Thinking of this, people realized that xueqingyi was right. Lintian was really difficult and intractable!

"Brother Zhu, really not?"

Kun Shaoyu frowned.

How could he possibly admit that he was not as accomplished as Lintian in Lingwen?

Kun Shaoyu's words stimulated his anger and said: "don't worry, this son will die this time!"

He took a deep breath and transported the pupil of the candle dragon to the extreme. His whole body was covered with the terrible holy power and purple light.

But as time went on, people only saw the candle Yingkong, his face a little bit gloomy, and his forehead was obviously very tired.

"Is that the spiritual attainments of candle dragon?"

In the battle, Lintian sneered.

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"Shut up

He is now sure that the pupil of the dragon is useless, which makes him feel frustrated.

Lintian said calmly, "I'm so angry, but that's all."

Kun Shaoyu and others can't help but have a hazy look. The opportunity to kill haunts them. The prey is in front of them, but they can't kill them. This makes them lose patience gradually.

"I really think candlelight can't help you?"

Suddenly, the candle reflected in the air, took a deep breath, seemed to make a decision, and looked as cold as ice.


Without hesitation, he waved the black flag in his hand and yelled: "killing is breaking the thousand ghosts array. How can you be the opponent of thousands of flying ghosts? With me waiting, what's your way back? "

Kun Shaoyu and others' eyes flashed.

They all saw that there was really no way to solve the problem in front of them, so they took the most violent and rude way.

That is to let Feixian ghost attack together, that is to destroy the thousand ghost array. By that time, Lintian would have no more defensible power!

Boom ~ ~

for a while, thousands of flying immortals and ghosts attacked again, with great momentum.

Candle Yingkong and others did not hesitate to leave here temporarily to avoid being affected.

But right now——Lintian in the big array finally made some moves. He reached for his hand, and a fist sized, fluorescent pearl of Dinghai appeared in his palm.

"This time, I would like to thank brother Zhu for his help, so that Lin has the opportunity to catch you all. Later, I will give brother Zhu a happy time to express Lin's thanks."

In the light laughter, with Lintian running the Pearl of Dinghai in his hand, the big array of forbidden forces between heaven and earth suddenly changed.

For the first time, candle Yingkong realized that he had completely lost control of the thousand ghosts array.

This made him turn pale suddenly, and he could not help crying out: "how can it be


2 even more!

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