Chapter 83. Huge Watermelon

"You wrote these words?" Third Sister-in-law swiftly flipped through some. With a shocked expression, she uttered to her fourth sister-in-law.

The font was beautiful, really well written.

"I wrote it casually." Lin Qing He laughed, those were her written notes that were already revised.

Others were jotted down silently after memorizing the text.

"I didn't know you could write so well. So awesome." Third Sister-in-law couldn't resist admiring her.

As Third Sister-in-law had partaken in a literacy class for a while, the words she knew were very limited, let alone written.

"Previously, my academic record was good. However, I had no choice. My family won't let me study, instead, let my white-eyed wolf Second Brother studied." Lin Qing He said.

Males were being prioritized over females was a common phenomenon found in many parts of the rural area in the country.

"But it's useless to study now." Third Sister-in-law remarked.

"I know it's useless, but it's good to read it. People who read more will be smart." Lin Qing He responded.

Third Sister-in-law felt that her fourth sister-in-law wasn't clever for no reason. Look how studious she was. Even as a mother of three children, she didn't forget to study.

"Third Sister-in-law, don't mention this outside. It's enough for me to look over by myself. If it gets out that I self-study at home, people will laugh." Lin Qing He urged.

"I won't say. But loving to learn is a glorious matter, who would laugh at you?" Third Sister-in-law promised.

"Those petty-minded." Lin Qing He smiled.

Third Sister-in-law recalled Second Sister-in-law's loudmouth face and was silenced. Lin Qing He observed Zhou Dong Dong and grinned: "Little Dong Dong grows so fast. Last year, he was only a little bit. This year he can sit."

"Kids are like that. Wasn't Da Wa the same? He has gotten a lot bigger this year, and those at his age in the village aren't as tall as him." Third Sister-in-law commented.

Lin Qing He said with a laugh: "He's very naughty. In the middle of his homework, he saw his father go fishing for eel and immediately ran off with his two younger brothers."

After talking about the children for a while, they chat on other topics for a while. Then Third Sister-in-law took Zhou Dong Dong home.

Of course, Lin Qing He's reception toward her was good. She picked a few tomatoes, cut them on the plate, sprinkled with some sugar, and served with a toothpick to eat. This was a very good snack for hospitality.

Zhou Qing Bai took his three children out and returned almost in the evening.

The brothers, including Zhou Qing Bai, were all muddy. Lin Qing He didn't care since the clothes were washed by Zhou Qing Bai. It wasn't easy to dry this weather, but there were still spare clothes, so Lin Qing He wasn't mad.

If this she was to wash it, the brothers couldn't avoid a good yell.

Zhou Qing Bai brought back three big ricefield eels and numerous loaches.

During this season, whether it was ricefield eel or loach, both were very fat. And the taste was also impeccable.

The eel didn't need to sit in water first, while the loach needed to. So the eel was stewed straight away for dinner.

Zhou Qing Bai, who ate ricefield eel, was a little stimulated. Afterward, Lin Qing He suffered some good round of happiness issue.

There was no other way ah! This time was too long, so she sweated a lot. Sweating in this hot summer weather was uncomfortable.

But when she complained, Zhou Qing Bai had an innocent expression. He couldn't do anything if it took long. He just last that long.

Lin Qing He chuckled as she pulled his cheeks. It became more and more apparent that this man was black-bellied.

Zhou Qing Bai embraced his wife, filled with content.

In the beginning, retiring halfway made him very lost, because he liked the force very much. That was his dream.

He powerlessly pulled out halfway, so how could his heart feel comfortable?

But now, he doesn't regret returning to a home like this at all.

Holding his wife, Zhou Qing Bai felt very satisfied with his current life. He even blamed himself for neglecting her.

His wife was wonderful, super wonderful. Since he didn't cherish her before, he will treasure her even more in the future.

"Wife, let's do it again." Zhou Qing Bai wanted to dote his wife again.

Before Lin Qing He had the chance to object, he pulled her into a new round of stormy waves and made her woke up late the next day.

Although the summer was hot, the heating summer was also the beginning of fruit produce.

A new round of work began after the rain stopped.

Lin Qing He brought Er Wa and San Wa along with her to county city as she rid of the meat stored in this period

She had the two of them eat popsicles at the entrance of the mall, and ordered Er Wa to take good care of San Wa. The two got a popsicle each.

Er Wa said that he remembers and won't lose sight of his brother.

Lin Qing He also knew he was intelligent, but he was still four years old. Lin Qing He tied their brothers together with a rope at their waists.

She instructed him to watch the bicycle and his brother before she rushed to sell pork.

Due to worrying for the brothers, Lin Qing He came back in half an hour later and was sweating all over.

The brothers were sitting there obediently. Lin Qing He was relieved, but at the same time, she couldn't help being distressed.

"Come, follow Mother to the supply and demand cooperative. I'll buy you cans of malted milk powder." Lin Qing He beckoned.

Er Wa and San Wa saw her coming back and excitedly entered with their mother. The brothers were pretty. As for Lin Qing He's aura and appearance, it was needless to say.

So when the mother and sons came in, it had the salesperson's eyes lit up.

Lin Qing He's handiwork was quite extraordinary; malted milk powder, white rabbit candy, red dates, dried dragon-eyes, and the likes. Especially when she bought a six pound big watermelon outright.

These things had Er Wa and San Wa drooling.

They had eaten everything else, so it wasn't anything unusual. But the big watermelon, they had never tried it before!

Lin Qing He didn't go straight away after buying these things. She brought Er Wa and San Wa to the mall to go shopping and bought some school supplies back.

After these were bought, Lin Qing He took her two sons and these materials back home.

"Mother, will you bring us next time?" Both Er Wa and San Wa were in the front seats.

The brothers were sitting on specially-made children's seats, which were drawn by Lin Qing He and asked Zhou Qing Bai to find a carpenter to make them.

Lin Qing He was not at ease when they were at the back as they were too small.

"I'll see how you brothers behave" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

"We'll all be obedient." Zhou Er Wa immediately superficially swore.

"Be good, eat watermelon." Zhou San Wa was pining for the watermelon.

The mother and sons soon reached home. They didn't eat once they arrived, because Zhou Qing Bai hadn't got off work yet, and Da Wa hadn't finished school.

Have to wait for them to come back before eating.

Although it would be more pleasant to eat it after chilling in the well water, Lin Qing He did not put it in the well water as the children were still young.

"Mother, do we have to wait for Father and Eldest Brother to come back to eat?" Er Wa longingly looked at the big watermelon.

"Then if you aren't at home one day and there's tasty food, we'll eat it first without waiting for you. Would you agree?" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

Er Wa shook his head and waited for their father and brother.

San Wa was playing with the big watermelon on the cool mat. Since the big watermelon couldn't be eaten first, Lin Qing He gave them a tomato each.

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