“Wha- Ha…” Chentian’s face was odd- he was pissed in his heart! This Xiaoxiao, even if she was helping him look cool, she had to look at the situation! He obviously didn’t have that much money left, why would he spend it all on a card that was five million! Of course he cared about the five million! He felt so helpless- he really had no choice but to spend that money on this card!

Fuck! Since he’d already given up five million before, this one didn’t matter anymore! This lady Feng Xiaoxiao… He’d already invested a big enough amount onto her, she had better help build his image up! Whether or not Jingyi fell for him would be decided by Xiaoxiao’s efforts!

Chentian gritted hsi teeth, “Alright, I’ll register for a card then!”

“Right away sir, please come this way!” The waitress said, overjoyed that Chentian changed his mind. At the same time, she felt envious of Xiaoxiao- this Chentian sure was a big CEO, he sure was rich! Throwing out five million just like that!

Actually, the VIP card didn’t necessarily have to have five million in it, just one million as the lowest amount was enough- it was just that one wouldn’t enjoy the discount! The waitress simply recommended the highest level card that they had to offer because of how rich Chentian presented himself!

“Xiaoxiao, go with her and make the card,” Chentian’s heart was bleeding, but he had to finish the deed. He’d already promised Xiaoxiao, so he would keep that honor. Chentian regretted not quickly nodding his head and getting the card right away- it would’ve been made to his name! But now, a few sentences later, the card was Xiaoxiao’s!

He spent five million for nothing! And now, a while later, that amount raised to ten million! Did this Feng Xiaoxiao really think he was rich?!

But… It truly seemd so, in her eyes! Why else would she worship him like this, always praising him in front of Jingyi?

Actually, if it weren’t for Jingyi present, and for the fact that Lin Yi was Xiaoxiao’s boyfriend, Chentian would’ve long pushed her down on a hotel bed with just how much Xiaoxiao admired him! But he didn’t dare do that right now!

First, Jingyi was here. He didn’t want her to misunderstand anything… And second, if he were to push himself on Xiaoxiao, Lin Yi would have even more reason to get close to Jingyi! Then he’d push Xiaoxiao to him, and tell Jingyi and become a couple… Then it’d be a huge loss for Chentian!

Jingyi smiled coldly in her heart as she looked at how much of a retard Chentian was being. Did he think he was qualified to pursue her, with a brain like that? In his dreams!

Jingyi finally understood how good Xiaoxiao was. In a short while, Chentian had given her ten million!

Lin Yi already knew Xiaoxiao’s personality- she was always the type that’d benefit from a conflict. Other than Lin Yi, she’d scam and mess with anyone she met, and they’d simply be unfortunate to have met her in the first place.

After the card was done, Xiaoxiao came back with a smile on her face with the waitress, and Chentian made the money transfer.

Fortunately for him, Xiaoxiao praised him a bit more, turning his anger into joy.

This five hundred million was now Xiaoxiao’s, so of course she wouldn’t just waste it! She still wanted to enjoy its benefits for a longer period! At the very least she would still have one or two months left, right? Now she had a place to eat, and that put her in a great mood!

Naturally, she wouldn’t spend it all in one day!

“The Crystal Place room is a bit big, I don’t think it’s good for us four people. Let’s get a smaller and cozier room!”

Chentian almost puked blood- they’d already made the five million, why weren’t they experiencing the VIP treatment of the Crystal room??

There wasn’t a minimal spending requirement anymore, but just ordering ten or twenty thousand’s worth of food wouldn’t look good. Xiaoxiao would obviously make sure she didn’t waste her money, now that it belonged to her- so getting a small room would save some of it.

Chentian was about to say something but then worried that Xiaoxiao might not cooperate and make him look cool at the dinner table because she would be pissed. And so, he decided to shut up and change his words, “Alright, we’ll get a smaller room, it’ll be more peaceful!”

“Alright, sir!” The waitress didn’t mind- the five million card was already made, and these people could go wherever they wanted, since this five million would eventually have to be spent here anyway!

The waiter brought out the menu as they entered the room, giving it to Chentian.

“Jingyi, Xiaoxiao, Old Lin Yi, what do you guys want to eat?” Chentian put his eyes on the most expensive items on the menu. He’d already spent five million, and he would only be able to use it once- naturally he had to enjoy himself. That was his money!

Many of these high class food items he hadn’t tried yet- he decided to taste them all! Even if he wouldn’t be able to spend all five million he had to spend at least three million- otherwise it’d be such a loss!

Xiaoxiao held her card tightly, worried that Chentian was thinking of ordering the most expensive items. She wanted to savor and come here every day, not spend it all in one day!

Lin Yi was amused at Xiaoxiao’s reaction. “Let’s not get seafood, Xiaoxiao’s allergic to those. Her sickness acted up instantly after that time we ate seafood in Yanjing.”

Xiaoxiao almost gave Lin Yi a thumbs up out of the gratefulness in her heart- Lin Yi honey sure was good! She was just thinking of how she could get Chentian to order less, and Lin Yi spoke up!

No wonder that Chen Yushu liked to stick around Lin Yi so much, it was because he was amazing at messing around with people too!

“Ah?” Chentian paused, his face bitter. They couldn’t get seafood? Then what other expensive items were there? Usually the most expensive ones were seafood, and if that wasn’t an option they’d lose half their expensive courses!

“It’s the morning, let’s get something less intense and skip the big fish and heavy meats,” Jingyi also knew what Xiaoxiao was thinking- Lin Yi was already helping her, so Jingyi didn’t mind helping out as well.

Jingyi had already considered herself to be on Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao’s team. Wu Chentian? He could go play with himself in a corner!

“Alright, we’ll listen to Jingyi then!” Chentian didn’t care about anything anymore after Jingyi spoke. He gave the menu to her- as far as he could tell, as long as Jingyi was happy, anything was fine!

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