Chapter 82. Nutritional management

Thankfully, she now had such a business.

Although it was only once every three days, she can earn seven dimes each time. And it was ten times a month, so she can get seven yuans, which was also a considerable amount.

Sometimes, when there was a lot, they can get almost ten jins of meat.

In addition to giving a dime, Lin Qing He also gave Mei Jie some food stamps, which were all exchanged from those old madams in the county city.

Totaling it all, it wasn't much worse than when she went to work.

However, because of Mei Jie's connection, it was very easy for Lin Qing He to buy something out of stock in the supply and marketing cooperative.

For example, there were three jars of honey stored at home, which was gained through Mei Jie's connection.

The honey at this time was really pure wild honey. Lin Qing He bought a jar of winter honey last year.

It solidified like a lump of oil similar to lard.

She had finished it in one winter, as she had to drank one cup of honey water before going to bed every day. She would drink it herself, the children didn't need to drink it yet.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't have a share, at that time he didn't have any importance in her heart yet.

However, since that marital obligation, cough, and she cared about him.

So the nightly honey water included Zhou Qing Bai's share now. Zhou Qing Bai said he does not need it. He didn't like to drink these pure sweet things.

But his wife had him drink, so even if he didn't like it, he had to drink it.

Lin Qing He felt great drinking this honey water.

The health benefits of drinking this for a long time were self-evident. It was essential for Zhou Qing Bai to drink it. He had to do farm work every day. Even though she made three healthy meals a day, it was not enough nourishment.

So Lin Qing He tried hard to manage it for him.

Seven days after the summer harvest began, Lin Qing He slaughtered a chicken at home.

Since raising it in spring, it was now one jin or so. One of them became unwell during the period, so there were five left. There were still four left after the slaughtering. They were still over the limit.

This chicken wasn't eaten just like that. Lin Qing He also pre-ordered a pork stomach from Mei Jie's pig farm.

She washed the pork stomach, cooked it and cut it. Then it was stewed with the chicken as well as a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

It was a pot of sesame, pork stomach, and chicken.

The taste was definitely aromatic. In the evening, the father and sons ate the sesame pork stomach and chicken served with wholegrain mantou.

Although the kids didn't like to eat this kind of mantou very much, Lin Qing He would still make it occasionally. Must eat, even when they don't want to. They can't always eat fine cuisine all the time.

The chicken drum was divided between Da Wa and Er Wa. Lin Qing He expressed that the chicken drum would be eaten in turns. This time, she let them two eat first. Next time, it will be them, husband and wife's turn. When San Wa gets bigger and know how to eat, he'll join in the queue.

Da Wa and Er Wa agreed.

Lin Qing He grabbed a chicken wing and let San Wa chew on it. The rest was Zhou Qing Bai’s. But the only drinking soup and avoiding meat her, was pushed by Zhou Qing Bai to feed on a chicken wing.

A summer harvest took about half a month.

Although the summer harvest wasn't as tiring as the autumn harvest, it must be said that it was still hard work ah. Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother, all slimmed down.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were tormented a good bit as well.

They had copied Fourth's wife's mung bean soup, so they did not have heatstroke. Truthfully, the mung bean soup's taste can't be compared with Lin Qing He, as Eldest Sister-in-law didn't add in sugar.

Also, old Zhou's family's food wasn't as good as this side.

After such a summer harvest, Zhou Qing Bai was just worn out. As for slimming down or other aches, were non-existent.

Same for Da Wa and Er Wa. Their bodies were excellent.

Once the summer harvest was over, Lin Qing He puffed out in relief.

There was a new round of farm work afterward, but at least, they can always go home and take a rest at noon. Unlike the summer harvest, where 30 minutes was given for meal. After eating, only a little more than ten minutes were left to nap before they had to head down to the field again.

This was draining to death.

Zhou Qing Bai helped Lin Qing He get all the learning materials she wanted.

Although she hadn’t been studying for many years, it wasn't difficult to pick it up again now. Zhou Qing Bai had his education in the organization. Lin Qing He read it herself, on some parts, she deliberately pretended to ask him.

It was mostly to reveal her progress in her studies so that he did not have any doubts. Like this, he was witnessing her progress?

On the surface, Zhou Qing Bai was calm, but he was surprised in his heart because he found that his wife's learning process was really fast. Sometimes he heard her murmur in dreams at night. Those murmurs were reciting the texts. Too dumbfounding.

After this summer harvest's food distribution, Lin Qing He's family got a lot allocated to them.

Zhou Qing Bai received 10 work points, his share naturally bountiful. In addition, there were two pigs at home. From the beginning of May, Da Wa carried a basket of pigweed every day to exchange for the work point.

Lin Qing He went back to gather pigweed too, but her's was taken home for the pigs at home.

But because of this, her family got a lot distributed to them a lot this time. At least this time, it wasn't necessary to buy food.

Lin Qing He pulled some out of the space, and it was mostly sufficient.

As for the two huge pigs at home, it was raised excellently.

Mother Zhou was very surprised when she came over to check last time.

She didn't mention it outside. Lin Qing He told her not to say anything. There were excess chickens in the backyard.

Wait for the remaining chicken to be slaughtered and it'll be fine to talk about it. If the village branch secretary wants to come over to observe it, it was no problem but for now, it wasn't possible.

Grain had been harvested for almost half a month, and a new round of seeds had been planted before the weather turned gloomy. Then it began to rain.

Even Zhou Qing Bai had a happy face because it saved a lot of effort. No need to manually water, and it was almost God was providing a meal for them.

Lin Qing He studied at home, the brothers as well.

Although it was seven years away from the reintroduction of the college entrance examination, she was bored, might as well do it.

Initially, she wanted to make some clothes but reconsidered. The whole family basically had three or four sets of clothes to wear. In this era, it was definitely plentiful.

Once the rain stopped, Second Brother and Third Brother came over to call Zhou Qing Bai.

They wanted to capture ricefield eel and loach. Zhou Qing Bai grabbed a bucket and followed them. Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa immediately declared they were following. San Wa also wanted to go.

Lin Qing He turned to Zhou Qing Bai. Zhou Qing Bai approved: "Let's all go."

So the three brothers were overjoyed, got off the kang, and headed out with their father.

Lin Qing He continued to study on her own. Third Sister-in-law brought Zhou Dong Dong over for a visit.

When she saw that she was studying and reading, she was surprised: "Are you studying by yourself?"

The most difficult part, i.e. Zhou Qing Bai, was passed. Toward other people like Third Sister-in-law, Lin Qing He didn't care what they thought.

"Aren't we quite free now? Staying at home is also staying, so I asked Qing Bai to bring me some books to read." Lin Qing He explained.

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