Candlelight Yingkong that full of anger, let Kun Shaoyu and others originally intended to retreat body suddenly a stretch.

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It's not right!

All those who can enter the Feixian battle field are the top figures in the field. They are far superior in strength, wisdom and experience.

For a moment, almost out of a kind of instinct, all the Qi in their bodies were running, ready to wait.

For a time, the gorgeous Daoguang Shenhui spread from their respective bodies, earth shaking and powerful.

Lin Xun had to admit that these peerless figures from eight regions were really strong!

Unfortunately, it's late after all.

The current situation can no longer be changed by quick or slow reaction.

Roaring ~ ~

in the distance, a group of Feixian ghosts, originally controlled by zhuyingkong, suddenly changed their targets and rushed to Kun Shaoyu, zhuyingkong and others.


"Damn it

"The candle is shining in the sky. What's the matter?"

The roar of rage rang out. Kun Shaoyu and others turned pale one by one, breaking their heads. They didn't expect that such an incredible thing would happen.

It should be noted that the reason why they are confident is that the "thousand ghosts array" is arranged by candlelight Yingkong.

But now, everything seems out of control!

In the loud cheers, all the people have been drowned by the mighty flying immortals, ghosts and spirits. These ferocious things are in groups, and their ferocious spirit is soaring to the sky, one by one no less than any of the top saints.

At the moment, without the control of candlelight, it was like a flood. They besieged Kun Shaoyu and their figures for the first time.


The battle broke out without suspense. The sky was shaking and the sun and the moon were not shining.

No matter Kun Shaoyu, Chi Wushu, Xue Qingyi and other leaders, or the top figures in various fields who came with them, they all tried their best to attack, and did not dare to have any reservation at all.

Just, this kind of sudden and unexpected disaster, make them one by one look very bad, angry almost jump foot curse Niang!

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This pit was originally dug by them for Lintian, but now they are trapped. It's just like being trapped in a cocoon. It doesn't make any difference to lift a stone and smash it on their own feet.

"Don't panic, everyone. Let's fight together and get out of the siege first!"

Candlelight Yingkong's face was the most ugly. He suffered the most from such reckless disasters. He felt like he was slapped in the face, and then pointed to his nose to sneer. Is this the array you set up?

Of course, it wasn't just his face that was damaged.

What makes him most unacceptable is that from this moment on, no matter how he mends it, he can no longer control the Qiangui formation again!

"You're in. It's not so easy to go out."

In the big battle, Lintian made a calm voice. In his palm, a sacred pearl of Dinghai flowed through the dense and obscure Taoist lines.

With his mind moving, the power of the whole thousand ghosts array was completely put into operation.

In all directions around this place, there are towering mountains rising from the ground, the mighty Tianhe River sweeping down, and the molten magma roaring from the tongue of fire

For a moment, the sky, the earth, the southeast, the northwest, the land of all directions, like a cage, completely blocked this area.

Seeing this scene, Kun Shaoyu's eyes were straight, as if struck by lightning.

They are so familiar with this scene!

At the beginning, in order to trap Lintian who wanted to leave, candle Yingkong used this method to intercept him.

At that time, when they watched Lintian run away in a panic like flies, they couldn't help laughing. They were very happy and praised the arrangement method of the candle reflecting the sky.

But now, all this turned around and fell on them!

This kind of taste, just like the most cunning hunter, suddenly fell into the trap he had carefully arranged. It was too striking.

"The candle is shining in the sky. What's the matter?"

Kun Shaoyu's face was very blue, and his eyes were about to crack.

At the moment, they are trapped in the siege of thousands of flying immortals and ghosts. Even if they can get out of the siege, there are mountains and rivers in all directions, just like a natural moat, blocking the heaven and earth!

Anyone who is in this situation will inevitably have the feeling of "no escape, no escape".

The candle reflected in the sky, the look was also very ugly, and the teeth were almost broken.

"The candle is shining in the sky, you are talking to the mother!"

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Chi Wushu drinks violently. He has noticed that it's not good, and his anger is hard to deal with.

Everyone else turned black, too.

Candle Ying Kong took a deep breath and said: "everyone, the power of this array has been completely controlled by this son..."

At the end of the day, he felt as if his skin had been peeled off, which made him so proud to admit. It was a heavy blow to his self-esteem."Damn it

Hearing this, everyone was so angry that they almost vomited blood.

Over the past few days, they have been cooperating with the layout of candlelight reflecting the sky, trying their best to subdue thousands of flying immortals and ghosts. They thought that with this big array, they could kill Lintian at the fingertips.

But in the end, candlelight Yingkong told them that they worked hard to cooperate with the array, and they were controlled by Lintian!

Doesn't it mean that all the hard work has been done for others?

The most important thing is that the power of this array is extremely terrible, otherwise, they would not have been so painstakingly arranged.

Now, they are trapped in it. How can they get out of it?

"Brother Zhu, can you regain control of the Da formation?"

Xueqingyi was the calmest. He had already learned Lintian's incredible methods. At such a bad time, he was not very flustered.

"No way."

The candle reflects the sky, Chang Sheng sighs, looks depressed, suffocated and going crazy.

It's really hard to be knocked down on one of the most confident and proud roads.

In the big battle, Lintian said with a smile: "it's called self inflicted evil."

At this time, they almost have the impulse to curse their mother.

But in the end, they also know that they can't make a mess of themselves at this time. They must work together to break through the present predicament.

"Everybody, let's do our best together!"

Kun Shaoyu took a deep breath and said, "it's not difficult to kill these flying immortals and ghosts by our means. Don't forget, we captured all these evils by ourselves!"

"Yes, let's do it together. With our strength, we can't kill these evil animals?"

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Lieqian clenched his teeth and opened his mouth.


Others also know that this is the only way at present. They all fight hard one by one.

For a time, it was overwhelming, destroying the dead, killing the flying immortals, ghosts and spirits in groups.

This is the power of the top figures in the eight regions. They add up to 60 or 70 people. Each of them is a peerless person who can lead the storm. Naturally, their combat power is extraordinary.

However, there are too many flying immortals and ghosts. Thousands of people gather together, and each of them is extremely powerful.

Even Kun Shaoyu, no matter how strong they are, can't get out of the siege for a moment.

"The most wonderful thing about this array is that it can fit with the power of heaven and earth, and turn it into a circle that goes back and forth in order, so as to deduce a perfect and inescapable situation."

Lintian spoke again, smiling.

"In my opinion, this is true. Even I can't help admiring it. The accomplishments of the candle dragon in the work of spiritual tattoo are amazing. It's really amazing. It can be called a great feat of shaking the world and weeping the ghosts."

In the voice, with an undisguised praise.

But every word, like a sharp blade, was inserted into the candle to reflect the empty heart, which made his eyes red and he was about to go crazy.

"Don't be wild!"

Candle in the sky, roaring.

"Brother Zhu, please calm down so as not to be fooled by this son."

Blood green clothes remind.

Immediately, he asked: "brother Zhu, is there any other way to kill this thousand ghosts array?"

In a word, let the candle Yingkong suddenly wake up, he looks uncertain and says:

"there are three changes in this array, one is" trapped status circle "and the other is" resist the ghost from the heart ". These are the two changes we encounter in front of us."

"And the third?"

Blood green clothes can't help but way.

"The third is..."

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As soon as Zhu Yingkong said this, he saw that Lintian in the distance seemed to have seen through their conversation. He said with a smile:

"the third kind is called" heaven and earth work together. "

In a word, candle Yingkong's face changed completely, and his heart was cold. He realized that Lintian had not only won the control of the thousand ghosts array, but also had already understood all the mysteries of the array!

When xueqingyi saw this, his eyelids jumped fiercely, and he roughly concluded that what Lintian said should be true, which made him almost curse his mother.

Thanks to you, candlelight Yingkong or candlelight dragon, you are the most outstanding person in the world. But you are so stupid that you are being cheated by people in the spirit tattoo?

He took a deep breath: "what is the power of heaven and earth?"

The voice just dropped.


Between the heaven and the earth, countless and dense patterns of Taoist patterns have sprung up, mountains and rivers All of them have emerged a "general trend" that converges and oppresses here.

It feels like all the forces in the world are concentrated and suppressed.

To fight against it is to fight against heaven!

Just for a moment, Kun Shaoyu and others, who are fighting fiercely, are under more pressure and look different."Damn it

"The candle reflects the sky. Why don't we know that there are such changes in this array?"

At this time, under frequent changes, Kun Shaoyu and other leaders were not able to calm down.

"I originally intended to use it as a trump card at the last moment, so that you can see the real power of this array, but who ever thought..."

The candle reflects in the empty lip bitterness, the whole person is not good.

"Who ever thought that the last mace fell on you?"

In the distance, Lintian's mocking voice sounded again.

"It's a pity that I have reminded you before that death is imminent and you don't know it, but none of you believe it. Who can blame you for your own death?"

A few words, so harsh, Kun Shaoyu and other popular face are green, lungs almost burst open.


(today's new year, goldfish give you a new year ~)

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