Chapter 1052: The Scam Continues

“Sir, will it be the four of you?” A staff member went over to them as they entered the restaurant.

“Yes, give us a room!” Chentian nodded.

“Sir, if you’re here for morning tea then what do you think about sitting at a regular table? Private rooms have a minimal spending requirement, and there aren’t any people at the regular tables right now, it’ll be really peaceful and quiet,” the waitress said nicely.

It was the morning, after all, and people here were here for morning tea and breakfast. It wouldn’t cost much for that, and wouldn’t amount to tens of thousands of yuan- it wouldn’t be enough for the minimal spending required in the rooms!

Chentian frowned- he was finally able to buy Jingyi a meal, and he was supposed to look cool! The words of the waitress made him feel like he was being looked down on!’

Who was he? He was a member of House Wu, a noble house! Of course he wouldn’t care about this minmal spending, and he was now a big “CEO” of Songshan, too! He could spend all he wanted on a meal!

“What’s the minimal spending requirement?” Chentian frowned, impatient.

The waitress here was used to looking at the expressions of his customers- one look at Chentian and she knew that he was getting impatient. Of course he didn’t care about the minimal spending or whatever, he was rich! But the staff at the front told him that they came in an Audi A41, and that wasn’t worth too much- even if he were rich, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to spend a couple dozen thousand on a meal!

At the thought, the waitress wasn’t sure what level Chentian was at anymore! The rooms had different classes as well, and if he gave a larger number he was afraid that Chentian wouldn’t be able to afford the minimal spending, pissing him off through humiliation- but if he were to give a smaller number, Chentian might feel that he was being look down on!

“Chentian Bro is a big CEO, even his business card is made of gold! You think he cares how much the minimal spending is?” Xiaoxiao spoke up, “Today Chentian Bro’s car got destroyed, and the guy paid him five million for it- he didn’t even care about that money, he just gave it to me! You actually doubt that someone of his level would be unable to make the minimal spending?!”

Chentian looked at Xiaoxiao, thinking that the girl sure was good at making him look cool! He decided that the five million wasn’t that much of a loss at all, as long as she was able to push his image up in front of Jingyi! Then the money would be well spent!

“Ah?!” The waitress froze- so that was why he drove an Audi A41, it was because his car got destroyed! What sort of car was worth five million in compensation? It had to a Bentley, or something like a Rolls Royce, right?!

And the guy didn’t even care about the compensation payment, he just passed it on to the person beside him- just how much wealth did he have? His card was even made of gold? Gold was now three hundred a gram, wasn’t it? One card had to have used two or three grams, right? Then wouldn’t the cost be up to a thousand? Were these cards the cards he gave out to people??

Then wouldn’t a regular person be rich if he got a business card from Chentian? It looked like the sort of people Chentian interacted with would all be big shots as well, otherwise people would be fighting for his business cards!

This was a rich man, a pure rich man indeed!

With that, the waitress quickly spoke, “Sir, the most luxurious room in here is the Crystal Palace at the top floor, right now it’s empty, but the minimal spending is five hundred thousand…”

“Five hundred thousand?” The lowest minimal spending- five hundred grand? Chentian froze- what sort of restuarant was this?! He only brought ten million with him, and other than the company and car money, on which he spent over one million, he only had over eight million left! This meal costing five hundred thousand… Wasn’t that too much?!

He was thinking that a village looking countryside place like Songshan would be a world of difference compared to a high class place in Yanjing- and the highest quality places would probably cost you a couple ten thousands in the most expensive Songshan restaurant… He was thinking that this eight million would be more than enough for him to show off his coolness, but it seemed like he had miscalculated!

The waitress, upon seeing that Chentian went silent after she said ‘five hundred thousand’, assumed that the man thought the number was too low. He quickly continued, “Of course, just five hundred thousand a meal wouldn’t be enough to match your standard, especially when you’re only with three others, sir, you wouldn’t be able to spend too much even if you ordered the most expensive items…”

“That’s true, that’s true,” Chentian relaxed, thinking that the waitress sure had a good eye. She could tell that he felt that five hundred thousand was too expensive? Luckily for him, she was the one who said it, and he wouldn’t lose face!

It was a smart move- he was only in a party of four, they wouldn’t be able to reach the minimal spending even if they ordered the expensive items!

Chentian was quite gleeful when the waitress continued. “Even if all four of you ordered sharkfin, abalone, bird’s nest, sea cucumber, five hundred thousand really would be the maximum! So I suggest that you register for a VIP card here, sir. If you store five million in your card then you’ll be able to enjoy VIP treatment, always be able to book appointments at the Crystal Palace room, without any requirement of minimal spending, for any of the rooms! You’ll also have a twenty percent off for all food items, this is an extreme VIP experience!”

The VIP card may have a discount, but it created the feeling of a very important person, and for the rich people, this wasn’t looking down on them, this was giving them the title of VIP, putting them above everyone else!

Of course, not everyone could spend five million on a restaurant card. The people who could- they would never do something like order the cheap food items- if your meal cost only a few thousand you would be embarrassed to even eat in the Crystal Palace room!

“Wha?!” Chentian didn’t know what he was hearing- five million? For a VIP card? Was this person out of her mind, he was already thinking that five hudred thousand was too much! What the hell is this five million that popped out!

But, he came today to build his image and look cool- if he backed off upon hearing five million, then all his efforts from earlier would be wasted! He had to grit his teeth and break through! “Hm, five million isn’t much, but my business does take up a lot of my time, and I wouldn’t be able to have too many meals in Songshan. I’d probably only be able to use this five million card once, it’d be a waste!”

Chentian’s subtext here was that he wanted this woman to bring him to the room, he didn’t care about the discounts, he just didn’t want the trouble to register the card, and he wouldn’t even be able to use it!

“I see…” The waitress nodded, not doubting him, but only feeling disappointed that she wouldn’t get the comission for the card membership.

“Chentian Bro, how about you register for a card and give it to me? You won’t be in Songshan, but I will! I’ll help you finish the rest of the money in that card! Five million isn’t much to you, but it is very much to me!” Xiaoxiao said again, almost making Chentian faint.

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