In the big battle, Lintian looked at those leaders of the eight regions who were so angry that he couldn't help showing a look of ridicule.

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No matter how amazing the talent is, no matter how powerful the inside information is, no matter how terrifying the strength is?

When trapped, it's hard to avoid panic!


In the field, there was a shrill scream.

Under the pressure of heaven and earth, a young man with feather clothes and crowns was attacked by a flying fairy ghost, and his body was torn apart in an instant.

Before his broken body fell to the ground, he was trampled into blood mud by a group of flying immortals and ghosts, and his death was extremely tragic.

Kun Shaoyu and others turned pale and dignified. They all abandoned their thoughts and began to work hard.


For a moment, the way of the field swept the air, the holy treasure was like a tide, and the gorgeous and blazing light stirred the land in all directions, making the void collapse.

It's just that this time is different from just now. With the full operation of the thousand ghosts array, the three kinds of restraining forces, namely, "the trapped ground is round", "the ghost is controlled by the heart" and "heaven and earth work together", all burst out.

The power surprised Lintian.

Think about it. If you didn't realize the danger at the beginning, then you are the one who is trapped in the battle!

It can be seen that in order to kill themselves, Kun Shaoyu and others obviously spent their efforts. Unfortunately, they failed in the end.




In the field, Kun Shaoyu and other people's pressure doubled, and their momentum was like gods, maneuvering in all directions, and their fighting power was so powerful that they could be called shocking and far superior.

Lintian thought to himself that if it was a face-to-face fight, he would not be sure to win when he met such a group of fierce characters.

Even, you may want to avoid the edge!

After all, the other side is not only huge in number, but each of them is a top-notch figure among the top saints. How terrible is the power gathered together?

Unless he was truly invincible in the absolute holy land, Lintian could only choose to retreat and fight.

Unfortunately, now Kun Shaoyu and others are trapped in their own situation!

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Without hesitation, Lintian controlled the Pearl of Dinghai and used the power of the big array to kill.


In the void, a force of heaven and earth converges into the dense Taoist pattern array to form a bright and dazzling sword.

This sword represents the will of heaven and earth. It is full of the power of the great array. It can use the power of thousands of Li mountains and rivers. It is like a master!


Kun Shaoyu's eyes shrank and he cried out.


The deafening roar sounded, the sky sword cut, the vast void like a picture of cloth like split a straight crack, the smell of destruction, let those leaders are pale.

Although Kun Shaoyu has already reminded us, some people still can't avoid it.

Not want to, but can't!

Poop, poop!

Two men and a woman were killed immediately by the sky sword and the dazzling sword edge. Their bodies were destroyed in the dazzling sword force.

The crowd shuddered.

It was also at this moment that they realized how terrible the power of the array arranged by candlelight reflected in the sky was, but it was originally prepared for Lintian.

But now, it's on them.

The hollow God in the candle is bitter, oppressive and angry. He is the only one who knows best. When the movement of this array turns to the extreme, even if there is a great holy land, he will die!

There was no accident. It was he who was supposed to control the formation and kill Lintian. Unfortunately, everything changed

Buzzing ~

in the void, the power of heaven and earth converges again, and the winds and clouds from all directions gather to form a Heavenly Sword, which cuts across the sky like a god punishing the dust.


Chi Wushu drank it violently and offered a jade pestle which was flowing through the red haze. It was a miraculous and tough holy treasure with terrible power.

But just in an instant, it was cut by the sky sword, the light was dim, and it was abandoned directly.

This made Chi Wushu's flesh hurt, but he was also shocked. The power of such a big battle was too terrible.

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When the sword fell, two people were killed again in the battlefield. What if it was sacred? At the moment, it's just like grass being harvested!

The bloody scenes made Kun Shaoyu and others look more dignified.

At the moment, they are trapped in the battle, suffering from three kinds of dangerous oppression.

The first is the siege from the flying immortals and ghosts. Although they are not afraid, they can't help but have too many enemies.

The second is the oppression from the forces of heaven and earth. When the formation is in operation, it will gather all the forces of heaven, earth, mountains and rivers, which is enough to frighten the ghosts and gods.

Thirdly, he was manipulated by Lintian, gathered the power of heaven and earth, and mobilized the power of the great array to kill. It was like the sky sword cutting down in the sky, like the divine punishment.

The superposition of the three dangers makes Kun Shaoyu and others aware of the serious threat. They are tense and depressed."Chop!"

Lintian, who was standing in the sea array of zhentianping, had no plan to show mercy at all, and continued to kill.

This time, he didn't expect to kill all of them. After all, it was only ten days, and the other side was too numerous to wait for death.

Who ever thought that this guy gave himself a big surprise. Instead, he let Lintian seize the opportunity and have the possibility to catch each other!

Under such circumstances, how could Lintian show mercy?

On that day, the sky was full of swords. If heaven and earth were the masters of heaven and earth, everything would be cut.

For a time, the battle was turbulent and chaotic, and no one dared to shake it. Even Kun Shaoyu and other leaders did not dare to take advantage of it.

However, while dodging, they are besieged by Feixian and Guiling, and they are also oppressed by the general trend of heaven and earth. If they are not careful, they will be killed by Tianjian.

In fact, the casualties are continuing!

Just as candlelight Yingkong was confident that he was invincible and had the power of dominating in the battle at the beginning, Lintian was also invincible now. As soon as his mind turned, he would be killed.


One sacred treasure after another was severely damaged. It flew backward and made a deafening sound. All kinds of Taoist methods were easily crushed and turned into light and rain.


At the same time, there was a scream, blood spilled, thick scarlet, dyed red.

Just ten breaths.

In succession, nine people have been killed, both in form and spirit.

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Before they died, they were the proud children of the world. Based on the top of the world, they were proud of others and had a bright future.

But after death, even the bones are difficult to preserve, a lifetime of fame, a lifetime of pursuit, but also eventually by the wind and rain blow away!

If this is seen by the strong of the eight regions camp, it is not because of tremor and chilly.

If this is handed back to the world of eight regions, it will be enough to make countless ancient orthodoxy and countless practitioners appalled!

It should be noted that every conceited son can be called peerless. He is a genius, a devil, and a hero. None of them is born at any time.

Every casualty is a heavy blow!

At least, these good candidates who are expected to climb the realm of the great emperor are doomed to be gloomy after being strangled and on the way to becoming emperor!

And Lintian was just like the executioner who killed the peerless pride.

If we can catch each other in one net this time, and finally win the victory of the nine domains battle, we can exchange a period of time for the rise of the ancient wasteland!

The so-called eternal industry is in the process of killing people.

"The candle reflects in the sky. This array is made by you. Is there no way to crack it?"

In the field, Kun Shaoyu roared angrily.

His eyes were red and he was furious.

In a short moment, more than 20 people on their side had been killed, and his heart was dripping with blood.

"If you hold on for a while, this formation will run with all its strength in no more than a quarter of an hour, and it will exhaust the power of the mountains and rivers. By that time, this formation will be self defeating."

The candle reflects the sky and opens with a deep voice.

A quarter of an hour?

In ordinary times, this time is only a flash, but in such a killing situation, it seems to be very long and suffering.

At this moment, many people secretly regretted it. If they had known this, they would have been better than setting up an array to kill Lintian!

At least, in the face-to-face confrontation, their strength is enough to stabilize each other.

Unfortunately, at the beginning, they were all afraid of Lintian, especially under the reminder of xueqingyi, which made them very careful.

I think that the safest way is to set up a large array to kill the enemy.

But which once thought, but happened this kind of thing!

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No matter what they think, the killing is still on at this time.

For Lintian, this time to kill the enemy was not as difficult as he thought. He was even very relaxed. Between talking and laughing, he killed one dazzling figure after another.

Such a joyful battle can only be met but not sought. Without this "big gift" from the candle reflecting the sky, it would be impossible to achieve.

Poop, poop!

In the battle, the casualties continued to increase. One after another, Kun Shaoyu died under their eyes.

The scream before death, the unwilling appearance and the bloody scenes made Kun Shaoyu's heart twitch, his face was blue and angry, and his teeth were about to break.

"Lintian, how dare you come out to fight!"

Suddenly, Chi Wushu couldn't stand this kind of stimulation completely. His voice was like thunder, and he let out a roar.

It's like catharsis.

No one would be so stupid as to think that in such an advantageous situation, Lintian would jump out and fight Chi Wushu.

To everyone's surprise, at this moment, Lintian agreed!Shua!

He didn't have any nonsense. As soon as his figure flashed, he swept out of the zhentianping sea array and moved to Chi Wushu.

It's incredibly fast!

Even Chi Wushu, who initiated the provocation, felt caught off guard. It seemed that Lintian was so happy.


As a leader of Yiyu, Chi Wushu is also very quick to react. He does not hesitate to wave a white bone spear in his hand and stab it out angrily.

The void is broken in an instant and pierced by a spear. The terrible power of Daoguang's law is just like breaking the sea.

It was an angry blow, unreserved and terrifying!

But Lintian, who had already rushed to fight, just raised his fist and waved it. It was simple and direct, but he had the power of dominating!


2 even more!

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