Chapter 81. Temporary work

Because it was summer harvest, what they ate was relatively simple, but absolutely nutritious.

They had spring pancakes.

The spring pancakes were all packaged up and brought over by Lin Qing He from home.

Small pieces of meat, diced mushrooms, fried leeks with eggs, and her specially made tomato sauce and seasonal veg were all wrapped inside. The taste was particularly exquisite and delicious.

Along with this was soup. Lin Qing He had brought bowls, one for each person.

After eating they rested. Then chomped another fresh tomato, the taste was perfect.

The food on this side was definitely the best in the village. The old Zhou Family had no way to compete.

Second Sister-in-law watched the family of five over there eating spring cakes, especially on the bountiful fillings. The smell could drift over here.

"Eat so well, why doesn't she bring some over to Father and Mother." Second Sister-in-law grumbled as she chewed on her pancake.

"They already separated. Eat yours." Mother Zhou shoot a glance at Second daughter-in-law, who clearly wanted to stir trouble.

With these words, it got Second Sister-in-law to shut up. But she was greatly discontent on the inside.

Lin Qing He didn't stay long. She rubbed a layer of sunscreen on Zhou Qing Bai, Da Wa, and Er Wa. This was what she got while she collected her supplies. Two big cans of it.

It became handy at this moment. Da Wa and Er Wa were better as they joined in for the fun of it. Lin Qing He didn't stop it, but everyone must wear a hat.

Zhou Qing Bai was the main force. He sunburnt till he was red. Lin Qing He's heart felt unbearable at the sight.

"You don't have to apply this on me." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"I don't have much left here, only a few applications left." Lin Qing He stated.

Zhou Qing Bai's brows softened at this.

"Rest ba." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded, led Da Wa and Er Wa to drowse.

Lin Qing He packed her things and took San Wa home. It was really hot today, like a fire.

But on such an important day, no one can escape it. They have to go to the field and speedily harvest. Lin Qinghe was lazy and never gone to the field, so everyone had accustomed it, feeling there was no reason to criticize.

As soon as the horn sounded, Zhou Qing Bai and the rest went down to harvest the field again.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and the other children were better off, the requirements from them weren't big. They were responsible for picking wheat ears in the field, which were calculated by weight for the work points. These children were quite hardworking.

But no matter how energetic they were, at the end of the day, it was also very exhausting.

When they returned home, Er Wa was laying on his father's back. Obviously, he was too tired.

Lin Qing He was startled, fearing he had a heatstroke, and declared, "Tomorrow, Er Wa, don't go."

"No, I will go!" Er Wa instantly replied.

"Not tired?" Lin Qing He eyed him.

"Not tired!" Er Wa nodded.

Judging by how he was,Lin Qing He left him be. She reminded him: "If you are tired immediately go to rest, understood?"

"I know, I won't push myself. If I get heatstroke, it'll be painful." Er Wa said.

Other children had suffered heatstroke. Just watching how they vomited and had diarrhea, he felt uncomfortable.

After eating a simple and nutritious dinner, Lin Qing He brought out the completed mung bean soup and cooled it in the well water.

This was rock sugar and mung bean soup, adjusted to mild sweetness, but it still tasted great.

Lin Qing He intends to feed the father and sons a few more times of mung bean soup. She scooped out two bowl amounts and got Da Wa to send it to his grandpa and grandma.

Lin Qing He told Zhou Qing Bai: "Tomorrow I will add on mung bean soup for you. This is the best for cooling off the heat."

"Sure." Zhou Qing Bai agreed.

Satisfied, Lin Qing He continued, "You're tired today too. Go rest."

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head, he wasn't that exhausted. He went to clean the pigsty but found that it was cleaned.

It goes without saying, Lin Qing He had tidied it. For this man, she made a sacrifice.

"I can tell you now, I'll do it for you this summer harvest, other times you can do it by yourself." Lin Qing He stated.

"You don't have to do it, just wait for me to come back." Zhou Qing Bai stared at her.

"You're already that exhausted, I can't dump it all on you." Lin Qing He pouted.

Zhou Qing Bai's eyebrows were extremely soft, she could sense the sweetness in his eyes.

This was rarely seen from this tough guy's gaze.

"Go to rest." Lin Qing He waved.

Soon Da Wa came back. This kid was worn out from today too, so Lin Qing He gave the brothers a bath and sent them to the Kang to play. She gave them mung bean soup at 6:30 in the evening.

Can't say it was super chill, but it was still cooled by the well water. Plus with the addition of rock sugar, the sweetness was fulfilling to drink.

From the next day onward, Lin Qing He delivered mung bean soup at approximately 10 am.

Of course, she prepared a share for Father Zhou and Mother Zhou. As for the others, Lin Qing He couldn't be bothered to care.

As anticipated, Second Sister-in-law wasn't short on sour words, remarking that the adults can go without, but how can the children not have some?

Eldest Sister-in-law took care of the children while cooking at home, and Third Sister-in-law came to work.

Because Eldest Sister-in-law had only given birth for two or three months, she didn't have to take part in such bustling actions. She was in charge of the family's food and took care of the babies at home.

This time Eldest Sister-in-law also gave birth to a son.

Lin Qing He wasn't stingy at that time. She gave her two trotters to stew with peanuts to eat, which was great for breastmilk.

Third Sister-in-law was dead on her feet, but she didn't pay any heed to Second Sister-in-law's words.

They had already separated out. Lin Qing He, this fourth sister-in-law, could give the elders a mouthful, and that was all there was to it. The rest wanted to eat her family's stuff? Impossible.

Mother Zhou had instructed Eldest Sister-in-law when she came back that day to cook some mung bean soup at this side and get Fourth's wife to deliver it together.

Second Sister-in-law began mumbling again: "Are you two old ones afraid of eating Fourth's family to poverty?"

This time, Third Sister-in-law didn't hold back and told Eldest Sister-in-law about it.

"Qing He had Father and Mother drink some, she was dissatisfied and said she didn't prepare for the children. Now Mother told you to make it for the whole family, she's still not pleased. All-day long, she complained these behind her back." Third Sister-in-law vented.

"Who would deny that? I heard Tao Zi's Mother mentioned it the day before yesterday that Wang Ling wanted to mock Qing He, but Qing He had her grudgingly return home. Wang Ling has a good relationship with her." Eldest Sister-in-law's mouth also twitched.

"That's a long tongue woman. I can hear her splurting things everywhere I go," Third Sister-in-law remarked in despise.

"Don't bother with it, at most, she'll only dare to talk about it privately. If she got the ability to go to talk about it in front of Qing He's face, see if Qing He will spare her." Eldest Sister-in-law concluded.

Third Sister-in-law had nothing else to say, this summer harvest was exhausting.

Because summer harvest was a hectic time, Lin Qing He didn't go to the county city to sell pork. The pork that was collected every day was placed into the space.

Once this was over, she'll go to the county city to get rid of it.

Mei Jie was now out of work. Only then, Lin Qing He knew that she was only a temporary worker before. No wonder the original owner had rarely seen Mei Jie before.

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