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The deafening roar and the terrifying fist force burst out, which made Chi Wushu's mouth shake, and the white bone spear flew away in an instant.

And the surging strength of the fist has been broken.

What a terrible power!

Chi Wushu's face changed greatly. On his chest, a fierce purple lightning suddenly appeared. He turned into a mysterious thunder totem and stood in front of Lintian's fist.


The fist strength collides with lightning totem. At this moment, Chi Wushu's whole body is blasted out, his mouth and nose gush blood, and Venus appears in front of his eyes.

He was shocked.

And Lintian had already taken advantage of the situation to kill again. With the tide of sword chanting, the torrent of taixuan sword Qi spread out in the void.

The sword is full of vitality, overwhelming and full of heaven and earth!

33 Epee!

Chi Wushu's spirit of death came up. At this moment, a sense of suffocation, despair and helplessness permeated his whole body, which made him completely scared.

There was no time to think about it. He tried his best to protect his life. In an instant, a piece of human skin with thick blood tattoos emerged.

The emperor's death!

This human skin is a relic left by an ancestor of the Chi family after his failure in preaching. It was carefully collected and engraved with mysterious totem patterns.

In itself, it is an incredible treasure, more powerful than shengbaodu, with a breath of the emperor's way, which is extremely terrifying.

It seems that these treasures, even in the Chi family, can be regarded as peerless treasures. They are not only limited in quantity, but also one less lost.

If Chi Wushu had not been the leader of the younger generation in the ancient region of Jiuli, he would never have possessed such treasures with his status and identity in the Chi family.


The emperor's death glowed and produced a terrible totem. It was like the sound of the emperor's Tao, which was so grand that it startled nine days.

When that heavy sword Qi rushes, suddenly produces the intense incomparable collision roar.

It's in the way!

Chi Wushu had a sense of escape from death for a moment, and his soul was just fixed.

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However, without waiting for him to breathe a sigh of relief, the superposed sword Qi torrent is just like a heavy storm, and its power is also a heavy accumulation, rising steadily.

Then, the emperor's death began to tremble violently, and the totem pattern was crushed inch by inch by the fierce sword force.

Before and after just a moment, the emperor's death was torn apart in a shocking crash.


At the next moment, Chi Wushu felt a sharp pain in front of his eyes. His body was submerged by the boundless sword Qi, and his flesh, muscles and bones were smashed.

"No! What is the inheritance of Kendo? Why is it so terrible? "

Chi Wushu roared in the torrent of sword Qi, and the whole person showed a kind of panic and unwilling atmosphere.

In a moment, thirty-three sword Qi accumulated and completely drowned his whole person and voice.

Looking down from the sky, the sword Qi is like a torrent, which breaks down the void of heaven and earth and completely erases Chi Wushu from the world!

It's slow, but in fact, from Lintian's sudden death from the zhentianping sea array, to the attack of white bones and spears with fists, to the death of the emperor with sword, to Chi Wushu's misfortune, it's all completed in the light of lightning.

No one thought that Lintian had the courage to go out of the battle and fight Chi Wushu. What's more, Chi Wushu was completely crushed just as soon as he fought, and his body and spirit were destroyed on the spot!

Therefore, when Kun Shaoyu and others wanted to help, it was too late to see such a sudden change happen.

How strong!

This was everyone's first feeling. Lintian's domineering attitude made them all shiver and suffer from the impact.

Soon, they all turned pale.

Chi Wushu!

The leader of Jiuli ancient region camp, a powerful figure, a leader of Chi's emperor, has long been famous throughout the region, and its combat power is obvious to all.

But now, I hate it!

For the Jiuli ancient region camp, this is bound to be a heavy blow, but for all the people present, they can't help feeling sad and afraid.

That's it Dead?

This is so shocking!

At the same time, this is also the second leader who died in Lintian's hands after jianqingchen, Qingming bajue. Now there are only "liujue".

For Lintian, it is imperative to kill Chi Wushu!

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Although the thousand ghosts array is extremely powerful, there is no leader among the enemies killed up to now.

And just as candlelight Yingkong said, under the full operation of the array, it can only last for a quarter of an hour.

Now, most of this time has passed, and it is impossible to cause a real blow to those leaders with the strength of the big battle in the remaining time.

Therefore, Lintian would not hesitate to move!

It's no exaggeration to say that even if it was a one-on-one hard fight, Lintian had absolute confidence to kill Chi Wushu.What's more, there is a great force to restrain him now, which makes him have an advantage in dealing with Chi Wushu.

However, when he really made a move, Lintian didn't reserve it either. One punch was shaking the sky, one sword was shaking the sky, and one sword was thirty-three epee. All of them were the martial arts power that had been completely integrated by him!

Under such circumstances, Chi Wushu's death has long been in no suspense.

It should be noted that when he first killed the sword Qingchen, Lintian's cultivation was at the beginning of juetong Zhensheng, but now he is at the middle of juetong Zhensheng!

"Do it together, kill him!"


Kun Shaoyu and others roared and rushed to Lintian together.

Each of them had his eyes splitting and his face was blue. All the anger and hatred in his heart broke out at the moment of Chi Wushu's sudden death.

It's just that their reaction has been slow.

After killing Chi Wushu, Lintian had already flashed and returned to the zhentianping sea array.

All the attacks of Kun Shaoyu and others were blocked by the power of the big array, and Lintian could not be hurt at all.

Under Lintian's control, the flying immortals and ghosts, as well as the terrible forces of heaven and earth, had been oppressing and besieging them.

They almost went crazy because of the taste of holding back.

"Lintian, do you dare to fight?"

Lieqian began to follow Chi Wushu's example and made a provocation, but his purpose was very simple, just to lure Lintian out.

Lintian didn't even think about it. He refused directly: "what's the matter? When the force of the big formation is exhausted, if you're not dead, I'll send you to reincarnation."

This makes lieqian angry and green. He yells.

Lintian turned a deaf ear.

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When the great array is in operation, the Dao pattern is rolling, and the power of heaven and earth converges to form the sky sword, which flashes vertically and horizontally in the great array, chopping, chopping, chipping, or stabbing

Group after group of Feixian ghosts charged bravely, making Kun Shaoyu and others still very passive.

And the casualties are still on!

Up to now, there are more than 40 people in the top group of the eight regions camp, including Kun Shaoyu.

In short, an array will cause more than half of their casualties!

"Hold on, everyone, this battle is about to collapse!"

The candle reflects the sky and drinks to remind people.


In the sea array of zhentianping, Lintian suddenly took out his soul bow, pulled up the bow string, and shot out an arrow.

The wind and thunder stirred, and the void was torn like paper.

In the field, Shi POHAI is under the siege of a group of flying immortals and ghosts. At this moment, he is acutely aware of a fatal and dangerous attack. Without any hesitation, he chooses to dodge.

But at the same time, on the sky, a Heavenly Sword chopped down, blocking his retreat.


The stone breaks the sea to startle soul son almost to fly out, the face is all twisted, make every effort to resist.


The arrow is flying across the sky, the sword is slashing, and there are several flying immortals and ghosts attacking each other. It's like a net of heaven and earth coming together.

Even if the stone breaks the sea fighting power to startle the world again, this instant is all pierced by the blue arrow, the whole person smashes fiercely flies out, seriously injured and dying!

If Kun Shaoyu hadn't come to rescue him in time, he would have been torn off by a group of Feixian ghosts.

Lin Xun was not surprised when he failed to kill Shi Po Hai. He looked flat. Without hesitation, he pulled up the spirit bow and started to kill.

Collapse! Collapse! Collapse!

The thunderous roar made the heaven and the earth tremble. A series of magic arrows swept out and burst into the sky and the earth.

Originally, Kun Shaoyu and others were in a very passive and dangerous situation, but now they were covered by Lintian's stormy arrows, causing great casualties.

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Some people were broken by the arrow, and their flesh and blood were sprinkled like rain.

Some people avoided the arrow, but they were killed by the sky sword, and their bodies disappeared.

And some of them were swarmed up by the flying immortals and ghosts, trapped and killed in the shrill and angry roar!

In just a dozen breaths, there were only six people left in the field, including Kun Shaoyu, Xue Qingyi, lie Qian, Zhu Yingkong, Shi POHAI and Hua Hongxiao. All the others died on the spot!

And Kun Shaoyu, more or less, were injured. Their clothes were stained with blood and their hair was Dishevelled. They looked rather embarrassed.

The most serious is Shi POHAI, who almost died. Now he is seriously injured. Even if he swallows all kinds of healing medicine, it is difficult to recover completely in a moment.

At this time, Lintian was intact and his clothes were spotless, but he had consumed a lot of physical strength. He was swallowing and refining a variety of magic drugs to supplement his strength.

Two phase comparison, merits and demerits!

"It's a bitter feud. Lintian, I'm at odds with you!"

Kun Shaoyu was furious and drank.

At the same time, Lintian put away his soul bow, his dark eyes were cold, his eyes swept Kun Shaoyu and others, and said:"It doesn't matter whether there is such a big battle or not. What I'm most worried about now is that you don't dare fight to the end and run away."

In a word, Kun Shaoyu and others were furious.

However, when they were ready to speak, they only felt that there was a sudden change between the heaven and the earth, and the original terrible force of oppression collapsed and disappeared in an instant.

In the mountains and rivers of ten thousand li, the omnipresent array prohibitions are all destroyed like a tide.

Da Zhen has collapsed!

There are only a few hundred Feixian ghosts who were originally controlled by the force of the great array. At this time, they have obviously recovered their instinct and realized the terrible power of Kun Shaoyu and others. Instead of fearing death, they choose to escape.

For a moment, all the shackles that had been trapped in the body were gone, which made Kun Shaoyu and others feel trapped in the dragon and the tiger returning to the mountain forest.

And the eyes they looked at Lintian also became cold and violent!


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