Chapter 80. Summer Harvest

"Why do you know, Fourth Sister-in-law?" Zhou Xiao Mei's cheeks flushed red.

"Why else do you think I told him about your day off tomorrow? If he comes to pick you up tomorrow, then you should seriously consider it. If he doesn't, his head will be too thick and also proves that his relationship with his uncle isn't great, to not even give a reminder." Lin Qing He finished and went back.

When she went to bed at night, she brought up Su Da Lin to Zhou Qing Bai.

"Quite a good lad. Shorter than you, almost one-eighty." Zhou Qing Bai's height was almost one meter eighty-five, which was really tall in this era of widespread malnutrition.

"His facial features are also pretty good. A high nose that gives a bit naive feel and the eyes are contrasting black and white. Clear, no twinkle of crookedness." Lin Qing He continued.

With her face, the other youths couldn't see Zhou Xiao Mei beside her. On the other hand, she can't see her existence in Su Da Lin's eyes. Only Zhou Xiao Mei was in his eyes.

"Although he stutters a bit, it's not really important to live a life. In the future, if they quarrel, ten of him still won't be Xiao Mei's opponent. I heard Xiao Mei say that the house is okay. More than ten square feet. "Lin Qing He said.

Don't look at the house of this time with the eyes of future generations. At this time, a whole family squeezed in the house of approximately 40 square feet.

It can be seen how much of a luxury residence Su Da Lin's home of 40 square meters was.

"His salary is 34 yuan a month." This salary was double of Zhou Xiao Mei's.

Because Zhou Xiao Mei was a new worker, even if it has risen a bit this year, it was only 17 yuan. Su Da Lin has 34 yuan since he was a team leader and also because he had been working for a long time.

A family of five, such as hers, can live well for ten dollars a month. Of course, the standard defined by the time.

Using Lin Qing He's standard, she had to add ten yuan. Twenty yuan was enough for her family to live comfortably.

Previously, she felt she went through the money quite quickly, but now Lin Qing He has a way to make money.

Using the pork from Mei Jie and her husband, she can earn approximately four yuan each time.

Over at the black market, the meat coupon wasn't required. She could exchange it for some grain coupons, but the price was still dear. It could be as much as 1.5-1.6yuan per jin.

Pick-up was every three days, each time five jins of meat. Including the extras, it was about seven jins.

After giving Mei Jie a dime profit, the cost of a jin of meat was one yuan. She can earn five dimes.

Each time, she can earn four yuan. Once every three days, so forty yuan profit per month.

Of course, Lin Qing He was very cautious when handling pork. She specifically looked for old ladies. These old ladies usually have a large population at home and wouldn't cause trouble. They were more careful than she was when they exchanged.

In a month, she can earn this amount. Even if her own consumption was big, she can still save a lot.

Lin Qing He was quite satisfied. What's more, she wanted to put in an effort to save money. Saving money this way, meant she'll have a lot saved by the time the restrictions dropped. She'll have enough capital.

These were too far in the future, let's get back to Zhou Xiao Mei's matter.

After listening to what she said, Zhou Qing Bai uttered: "You think he's good, then it's fine."

"You trust my eyes so much?" Lin Qing He beamed and said to him.

Zhou Qing Bai's lips slightly curved and silently looked at her. Lin Qing He found that his smile was really pretty, even though he rarely smiled.

"If I guess right, Xiao Mei will probably marry this year. We don't have much stuff but at that time, we'll add a new quilt to her dowry." Lin Qing He pondered.

In this period, a new quilt was an excellent product. What's more, it displayed how great the relationship was between two sisters-in-law. Otherwise, which sister-in-law will give such a quilt?

"You decide." Zhou Qing Bai didn't interfere with these things at home.

Lin Qing He hugged his waist and commented, "You have lost a lot of weight during this time."

She nurtured him so well in the winter, fat and strong. Now, they were about to enter the summer days and he had clearly lost weight.

"I haven't." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head, only got strong.

"Wife, have you recovered yet?" Zhou Qing Bai's voice became hoarse again.

Lin Qing He coughed dryly and replied, "That thing of mine hasn't left yet."

Zhou Qing Bai sighed out a breath. Lin Qing He giggled as she pulled his cheeks, "Why are you so improper now?"

When have I been proper to you?

Zhou Qing Bai raised an eyebrow, his eyes revealed this message.

Lin Qing He understood it and responded with a faint smile: "When you first came back, you were. I told you to go to sleep next door. Didn't you agree so readily? I thought you had no interest in me."

Zhou Qing Bai became helpless.

How can it be said like this? His biggest wish when he came back was that she could peacefully live.

Human's desire will always get bigger and bigger. Although she had a bad temper, her care for him had no lacking. Although she was still lukewarm to him in that while, he can feel that she was different from before.

So he didn't know when he started to want to be close to her.

"Hurry up and sleep. Next month is the summer harvest. Instead of conserving strength, you want to toss around," Lin Qing He urged.

Zhou Qing Bai hugged her as he dozed off.

It was now May.

In May, the weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the loach and ricefield eel came out in the field.

As Zhou Qing Bai busied away, he would bring some back from time to time. It wasn't just him, Da Wa, the lad liked to catch loach.

He carried a bucket in joy. Both Er Wa and San Wa followed too. Because the water was not deep and it was all in the mud ditch, Lin Qing He had let them be. But she did warn Da Wa to keep an eye on his little brothers from time to time. Da Wa was quite responsible.

The loach that was brought back was raised in clear water for one night and can be eaten the next day.

It was loach and tofu, or iron-plated loach, or braised loach. Including Zhou Qing Bai, who didn't like the earthy taste, they all loved with these dishes.

In a blink, it was early June.

The summer harvest will begin at the end of this month.

But in the past few days, it was raining. And it was pretty big.

"Will this affect the summer harvest?" Lin Qing He asked.

"No." Zhou Qing Bai stayed at home as he didn't need to work on rainy days.

"It's great that it won't, otherwise we won't have anything to eat. We're counting on this crop." Lin Qing He remarked.

But God was doing his beautiful work. It had been pouring for seven-eight days. In mid-June, it started to clear up.

What's more, it was hot sunny days.

The summer harvest's horn sounded until the end of June.

On such important days like Summer Harvest, the whole village was going to participate, except for Lin Qing He. Da Wa and Er Wa joined in, as they could also get points for collecting wheat.

Lin Qing He managed the domestic animals at home, then prepared meals and brought it over with San Wa once it was done. The whole family had a picnic under the tree.

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