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Chapter 79. Slight stutter

Truth to be told, Zhou Xiao Mei found a match in this while.

"He's just a little bit older. Twenty-nine this year. The only children in his family. His parents are gone and owned a house. He's quite honest, but only got a little stutter."

"A little stuttering?" Lin Qing He looked at her.

"En, it's just a little stuttering, it's not very severe. His uncle is the director of the textile factory, while he is the leader of a group in the textile factory." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded.

"Twenty-nine is not too big, and his condition isn't bad. How come he hasn't married yet?" Lin Qinghe looked at her.

"He's healthy, no illness at all. It's just because of his stutter and people believed his life is hexed as his parents are both dead. What's more, he got no brother and sister to back him up, just an uncle." Zhou Xiao Mei explained.

Even though this era was worn out, there are still some beliefs.

He stuttered, parentless, and was the only son at home. So even if he had a house and a job, the girls in the city would show disdain.

As for the rural girl, he didn't really fancy the other side, so it was like this until now.

"How did you two met?" Lin Qing He asked.

The food factory was a bit away from the textile factory.

"I had a day off, right? I went out shopping when I was idle. At the park, I bump into two dirty men and he intervened and scared them away." Zhou Xiao Mei confessed a little embarrassedly.

Lin Qing He nodded and said, "How long have you known him?"

"Half a month. I went to see a movie with him yesterday. On the way back to the dormitory, he told me that he wanted to match up with me and hope I agree." Zhou Xiao Mei's cheek slightly flushed.

Lin Qing He checked if he knew about her rural background?

Zhou Xiao Mei said she had mentioned it. The other said that he did not care about these and liked her for who she was.

"At this current time, he should be off work. Let's go, take me over to have a look." Lin Qing He directed.

Feeling extremely shy, Zhou Xiao Mei still agreed to.

She trusted her fourth sister-in-law, so they went over.

It was about half an hour's journey. What a coincidence it was. When the two came over, they happened to meet Su Da Lin on a bike as he had just got off work and intend to head home.

Lin Qing He's appearance was naturally eye-catching. Many people couldn't resist glimpsing at her. The reactions weren't small, but still, Lin Qing He didn't bat an eyelid.

Zhou Xiao Mei whispered: "When I go back next time, I will tell my fourth brother that he needs to keep a good eye on you, Fourth sister-in-law." She had told her mother-in-law before. With her Fourth Sister-in-law's appearance, a lot of city folks want to marry her. Her mother didn't believe that.

"Look, that one has been watching you. Is that the one the guy you called Su Da Lin." Lin Qing He ignored that and only remarked.

Zhou Xiao Mei followed her line of sight, and it was Su Da Lin. She waved at him with a little bit of excitement as well as shyness.

Su Da Lin came over.

"Su Da Lin, this is my fourth sister-in-law." Zhou Xiao Mei introduced, and then reintroduced again to Lin Qing He: "Fourth Sister-in-law, this is Su Da Lin."

Hearing this, Su Da Lin understood at once what was going on. Even though he was 29, he felt still a little embarrassed. He nodded to Lin Qing He: "Fourth ... Fourth Sister-in-law."

"Oi, who are you calling?" Zhou Xiao Mei's face burst into redness.

Lin Qing He was also stunned.

Then Su Da Lin recognized what he did. Instantly, he flushed in embarrassment and quickly clarified: "I ... I did not... do it intentionally, I ... I just ... just ..."

When he became nervous, he stuttered even more. For a long time, he couldn't explain it properly.

"It's okay. I heard my Guzi mention about you and specifically came over to thank you for your righteous intervention last time. I had told my Guzi to go out alone less." Lin Qing He nimbly responded.

Su Da Lin nodded.

"There's nothing else. I will take my Guzi away first. She will have a day off tomorrow." Lin Qing He finished and led Zhou Xiao Mei away.

Su Da Lin saw how she spoke a few words and left with Zhou Xiao Mei, became downcast at once.

His performance was terrible just now. He felt that Xiao Mei's Fourth Sister-in-law must be discontent with himself.

He headed straight to his uncle's house.

"Da Lin, you're here. You got a day off tomorrow. Aren't you going to take your match to the movie tonight? Aunt can tell you, your match is a good catch. She got many brothers and sisters, so she's suitable for you." His aunt grinned.

His Uncle nodded too. He was quite satisfied with Zhou Xiao Mei.

"Aunt, I ... might have blown... blown it." Su Da Lin uttered in frustration.

Both his uncle and his aunt were shocked: "What?"

Su Da Lin sighed. So he stuttered as he recalled Lin Qing He bringing Zhou Xiao Mei over to thank him. After a few words, she took Zhou Xiao Mei away.

His uncle and his aunt exchanged a glance and asked, "Was there anything else said?"

"No ... no." Su Da Lin shook his head. When his uncle and his aunt couldn't help but show their regrets, he remembered: "Said ... Said Xiao Mei will have a day off ...tomorrow"

"What's the point of saying that," his uncle responded.

While his aunt was delighted as soon as she heard it: "Da Lin, you still have hope. I think her sister-in-law is quite satisfied with you."

"What ... what?" Su Da Lin froze.

"Yeah, what does that mean?" His uncle followed up.

"If she's not satisfied, how can her sister-in-law mention that her Guzi doesn't have to go to work tomorrow. Isn't this hinting you to go find her when you have time?" His aunt explained.

"Really ... really?" Su Da Lin couldn't help uttering.

"How can you two men understand us, women's thoughts? There's no mistake in listening to me. Take a leave tomorrow and take Xiao Mei around for fun. In addition, you got to promise to Xiao Mei, that us three won't be short a single thing on the wedding present and guarantee to let her marry you in a magnificent style, " his aunt said.

"Okay ... Okay." Su Da Lin, as a big man, was a bit abashed at the mention of this matter.

As this side conversed, Lin Qing He had also talked to Zhou Xiao Mei about it on the other side.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, are you dissatisfied with Su Da Lin? He's usually not this bad. It's probably because he saw me bring my family over and got too nervous to speak." Zhou Xiao Mei uttered.

"Look how anxious you are." Lin Qing He chuckled and said to her.

Zhou Xiao Mei was taken aback: "Fourth Sister-in-law didn't look down on him?"

"Did I tell you, the first criterion for choosing a spouse is that their parents are dead and have a car and a house. Sure, he's not a smooth talker. But I've checked him for you. This person isn't bad. It's your problem now. Have you considered that after marrying him, you have to be prepared for some long-tongue women who will talk about you marrying such a stutter?" Lin Qing He observed her.

"Whoever dares to criticize Da Lin, I'll tear her mouth!" Zhou Xiao Mei reacted immediately.

Lin Qing He grinned and spoke, "You have to consider these carefully. Dress up pretty tomorrow. He will probably ask for leave to take you out to play."

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