Chapter 1049: Girlfriend Worships Someone Else

Yet, Lin Yi just killed Yu Bide and crippled Uncle Pi right away!

Yufeng understood that if he were to kill Lin Yi today, it still wouldn’t be too serious if he didn’t have a terrifying power backing him up- but if he did, then House Yu would be in danger!

If the hidden House Yu dind’t step out for them, then the common House Yu would be in a terrible situation!

With that thought, he gritted his teeth, “Alright, Wang Congming, give him five million!”

Chentian didn’t actually mean what he said- he only said that to start off the bargain with a huge price, waiting for Yufeng to try and push it down- his bottom line was five hundred thousand, since that was how much the car cost- he didn’t even licence it yet, so he wouldn’t lose anything!

But who knew that this idiot Yufeng would just say yes! He was overjoyed at the thought of his heroism scaring the enmemy into submission just like that!

Yufeng transferred five million to Chentian’s account, and went back to school with his two followers, troubled.

He didn’t understand- back in Yanjing, when he was in school… He was the god of his school! He didn’t even need to wave his Yu name around, nor did he need to use qi, and yet he was the center point of everything in that school!

He could have anything he wanted, and with girls, he basically only needed to wag his finger, and if he really had to, he could just use money! Nothing would fail!

Yet in Songshan everything was different!

His handsomeness didn’t help him, since the girls here all seemed to have something wrong with them, liking the tough type like Lin Yi instead of the pretty boy type like him. What was with that? And the girls here didn’t seem to like money as well, taking away all his advantages!

“Lin Yi, just you wait- after I learn about your background, I’ll have your life! Your girls, as well, I’ll take them all and lock them up in my bedroom!” Yufeng said, pissed.

“Yeah, that Lin Yi is simply too much of an asshole! We need to kill him sooner or later!” Congming said.

Meanwhile, Chentian’s Audi TT was all messed up, and he couldn’t drive it. He had to get in Jingyi’s car!

“Jingyi, I’ll go by your car then?” Chentian said embarrassedly. “This won’t start anymore!”

Jingyi, of course, didn’t want to let Chentian sit in her car, but she couldn’t let him go to Lin Yi’s either, since the two were even more strangers compared to her. And she didn’t even know if Lin Yi had a car, since she didn’t know that the Beetle was his.

“Lin Yi, you take the co-driver seat,” Jingyi said to Lin Yi after some hesitation.

Since Chentian had to go in her car, she had to make sure he wouldn’t be sitting right next to her!

Lin Yi had been focusing on Yufeng and Chentian earlier, and did Jingyi speak did he turn his eyes to her- he felt his eyes freshen up at the sight!

The person in front of her was Sun Jingyi, but she was a much younger and youthful version! The makeup she had on from before was the mature type, making herself seem mature… But this was her true face!

The Jingyi now looked around as old as Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao, at most she’d be one or two years older!

Xiaoxiao looked at Jingyi and looked at Lin Yi, frowning. What was her relationshuip with Lin Yi, how come she was asking him to sit on the co-driver’s seat? Was she here to mess her relationship with Lin Yi up?

Xiaoxiao didn’t want to be fighting a love rival again, since she didn’t know how many days she had left! There’d be no love for her to enjoy if she fought all the time! She’d just managed to get on friendly terms with Tang Yin and Yushu, and just got out of the conflict between them- where did this Sun Jingyi come from?

“Lin Yi, honey, what’s your relationship with this little pretty girl?” Xiaoxiao whispered in his ear.

“Little pretty girl?” Lin Yi blinked, finding the nickname funny, “It’s nothing, but we’re fake lovers in front of Chentian.”

“Oh…” Xioaxiao calmed down once she heard they were pretending to be lovers. From her angle, as long as it didn’t threaten her position with Lin Yi as small wife, then it didn’t matter what his relationship with Jingyi was!

And since they were only fake lovers, she didn’t need to worry about fighting Jingyi!

She agreed at that thought, “Then you take the co-driver seat then!”

“You’ll sit with Wu Chentian at the back then?” Lin Yi paused, not expecting such generosity.

“Of course! That idiot just got five million, five million! I need to find some way to get some from him, and then we’d be in a very good position indeed!” Xiaoxiao grinned.

“Hah…” Lin Yi smiled. Five million really wasn’t much to him, but since Xiaoxiao was so enthusiastic he naturally wouldn’t stop her from scamming people.

“Iron Fist big bro, it’s been so long since I talked to you! Let’s sit at the back, you can tell me your heroic deeds!” Xiaoxiao waved at Chentian with a smile, her eyes narrowing into lines as she put on a face of worship!

Chentian was quite troubled that Jingyi would give that seat to Lin Yi, but Xiaoxiao’s words put a smile on his face! If she really were to sit with him at the back and helped him look cool, then that’d be great! Much better than him sitting at the front!

At the thought, he nodded, “Alright, I’ll tell you all about it, about what happened!”

Jingyi looked at Xiaoxiao, frowning. This girl- was she Lin Yi’s admirer or Chentian’s admirer? Why was she treating Chentian with such passion right in front of Lin Yi?”

“She’s your girlfriend?” Jingyi asked softly, looking at Lin Yi.

“Yeah…” Lin Yi didn’t deny it. Since he had accepted her, he naturally treated her as his girlfriend.

“Oh? But, she seems to really like Wu Chentian?” Jingyi reminded him.

“Does she? Haha, you’ll see later,” Lin Yi knew that Jingyi had good intentions, so he wasn’t irritated or anything.

“Oh…” Jingyi said, deep in thought as she looked at that innocent face on Xiaoxiao.

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