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Almost for the first time, Kun Shaoyu and others moved. They could not control their anger and hatred.


Kunshaoyu's figure shows, behind which emerges a huge Kunpeng saint, supporting the northern underworld and covering the sky.

His power then soared, breaking through the air to kill, every punch, traction Zhou Xu momentum, so that all sides of the mountains and rivers tremble, arrogant.

True kunfu shaking method!

This kind of supreme inheritance and cultivation to the extreme is enough to shatter the stars and the universe, completely break away from the shackles of the world order, and support Zhou Xu.


Candle in the sky, purple eyes like electricity, hands in the void a row, in the void, purple thunderstorms like the sea, if the catastrophe comes, the atmosphere of destruction is overwhelming.


In the fierce dry lips, a white rainbow suddenly burst out. If you look carefully, it is a shining flying sword. Its body is like a shuttle, and it emits hundreds of millions of flames and light rain, burning the sky and destroying the earth.

At the same time, huahongxiao and xueqingyi also took part in their own way.

At that moment, it was like the presence of five overlords. The atmosphere of terror covered an area of 8000 feet, making the mountains and rivers pale.

Only Shi POHAI was seriously injured, so we should avoid him and take time to recover.


Lintian's black hair was flying, and his black eyes were full of blazing light.

At this moment, his fighting spirit suddenly broke out. His body was like a flood furnace in troubled times. His whole body was boiling and burning, melting as one, showing the meaning of perfection.

An indescribable threat of terror also spread from him. If the demon from the abyss awakens at this moment.


With his body as the center, the void collapses in disorder, and seems unable to bear its power.

"Today, no one dares to honor Lin when he is killed in the battlefield of nine regions!"

In the cold and indifferent voice, Lintian stepped out of the air, did not dodge, pushed forward, and a great abyss floated and sank behind him, which seemed to engulf the eternal green sky.


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A fist, and the first to rush to the kunshaoyu collision, just like a head of Kun and the boundless abyss in a moment together, Daoguang roaring, Shenxia cover the sky.

Kun Shaoyu's body shook and staggered back, his face changed.


But Lintian had already spread his arms and hit with a fist, which was as powerful as destroying the purple thunderstorm in the sky.

As soon as the candle shines in the sky and the body is stiff, the purple thunderstorm is the highest inheritance of the candle dragon's pulse, which is called "Zixiao Wanjie scripture". Once it is put into practice, the purple air comes from the East, and the thunderstorm is as angry as anger. It has the power of destroying the heaven and the earth. It is one of the four classics of the ancient Yin Jue.

But now, he was blown away by Lintian!

All of this did not end. Lintian, who was bathed in the raging thunder, pointed out again and played down it lightly.

Suddenly, a clean flying sword came out and stabbed Lintian's throat!

But under Lintian's finger, even if he was in front of the attack, it was like a boundary.

Far away!

With the change of Lintian's finger power, it turned into spring and autumn in a flash. With a roar, the shining flying sword was hit hard.

In a flash, lieqian's body, which was connected with Feijian's spirit, was so miserable that he almost coughed up blood.


At this time, Lintian's body burst out of a torrent of thirty-three sword Qi, such as a vast ocean of sword Qi sweeping across the sky, and swept away toward xueqingyi and huahongxiao.

In a flash, the light and rain burst out, and the scream came out. The attack of xueqingyi and xueqingyi was defeated. They were all like duckweeds, whose bodies were shot out.

In a flash, Lintian successively used a fist to shake the sky, Da Yan to break the empty finger, and 33 Epee to break through all the sieges and beat back the five leaders!

The arrogant posture and overwhelming power shocked the whole audience.

"How can it be?"

"Compared with the battle of heiyahai, his accomplishments have broken through again!"

"He has begun to refine his Dharma!"

"Damn it

Kun Shaoyu and others looked very dignified. No matter how angry they were, the terror of Lintian's power made them tremble.

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It's so strong!

They looked at each other and went out again.

This time, they all sacrificed the means of pressing the bottom of the box, or performing the peerless Taoist method, or waving the holy treasure of shocking lethality.


For a moment, in the mountains and rivers, Shenhui roared like thunder, resounding through nine days and ten places, and the mighty blazing light swept across the world.

Among the five leaders in various fields, Lin Xun was one of them. Each of them was the overlord in the holy land of juetong. We can imagine the terror of their fighting power.

However, Lintian's power was also shocking. Although he was alone, his power was as powerful as the sun in the sky.

Their figures, from the sky to the earth, move between the mountains and rivers. Where they pass, the clouds burst, the void collapsed, and the terrible light swept across the universe.Some fairies and ghosts, who are comparable to the saints at the top of the mountain, were killed by the aftershocks of the battle before they could escape!

This battle can be regarded as the most unprecedented summit since the opening of the nine regions battle, which is enough to shake the past and shine the present and amaze the world.

Whether it is placed in the ancient wasteland or in the other eight areas, it is bound to cause world shaking and attract attention!

It should be noted that for countless monks, the true holy land is enough to look up to the existence, to look up to the mountains and rivers, to dominate the country, and to be powerful.

The supreme sage is the existence that many true saints have to bow their heads to respect.

For the saints of jiuyu juetong, such peerless figures as Lintian, Kun Shaoyu, zhuyingkong and xueqingyi are the overlord standing on the top of this realm. Just like the master, they all have to respect and look up to them!

The battle that broke out at this time is the battle like the supreme overlord in the level of the true holy land. Naturally, such influence is unusual.

Such a duel, I do not know how many years to see once!

"This guy is just a monster. He can be compared with those monsters on the old star road..."

He had been far away from the war situation. When he saw Lintian's arrogant figure, he felt chilly and frightened.

He once heard that on the ancient road of the starry sky, there are many peerless figures who are so terrible that they can't be measured by common sense, and they are regarded as the strongest real saints "under the starry sky and above the top".

Before, Shi Po Hai didn't believe it, but when he saw Lintian at the moment, he faintly felt that the rumor might not be true.

In this world, there are really monsters that can't be measured by common sense!

Just like Lintian, he walked out of the barren and desolate ancient wasteland. At the beginning, no one paid attention to him, and no one knew his name.

In less than two years, however, he rose up in an unparalleled manner, shaking the eight regions' camp. I don't know how many top saints were killed in his hands. No one could be surprised by his fierce and invincible demeanor?

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"If he doesn't die, sooner or later, he will become a common trouble of the eight regions."

I dare not even think that with Lintian's deep knowledge and talent, what terrible power he should control when he seeks the way of the great emperor.

At that time, who among the nine realms can compete with the enemy?


Suddenly, Shi Po Hai's face changed slightly and his figure flashed.


In his original position, a sword like nothingness appeared. When the sword disappeared, Xiaoyin's figure appeared. His clothes were better than snow, and his face was beautiful and cold.

On its shoulders, the butterfly flapped its wings, and its breath was cool and frightening.

"All of them are seriously injured and dying, and they still have such alert consciousness and instinct. They are worthy of being one of the eight unique talents of Qingming."

Little silver tut tut.

"The tiger was bullied by the dog when the sun was falling..."

In his heart, Shi Po Hai sighed and felt a kind of anger and shame. When he was in the peak state, he would have slapped each other to death.

"It's a pity that you are doomed this time!"

When he spoke, Xiaoyin attacked again, as if invisible.


Stone breaks the sea, no longer care to heal, fighting hard.

What makes his head as big as a fight is that with the cooperation of Xiaoyin and the split heaven devil butterfly, he is like a Tathagata assassin who has no shadow and no trace.

Just a moment, Shi Po Hai was injured!

He was injured too much, and his opponent was a descendant of God eating insects, a descendant of heaven splitting devil butterflies, one was bigger than the other, with extraordinary talent. After juetong became a saint, he was no longer comparable to the ordinary juetong saints.

In its heyday, Shi had the means to suppress each other, but now

It's in danger!

But in the distance, Kun Shaoyu and other five people jointly attack, they can't suppress Lin Xun's edge at all, and they can't extricate themselves to rescue him.

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This makes Shi Po Hai feel cold and sad. Is it Are you going to die in the hands of two bugs today?

At the same time, Kun Shaoyu and others are also more frightened by the Vietnam War!

Lintian's momentum became stronger and stronger, which made them more and more pressure. If not for the five people's full cooperation, I'm afraid he would have been defeated by each of them.


All of a sudden, Lintian gave a light drink, and the broken blade suddenly came out, just like a streamer tearing the shackles of the universe.


A bloody head is thrown up in the air. Hua Hongxiao, the leader of dongsang ancient region, is cut off by the cutting edge.

Before his headless body fell down, he was smashed and blasted by the terrible battle wave.

At the end of his life, his eyes were full of anger and loss, and he seemed to be unable to believe it.

And this bloody scene of death, like a heavy hammer, hit Kun Shaoyu and other people's heart, make them completely chilly.

Five people join hands!

Why can't they have this tusk?

At this moment, their fighting spirit was shaken!

Anyone who can become a leader of a region has a strong will, an iron mood, and is used to big storms.Even if they were trapped in a thousand ghosts array before, their fighting spirit was not shaken.

But now, in the front of the hard shake, in the case of five people together, Lintian took the opportunity to kill one person, this kind of blow is undoubtedly too heavy.

They are full of anger and hatred, at the moment is also replaced by a chill, cold body!


Is this tusk invincible in this situation?


Before long, an earth shaking roar resounded, and endless sword Qi rushed out of the infinite bottle on the road, just like an avalanche, pointing straight at lieqian.

Sword spirit, spread all over the mountains and rivers!

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