Chapter 1048: Enduring

One had to admit that Lin Yi could really be a jerk if he wanted to, even more so than Yushu or Xiaoxiao.

He used to be an assassin, and that meant that he killed with any means necessary. Other than assassinations, framing others and laying traps was also part of the skillset for the highest caliber killers. If it was possible to off someone using another’s hands, it would be quite preferable as well.

Lin Yi pretty much understood the situation at this point. Yufeng’s Lambo was destroyed, and Chentian’s Audi just happened to be parked in the spot that Yufeng’s car was parked in- of course he’d think that Chentian was repsonsible for what happened.

Yufeng thought that the Audi was Xiaoxiao’s as well, since she was the only one with an Audi in school- and so without a doubt he decided that it was Xiaoxiao who destroyed his car!

And so, since he didn’t want to let Lin Yi know about his strength, he dind’t dare break his car since that’d cause truoble with him, deciding to settle on Xiaoxiao’s car instead. Yet Xiaoxiao didn’t even drive to school today, she came in Lin Yi’s car- the Audi here was Chentian’s!

Just what strength levels were these two at? Lin Yi understood very clearly- if these two were to fight, the one to suffer would most definitely be Chentian!

But he couldn’t let Chentian take a big loss right now. In comparison, he hated Yufeng more, and Chentian even wanted to buy Xiaoxiao and him lunch! Lunch would disapear if he got hurt.

So Lin Yi quickly opened his mouth, instantly forcing Yufeng to suck back his qi, his face contorting in helplessness and pain!

“Wow, Iron Fist Bro, are you going to perform your iron fist techniques? Use that to beat this guy, it’s time for you to show your heroism!” Xiaoxiao cheered as he saw the two in a standoff. She actually didn’t want Iron Fist Wu to lose this one, since he was going to buy her lunch. She still wanted to eat that feast that was promised!

“Really?” Chentian was quite happy at he words- this girl sure was smart, helping his act of coolness! It seemed that buying her lunch a couple more times wouldn’t be a loss at all! His image of a hero would be solidified as long as she was with him, and Jingyi would fall in love with him too!

“Yeah, like in those TV shows, the main character usually is always someone like you, right now it’s time for you to show off your strength as the main character! Get him!” Xiaoxiao edged on.

Yufeng was quite an annoying person, and Xiaoxiao hated him! Her time was already limited in this world, and she still wanted to experience friendship and love! This Yufeng kept butting in and causing trouble for everyone, and she didn’t have enough of lifeforce left to deal with that! So, as far as she was concorned, the best thing that could happen here was if Chentian broke him, putting him in the hospital for a year or so. That’d be to her favor, since she’d be dead by the time he came out! He wouldn’t even be able to have revenge, and that fact might piss him off so much that he could get sent back to the hospital again!

“Okay, no problem! Watch how I punish this little bastard!” Chentian said, excited and filled with adrenaline by her words. He raised his hand at Yufeng.

Yufeng’s eyes were filled with toxic rage- he loathed Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao! These two just had to come at this critical moment, and they did it all the time! Was it on purpose?

This car incident seemed like a trap- did they set it on purpose?

But Yufeng had no choice, and he was of sound mind- he had to improvise even though this might be a trap!

He had to hold in his rage- time would come for him to have his revenge!

With that, he took a deep breath and looked at Chentian. “Brother, how much is the car- I’ll pay you back!”

“Pay me back? You think I look like someone without money?” Chentian raged. He was trying to act cool- if he were to pay him back then how was he supposed to look cool? He naturally couldn’t just let this go, and so he started his iron fist techniques and burst them onto Yufeng’s body!

Yufeng felt so wronged and humiliated!! He was the young master of House Yu, House Yu! It had only been two days since he came to Songshan, and he’d already gotten beaten up twice!

What were the people around Lin Yi? Why were they all people like this?!

Yufeng had no time to think- the fist was already hitting him, so he had to protect his vitals and crouch on the ground, not daring to resist- Lin Yi couldn’t know about his strength!

Lin Yi!! He swore that he would one day return the humiliation a hundred fold!!

After beating on Yufeng a while, Chentian stopped, thinking that there was no point beating a dead man that didn’t fight back. It wouldn’t be heroic. And so, he gave him a kick, “You dead yet? If not then get up and pay up!”

Yufeng was a Mystic early phase peak, after all- of course he wouldn’t faint from just a golden class early phase physical practitioner. He took a deep breath and endured his rage, “How much?”

“Five million!” Chentian spat out.

“Wha?!” Yufeng froze. Five million for one Audi? What the hell, that could buy you ten!!

“Hurry up! Or do you want to get beaten up again? Don’t have enough, huh?” Chentian glared.

“You fuc-…” Yufeng really couldn’t take it anymore. This was a damned golden class early phase physical practitioner, who the hell did he think he was, talking to him like this? He really had the urge to burst his strength out and killed this person, and do the same to Lin Yi if he were to intervene!

Even if Lin Yi’s supporters that had backed him came out, he could just say that he didn’t know Lin Yi’s strength, and that all this was caused by a tragic car accident that incited the conflict- you couldn’t blame someone who didn’t know, could you? He didn’t even do it on purpose, and it was not him who started hitting people!

Congming jumped when he saw that Yufeng was about to show his strength. He ran over and grabbed his hand, “Master Xie, endure! We need to endure!”

“Fuu…” Yufeng took a deep breath. He was too hasty. These things weren’t settled by just saying ‘I didn’t know.’ After all, House Xiao and House Yu could also say that they didn’t know when they had bullied Chu Pengzhan- who knew that he had someone like Lin Yi supporting him?

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