Chapter 78. Rosy

Apparently, Zhou Qing Bai had not reached that level.

Farm work was hard work, but he can still do it and he recovered a lot after returning home for a meal.

However, pig food was still cooked by Lin Qing He. Zhou Qing Bai carried it over and fed it, and then cleaned the pigsty and chicken coop as well. This was what he had to do every day.

Witnessing his uncomplaining attitude, Lin Qing He felt that she was unconscientious, as she only took charge of three meals a day and ignored the rest.

But what can she do? She got a fortunate life.

Unconscionable women generally had a good life. She was almost like that.

Of course, the hard-working and capable women were the same, but they just had it harder. People were different and their existence was for a reason.

The existence of a woman like her meant that it was reasonable.

The husband and wife were preoccupied till seven o'clock, very fast.

It was getting dark later now. At this time, the lights were just turned on and Zhou Qing Bai went out.

The three children studied, Lin Qing He worked on the shoes while keeping supervision. It was only around 7:30 when Zhou Qing Bai came back. He had something to discuss with the branch secretary.

Lin Qing He motioned to him to rest first. Zhou Qing Bai stood there unmoving, obviously waiting for her.

Da Wa and Er Wa started to wiggle their eyebrows. Lin Qing He glared: "You two are drawing your eyes? Hurry, do your homework. Once done, blow out the light and go to sleep. To do your homework when it's not bright outside, don't you know that foreign oil is expensive?"

"From tomorrow onward, do it once you get off from school. Don't eat until you finish." Zhou Qing Bai felt that his elder son had disturbed his private time for two, so he said solemnly.

Da Wa's face turned bitter. He wanted to say something but couldn't beat this couple and could only say that he would write it earlier tomorrow.

After writing, he memorized another poem. Only then Lin Qing He let him off.

She had him and Er Wa to prepare to sleep.

Lin Qing He came back with San Wa and chatted with San Wa for a while. The kid spoke very smoothly now and was also a chatterbox.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't find his youngest son bothersome. Sure enough, after playing for almost half an hour, San Wa began to yawn. When he yawned, he immediately fell asleep.

Lin Qing He got pulled over by Zhou Qing Bai.

"Don't mess, you've been busy all day. Go to bed early." Lin Qing He whispered.

"Not tired." Zhou Qing Bai flipped to the top.

Lin Qing He could only make another excuse and uttered, "I'm not better yet."

"Just once, I'll be gentler." Zhou Qing Bai maintained.

What happened proved that when a man says this, it was just as unreliable as saying 'I would rub, won't enter'.

In the end, Lin Qing He ended up sleeping due to exhaustion.

A satisfied Zhou Qingbai cleaned up his wife's body. At this time, it was almost ten o'clock, so it was from eight o'clock, when they got on the Kang, until now.

Zhou Qing Bai went to the kitchen to scoop the pig food to feed the pig.

This was the last meal of the day. He had to get up and cook for them at five o'clock the next morning.

Although it was only two, still can't get idle.

Even Lin Qing He dozed off in exhaustion, she did not forget the agreement with Mei Jie. She got up when it was nearly three o'clock.

"It's still early." Zhou Qing Bi woke up at once and hugged her.

"I have to get the pork." Lin Qing He explained.

"Now?" Zhou Qing Bai frowned.

"When else? It's better to go now." Lin Qing He said.

Although it was a little early, it was the time of deep nightly stillness. Perfect to go to the slaughterhouse to get the meat.

Zhou Qing Bai declared: "I will go with you."

"No need. I can go by myself." Lin Qing He refused: "Quickly sleep, and you have to head to work tomorrow morning."

But Zhou Qing Bai had risen to get dressed.

No matter what Lin Qing He said, it was useless. She could only let him follow.

The truth was, it was a little scary for her to come out at night alone.

Zhou Qing Bai brought her over. Lin Qing He carried a basket over to handle the transaction with Mei Jie's man Old Chen Ge, and then came back.

"Not going to the county city?" Zhou Qing Bai gave her an inquisitive look.

"Don't need to. I have another plan." Lin Qing He casually answered.

Zhou Qing Bai stared at her. Lin Qing He responded: "You can rest assured, I won't take risks. A couple should have more trust, you know?"

Zhou Qing Bai chuckled. His bold woman can justify everything. When he took her home, it was only after four o'clock.

Zhou Qing Bai did not plan to go back to bed anymore. He wanted to go to cook the pig food, but he went to bed so late last night and got up at three. Now it was only what time?

"I'll feed the pigs tomorrow morning. Hurry back to sleep." Lin Qing He ordered.

"Can't sleep," Zhou Qing Bai shook his head.

"You have to sleep for me even if you can't," Lin Qing He glared.

Zhou Qing Bai pulled her to sleep together. Then the restless man came again. This time was a little long. The sky started to brighten up outside. Lin Qing He couldn't help pinching him: "Look what good deed you have done!"

"Sleep." Zhou Qing Bai kissed her in content and got up to cook pig food by himself.

Lin Qing He washed the sesame seeds and cooked the ribs and sesame congee on the stove. Last night, there was some cornmeal mantou left. She'll steam it in a bit to eat as well.

It went without saying, she went to the backyard to pick the vegetables.

But even so, in the end, he was sleep-deprived. When Zhou Qing Bai returned at noon, his looks obviously displayed excess exertion.

"Serve you right." Lin Qing He didn't feel distressed. She snorted before ignoring him. She took her three sons to sleep next door and left him alone.

Zhou Qing Bai was a bit helpless, but he did feel strained when working this morning.

So this time he wasn't going to be cocky. After taking a shower and eating lunch, he went back to the room to rest.

It was a lie to say Lin Qing He wasn't distressed. But she had to let him know that he couldn't do whatever he wants with his young physical strength. It wasn't just demanding, every day he had so much work to do, so how can he do as he like?

But fortunately, she arranged with Mei Jie to get the meat once every three days, so it wasn't necessary to get up in the middle of the night tonight.

Lin Qing He still made a good meal for him in the evening. She had him finish with the pigsty and go to bed early.

Zhou Qing Bai was not the kind to easily admit defeat. He finally grasped the meat, how can he be satisfied so quickly?

Lin Qing He was unable to rein him in. Fortunately, he didn't go too far tonight, it was finished in an hour.

Even so, Lin Qing He still sweated.

Since she was with Zhou Qing Bai, Lin Qing He found that her skin improved again.

It was truly rosiness from yin and yang harmonization from the inside to outside.

Lin Qing He was very satisfied when she saw it.

When she headed to the county city to rid of the pork, she passed by the food factory on the way to see Zhou Xiao Mei. Zhou Xiao Mei couldn't be anymore envious when she saw it: "Sister-in-law, your skin is too good!"

"Actually, it's okay." Lin Qing He coughed dryly, and then diverted: "How have you been recently?"

Initially, she was just asking, but Zhou Xiao Mei unexpectedly became shy as soon as she said this, looks like there was something up.

"Got a match?" Lin Qing He asked with raised eyebrows.

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