Green skirt women's voice just fell, a simple move.

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On the sky, suddenly came a dazzling blue thunder, which was different from before. In an instant, this thunder condensed into a clumsy and obscure seal.

Green wood God thunder seal!

Just a look from a distance makes Kun Shaoyu and others feel numb. If they are in the face of disaster, their hearts will tremble.

Is this girl invincible in this situation?

Otherwise, how could it have such terrible power? A light blow makes people feel cold!

Lintian's black eyes were cold and angry.

Originally, he didn't intend to tear up his face with the other party, but this woman is good. She will fight at once, aggressive!

With the movement of Lintian's Qi, the lion dragon seal emerged. It was completely integrated with the mystery of robbing the dragon. It was just a big seal, but it was like a real lion dragon beast. It had the power of tearing up mountains and rivers and killing the universe.


In the terrible sound of collision, the heaven and earth are shaken, just like the collision of two ancient sacred mountains.

In a flash, the figures of the green skirt woman and Lintian were all in a flash.

Then, their eyes collided in the void, and they both took a sharp opportunity to kill each other.

"This fairy, can I help you?"

Suddenly, Kun Shaoyu spoke in a loud voice.

Xueqingyi and zhuyingkong both nodded. It would be better if they could take this opportunity to kill Lintian with the help of the green skirt woman.

"Well! It's just a thief. Why do you need help? "

Green skirt woman is very beautiful, immortal muscle God bone, the bearing is peerless, stands by the void, that kind of beauty makes the mountains and rivers all pale.

But she is very proud and cold, from beginning to end, showing a kind of supreme, overlooking the group of Lun like posture.

Even words do not hide that kind of domineering taste.

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No doubt, she has absolute self-confidence and inside information, will develop this kind of bearing.

This makes Kun Shaoyu and others look sluggish and angry, but they dare not say anything more. They all see that this mysterious woman is extremely difficult to provoke.

"Er Deng is the leader of a region, a figure of eight unique levels of Qingming. Now it's very good. First, he was killed by Lin and ran away in a panic. Now he even shows his gallantry to a woman regardless of face. Is he really not going to show his face?"

Lintian in the distance laughed, and his words were full of ridicule and contempt.

How can he not see that Kun Shaoyu and others want to use the power of women to deal with themselves? It's a pity that the woman didn't appreciate it at all.

Kun Shaoyu and others were furious and looked like water.

But Lintian was too lazy to pay attention to them. He stepped into the void, his black hair was flying, his whole body was full of force, his eyes were sharp, and he said:

"and you ugly woman, do you really think Lin was afraid of you?"

"You call me ugly?"

Green skirt woman a stay, seems to be incredible, beautiful to flawless jade appearance on the emergence of an undisguised murder.

No woman will tolerate others to call herself ugly, especially the pride of heaven like her. Even if she is placed in the clan, she is regarded as "a unique talent, like an immortal in the dust", and is respected and admired by many of her peers.

Even those antiques in zongmen regard them as treasures in their hands.

But now, he was called "ugly woman" face to face!

It's not that the girl in green skirt is not good-natured, but in her opinion, it's the most direct and insidious provocation!

"It seems that you are not only ugly, but also have a bad temper and bad ears. If I were you, I would have wiped my neck and killed myself earlier, which would save humiliation and make people laugh."

Lintian spoke calmly.


In the void, hundreds of millions of blue thunder suddenly emerge, interweave vertically and horizontally, turn into a strange and unprecedented picture, and spread out in the void.

In the picture, thunder is like the sea, green as the sky!

This is the answer of the green skirt woman. She was so angry that her pretty face was cold, and her beautiful eyes were evil. She wanted to kill Lintian, a vicious thief.

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"Get up!"

Although Lintian's words were wanton, he didn't neglect anything when he really started. He didn't hesitate to rush up. The abyss around him appeared, and his sword was roaring like a tide.

In a flash, the battle broke out in the field. Thunder and lightning were as angry as anger, and the sword was so powerful that the sky was dark and the earth was dark.

Lintian's Qi machine is like a boiling furnace. The whole person is bright and flourishing. Every hair is flowing with gorgeous light. Every blow shows a sense of perfection. The power of Lintian's Qi machine shakes the world.

But the woman in the green skirt was also surprisingly powerful. Her clothes were dancing, her body was ethereal, and her every move implied the mystery of the road.

The blue thunder and lightning, like a dragon, were picked up by her at random, stirring all over the country, and the atmosphere of destruction was overwhelming.

A man and a woman, it is at this moment staged a big duel as shocking as the past and the present.

For any other supreme saint, let alone intervene, he is only affected by those fighting forces. I'm afraid he will have to die!Kun Shaoyu and others all avoided at the first time. When they witnessed such a duel, they could not calm down and kept rolling.

I thought that they were already the leaders of a region and the top of all saints, just like the giants of the world, who could run rampant in this situation.

However, the appearance of Kelin subverts their cognition and makes them suffer a great blow. Only then can they realize that there is a kind of evil in the world that can not be measured by common sense!

At this time, it was a big blow to Kun Shaoyu and his family when they saw that this peerless woman, who was obviously not from the nine regions, had the fighting power no less than Lintian.

"This girl should be a peerless figure from the ancient star road, and only the forces on the ancient star road have such means against heaven to come to the flying immortal battle."

The candle reflected in the sky, the purple eyes ran, the God awn, the look dignified.

For the monks of the eight regions, the ancient star road is also a world standing above Qingming, which is enough for anyone to look up to.

At least in the whole nine realms, only those who can freely enter the ancient path of the starry sky are the great emperors.

There are detailed information about entering the ancient star road in Chi's imperial family, where candlelight sky is located. It is clearly said that the ancient star road stands on the nine regions, which is a vast place where emperors run rampant and powerful people gather.

Where the most powerful, powerful, enough to reflect the vast starry sky!

Xueqingyi and Kun Shaoyu could not be calm.

Among the forces behind them, they also have many secrets about the ancient star road.

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"My ancestors once said that if I could understand and create my own Dharma this time, I would open the road of taboo and send me to the ancient star road to practice. Originally I didn't care much about it, but now it seems that the place is really terrible."

Kun Shaoyu murmured softly.

He was dazzled and swayed by the green skirt girl's unique charm.

"To be sure, this woman has stepped on the road of invincibility. She has integrated her own way into one and created her own body method. It's just not clear how many such beautiful characters are on the ancient star road..."

Speaking of this, Kun Shaoyu could not help sighing.

The pursuit of the main road has always been outside the sky and there are people outside the people. It's only confined to one area. It seems that it can already overlook Qunlun, but it's very unbearable when compared with people at a higher level.

"You said that Lintian was born in the ancient wasteland, in the barren and desolate land, which was far inferior to the territory we were in. But why How could he have such an adverse force? "

Xueqingyi is very depressed.

Looking at Lintian, who was fighting with the green skirt woman, he couldn't help feeling jealous, resentful and disgusted.

Kun Shaoyu and candle Yingkong are silent.

They can't answer because even they don't understand. It's incredible. It's hard for them to accept this fact until now.


On the sky, in the fierce battle, the green skirt woman suddenly hummed: "originally, you have not really created your own method!"

"So what? It's more than enough to suppress you ugly woman. "

Lintian sneered.

At this time of fighting, he was also surprised, and realized that this woman should also take care of three ways of practice, and that the three ways are in one, and her attainments in the absolute holy land are astonishing.

Even this woman has created her own Dharma!

However, what calmed Lintian's mind was that this woman's fighting power was really terrible, but her inside information was obviously not as good as himself.

The Dharma she created is also obviously lack of fire. Although it is powerful, it can't really threaten herself.

"Thief, you should die!"

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The green skirt girl was bitten by Lin Xun's teeth. An ugly girl was very angry.


She suddenly sacrificed a bright jade plate like a big sun, round and clear, which reflected a magnificent and vast thunder world.

Big sun thunder wheel!

As soon as the treasure came out, the smell of it fluctuated, which made the nearby mountains and rivers covered with a layer of terrible smell of destruction, and the sky trembled violently.

The oppressive and dangerous atmosphere makes Kun Shaoyu and others turn pale. They all feel suffocated when they wait and see from a distance.

No doubt, this is an incredible treasure!

"Thief, I really don't think I can help you?"

The woman in green skirt is just like a fairy in charge of thunder punishment. A thunder wheel rotates, reflecting the thunder world. The air of destruction covers nine days and ten places.

At that moment, Lintian also noticed a deadly threat. His eyes were black, and he quietly sacrificed the endless tower.

"Younger martial sister Jiang Chen, the passage is about to close. Come back quickly!"

But at this time, a clear voice resounded from the sky, and then a bright vortex channel emerged.

"When I kill the thief, it's not too late to go!"

The woman in the green skirt, who was called Jiang Zhen, was willing to leave without hesitation and waved her jade hand.Shua!

The big sun thunder wheel was spinning, crushing the void into powder, whistling toward Lintian at an incredible speed.

For a moment, Kun Shaoyu and others had a tingling feeling that they could not open their eyes.

That big sun thunder wheel is too bright. When it rotates and explodes, there is endless thunder pouring out, destroying the sky and the earth. It is terrible enough to make people despair.

At this time, Lintian's whole body was creepy, and he couldn't dodge, because the gas engine had been locked firmly.

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