Chapter 1047: More Benefits

It was just that this rage had nowhere to go, he wasn’t willing to just let things be! Yufeng thought about it, “Then let’s just break Feng Xiaoxiao’s car- that Chen Yushu girl messed with us yesterday, and Feng Xiaoxiao must have had something to do with it. It must be her idea that got my car messed up, so we’ll mess hers up and warn Lin Yi!

“That’s a good idea! We’ll give Lin Yi a warning!” Congming was also thinking the same thing, “Then we’ll just destroy Feng Xiaoxiao’s car, since Lin Yi has no proof either- there’s nothing he can do to us if we don’t admit it, and it isnt even his car, just some girl’s! He won’t lose face!”

“What are we waiting for then? Do it!” Yufeng took a brick and threw it at “Feng Xiaoxiao’s” Audi TT, smashing it through the window!

WIth a smash, the entire glass plane collapsed.

Congming and Panghu got their tools as well, and started messing the car up!

The Audi TT started beeping from its alarm, but Yufeng didn’t care- the louder it got, the greater he felt! It was as if he was breathing out in relief!

“Horny bitch, this is what you get for playing hard to get! Mess my car up? I’ll mess yours up! I’ll mess it up!!” Yufeng said as he destroyed the car, “I’ll get you on my damn bed one day, you little bitch!!!”

Because the three worked together, the Audi TT lost its original shape in an instant.

Wu Chentian and Sun Jingyi were at the crossroads waiting for Lin Yi, but when the alarm sounded they looked back- and the look on Chentian’s face wasn’t pretty at all!

There were three braindead assholes messing up his new Audi TT! He exploded into a fit of rage- who did these punks think they were? This was his gift to Jingyi!!

Chentian burst into a rampage, and a couple steps later he reached in front of Congming and Panghu, as well as Yufeng… With slap, he sent his palm across the excited Yufeng’s cheek and flung him onto the ground!

Yufeng didn’t prepare for that at all, and Chentian was also a physical practitioner himself.

“My car! My beautiful car!” Chentian almost cried as he carressed his tattered Audi TT, “This was my present to Jingyi, you three bastards! I’ll kill you!!”

Chentian sent Panghu flying out with a fist, and Congming wasn’t shown mercy either. None of them were practitioners, so when they got sent flying and landed on their asses, their injuries split again!

Yufeng did not know what this Chentian was talking about- did they get the wrong car? Wasn’t this Xiaoxiao’s car??

But Yufeng was from House Yu- so what if he got the wrong car? What could anybody do to him, let alone hit him? Ridiculous!

He had already suffered plenty at the hands of Lin Yi, Yushu, and Xiaoxiao the past few days- there was no way he could let this shit pass! He jumped up and looked coldly at Chentian. He pointed at his Lambo, “Did you do that to my car?”

“Your car? That messed up car is yours?” Chentian looked at the direction he pointed. He frowned, “Why would I do that to your car?”

“Hmph, even if it isn’t you who did that to my car, I’ve already done what I did to yours. What are you going to do about it?” A cold look swept across his face, “You’re just a golden class early phase physical practitioner- who the hell do you think you are? You wanna die?”

Chentian had showed his strength just now, and so he knew what he was. He didn’t know him, however, nor did he know Jingyi- he was the trump card of House Yu, so he had never showed his face in public and never interacted with the descendants of the other houses. This was also the reason why he could hide his identity and come to Songshan. After all, keeping this a secret was paramount.

“WoW, is this the sort of thing you should be saying after what you did to my car? Do you know who I am?” Chentian didn’t expect Yufeng to be talking like this after destroying car- he was supposed to be begging for mercy, not talking big! This made him rage- he decided to use these three to show off his heroism to Jingyi!

“I don’t need to know who you are. I just need to know that you’re dead,” Yufeng started channeling his spiritual practitioner’s strength- he couldn’t hold it in anymore! He’d been enduring and enduring the whole time with Lin Yi, but he didn’t need to anymore now that these weren’t Lin Yi! It was their own fault for walking into his path! “A mere golden class early phase- let me show you the power of a Mystic class early phase peak spiritual practitioner!”

“Mystic class early peak spiritual practitioner?” Chentian froze- he felt the aura fcoming from Yufeng, it was strong! He may only be a physical practitioner, but he could feel the strength coming from spiritual practitioners, and for now he felt a big difference between them!

During their stand off, Lin Yi came over with Xiaoxiao and saw the two- he paused.

But one look at that messed up Audi TT and he understood. Yufeng must have mistaken his car for Xiaoxiao’s!

But Chentian wasn’t strong enough to take on Yufeng! It looked like Lin Yi had to help him a bit, since, in comparison, Lin Yi hated Yufeng more. Other than being a bit dumb and a bit prideful, Chentian hadn’t done much to piss him off yet.

“Wu Chentian, Xie Yufeng, you guys know each other?” Lin Yi said, as if he didn’t see the two were ready to fight.

“Fuck!” Yufeng was going mad- yes, he was pissed! What the hell was wrong with Lin Yi, he was always popping out when he didn’t want him the most! He was just about to deliver punishment to Chentian when this jerk came, forcing him to quickly hide his strength!

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