Chapter 77. It'll be strange if you're not tired.

"The past is the past. Now is now. The time has changed, right? People need to be discerning, be proud when you should be proud, but once the proud moment is over, it's time to scale back." Lin Qing He laughed lightly.

"Yeah. Now You can't be proud." Woman sniggered.

"It's better than some people have never been proud before." Lin Qing He unsmilingly smiled at her.

These words had the woman called Wang Ling changed her complexion: "What do you mean by that?"

"You don't have a brain? Is that why you can't understand? Just you are only is worthy to ridicule me? Even if my family Qing Bai retires, I don't have to do farm work. He did everything to let me enjoy the happiness at home. Do you have my kind of days? "Lin Qing He sneered.

Wang Ling was reduced to speechlessly due to anger.

"With your life, if it was me, I couldn’t live long ago. You still have face to chirp in front of me? Since your family can't afford a mirror, don't you know to piss and look at your old face with that? Near my age, you look more than ten years older than me and still have the face to come to mock me in my face. Who gave you the courage? Er Wa, tell her, what our family ate for noon." Lin Qing He said.

"Stewed pork belly and eggs accompanied by white rice. Especially tasty!" Er Wa immediately responded.

"Did you hear?" Lin Qing He threw Wang Ling a glance.

Wang Ling was already trembling with anger, but she also knew that Lin Qing He was not easy to bully. If she kept arguing, she was the one to suffer. So she turned away and left.

Several other women were also a little embarrassed. Lin Qing He didn't make trouble for them and took Er Wa and San Wa away to dig wild vegetables.

This made them breathe out in relief.

"What was Wang Ling thinking? Didn't she think twice about who to pick on for no reason? Is this person a good target to provoke." One of them muttered.

"Isn't it cause of jealousy and want to make a fool of Lin Qing He?" Another's lip twitched.

"What is there to laugh at? Even though Zhou Qing Bai retired, which woman in the village can compare with her, she has never been to the field since marrying Zhou Qing Bai." A third also interjected.

"Who could deny that? I heard that she bought meat back to eat every three days or so. She can really bear to."

"Looking at Da Wa and his brothers, you can tell. This year they have grown a lot. San Wa is almost a little fatty, like the blessed baby in the painting."


Several women were talking, as they were digging wild vegetables in this area.

As for Lin Qing He, she brought Er Wa and San Wa to forage on the other side. She dismissed Wang Ling from her mind. This person had a good relationship with Second Sister-in-law and often gossiped. As long as she didn't jab out in front of her, she won't care. This time, her guts got bigger and dare to come at her. Naturally, she won't be polite.

The mother and sons gathered wild vegetables as they played. Because the spring rain fell a few days ago and it was a light rain that fell for four-five days, Lin Qing He went up the mountain to pick mushrooms.

With Er Wa and San Wa with her, naturally, they will not go deep. They just searched for them on the edge. Still, they have found a lot.

The mother and sons came out for more than an hour, and it can be considered a hefty harvest back.

The unbroken mushrooms were put on the sieve to dry and act as spare. Those scattered and crushed, she'll fry the mushrooms tonight's dinner. They were very fresh and delicious.

The wild vegetables just need to be washed and fried. There was still some pork, ribs, and eggs leftover in the pot from lunch. At night, she'll fry two dishes. Then steam some cornmeal mantou, add a bowl of soup and it should be enough.

Lin Qing He took Er Wa and San Wa home, let them pour the water for themselves to drink, and gave them milk candy each before they run off to play.

She started cooking the pig food.

The majority of the wild vegetables were for the pigs. The pigs in her family were really well-breeded. By the end of the year on slaughter day, two hundred jins was definitely not a problem.

If they can produce two hundred jins of meat, it was definitely a big fat pig in this era, and get extra points.

And when the time comes to divide the meat, it'll be distributed to their own family.

Although the smell was a little pungent, Lin Qing He can still bear it. After all, she was only responsible for feeding. It was Zhou Qing Bai's job to clean up.

In fact, she fed them twice a day, once in the morning and once at noon. The rest was fed by Zhou Qing Bai.

Moreover, raising pigs wasn't the only source of points. If pig manure was given to the team, it will be counted as points. These were all handled by Zhou Qing Bai. Lin Qing He will never participate.

She got a man to rely on, so she won't do it. She was such a hypocritical person, needless to say she knew that in her own heart.

Otherwise, why she would care about Zhou Qing Bai, this poor man.

After feeding the pigs and watering the vegetable garden, the jobs were mostly done.

Lin Qing He washed her hands and face before entering the kitchen to see if the dough rise. It was almost there, so she didn't touch it. She took out the remaining fabric at home and made a pair of slippers for Zhou Qing Bai to wear at home.

At four o'clock, Da Wa came back from school. When he got home, he drank water and ran out to play. Lin Qing He didn't mind about the brothers heading out from time to time. As long as they finished what was assigned to them, whatever they play, she rarely interferes as long as it wasn't dangerous.

When it was almost time, Lin Qing He put all the half-complete fabric, needle, thread, and scissors away.

She headed to the kitchen and started to work on the family's dinner.

Cornmeal buns.

Lin Qing He also intends to make whole wheat bran mantou. Apparently, the kids don't like it very much. She was okay, while Zhou Qing Bai had no objection.

As the kids didn’t like it, she only made it once. But she still had to make it a few times next month. That way, they'll know how great it is to eat white mantou and cornmeal mantou.

And prevent spoiling them, and be unable to eat any bitterness.

Stepmother Lin Qing He planned it this way, while her hand swiftly prepare the ingredients for the evening.

Mushrooms don't need any pork. Just stir in a little leftover soup and it was good to eat. The wild vegetables were also very fresh. In addition, another soup was made.

It was easy to make two or three dishes. All done in a few moments.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't return until about six o'clock. Although the man suffered hardship, he never said anything. Lin Qing He could still sense a little tiredness from his eyebrows.

It'll be strange to not be tired after working for so long.

"Clean up and prepare to eat dinner." Lin Qing He said.

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai was indeed hungry.

After washing his face, hands, and feet, he came to sit down. The brothers came back according to dinner time.

After dinner, Lin Qing He told Zhou Qing Bai: "Will you find some time to go over and buy those books for me?"

"The team asked me to buy pesticides two days later. I'll bring them back to you then." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

"OK." Lin Qing He acknowledged.

She won't be young when the college entrance examination resumes, but so what? The first batch had no age limit. She will participate in the exam once when the time comes!

"You're tired. Take a rest after taking a bath. I will feed the two pigs later. The pigsty can be cleaned up tomorrow." Lin Qing He spoke in consideration for him.

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