Almost without any hesitation, Lintian turned his own power to an unprecedented level!

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With a loud drink, he waved the endless tower of the main road and broke through the empty town.

It is just like the tower body poured with divine gold. At this moment, it reflects one avenue after another. It is mysterious, vast and obscure in every stroke. It shows the supreme dignity of suppressing the four poles and calming all sides.


For a moment, the sun thunder wheel and the endless tower of the avenue were both regarded as miraculous treasures, which made the world like a turbulent picture.

Kun Shaoyu and others didn't hesitate to dodge. They were all in a state of horror. This kind of confrontation was so shocking!

Deafening roar constantly, visible to the naked eye, the mountains and rivers, the emergence of a dense rule of heaven and earth forces, to suppress the terrible aftereffects of the battle.

This is the power of the order of the heaven in the Feixian battle realm. It seems that we can't allow this kind of power to appear wantonly!


Wearing a green skirt, Jiang Jue, who is extremely beautiful, shows a look of surprise. Her most proud blow is resisted.

It should be noted that the big sun thunder wheel was not simple. It was after she created her own Dharma that she was appreciated by an emperor of zongmen and was specially given to her.

As soon as this treasure comes out, the ordinary holy treasure will be crushed in an instant, but now it is blocked by a pagoda!

At the same time, Lintian's brow also suddenly rose, showing the color of condensation.

There is no end tower on the avenue, but it is the most precious treasure handed down from Fangcun mountain. The elder martial brother Xuankong ghost king once said that this treasure is very involved and has an incredible secret.

In these years of killing and felling, Lintian would not use it unless he met a critical moment. However, as long as he used it, he would not be disadvantaged.

But now, it's just the same as the big sun thunder wheel!

This made Lintian realize that the origin of this treasure was extremely amazing.

"It's the tower. How can it be here?"

Suddenly, above the sky, in the whirlpool channel, the clear voice sounded again, but with an incredible taste.

Voice has not yet fallen, the whirlpool channel, suddenly out of a long white hand, in the empty air hard grasp.

At that moment, it was like the attack of the gods. Every knuckle of the big hand was wrapped with the dazzling breath of the holy way, which covered the sky and the sun.

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As soon as he grasped it, it gave people a sense of terror that the hand of God oppressed the world.

"What's the origin of this tower, which makes the elder martial brother can't help it?"

Jiang Fan's eyes are clear in the distance, and a circle of ripples appear in her heart. Her elder martial brother is already the top figure in the great holy land, and she is well-known in the "star list".

However, she did not expect that the elder martial brother, who has always been extremely conceited and has a very high vision, would become so urgent at this moment.

Even desperate to do it!

It should be noted that this is the fairyland. Any force beyond the highest holy land will cost a lot!


At that moment, Lin Xun felt like a drowning helpless struggle because he was as small as a mole ant.

What a terrible hand it was?

What powerful accomplishments does his master have?


At the next moment, Lintian felt that the endless tower was captured by a great force, which made him feel out of control.


Lintian turned pale.

Also at this time, suddenly, a black light appeared out of thin air, and then with a bang, a big black pot hit the big hand.

"Don't you dare to rob the bird's treasure? Go back

See that a black light, impressively is a big blackbird, it side scold, side with claws carrying a big black pot, hard hit that big hand.

The sound of Kuang Kuang is as loud as thunder, and the spirit is shining everywhere.

Big blackbird!

Lintian was surprised. He didn't expect that the obscene and insidious thief appeared at such a critical moment.

The most incredible thing is that its big pot full of obscure light, in the constant smashing, actually completely dissolve the power of the big hand, and the big hand is collapsing in the void.

Even Jiang Zhen was stunned. Her eyes were wide open. The elder martial brother's hand was blocked by a bird carrying a big black pot?

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"One gas gasification furnace!"

In the whirlpool passage, the clear voice sounded again, but it seemed more and more surprised.

At this time, the vortex channel suddenly shook violently, and there was a sign of collapse.

It turned out that it was the emergence of the forces of order and rules in this world that produced a kind of suppression, which also affected this vortex channel.

"No, let's go, younger martial sister Jiang Heng!"

The clear voice sounded again, it seemed very urgent and unexpected.Jiang Heng also realized that it was not good, but he could not help but cold glanced at Lintian and said:

"thief, I remember you!"

She rose out of thin air and swept towards the whirlpool passage.


But at that moment, Lintian suddenly rushed over with the endless tower of the main road and said, "come instead of go. Lin will be merciful and give you a ride!"


Jiang juanwan didn't expect that Lintian was so bold and rampant. When he reacted, he could only passively shake him.


Shenhui roars and Daoguang stirs.

The next moment, I saw that Jiang jueru was struck by lightning, his body was all staggering, his pretty face turned white, and he almost coughed up blood.

However, taking advantage of this opportunity, her figure has rushed into the whirlpool channel and disappeared in an instant.

Lin Xun couldn't help feeling sorry for not being able to leave him. It was impossible for him to know the news of the ancient star road.

"Thief! Don't let me see you in the future, or you will be frustrated! "

Jiang Heng's angry scream came from the whirlpool channel. He was a little angry, no longer proud and cold.

"Don't worry, I don't want to see an ugly woman like you again."

Lintian sneered.

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At this point, the whirlpool passage disappeared in the void. I don't know if the woman named Jiang Zhen heard it.

Lintian turned around, and when he looked again, there were already no figures of Kun Shaoyu, xueqingyi and candlelight Yingkong.

Obviously, they fled as soon as they realized that the situation was not right.

"Master, those guys in xueqingyi are running to the East."

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian come in a hurry.

"No need to chase."

Lintian shook his head. He knew that even if he went to chase him, he didn't have much hope.

It was the fight with this woman named Jiang Zhen that brought a great impact to Lintian.

"It turns out that there are still such powerful opponents on the ancient star road..."

Lintian had seen the charisma of other leaders in the eight regions camp. From his initial fear to now, he was no longer in his eyes.

However, the appearance of Jiang Zhen made Lintian realize that he had a role that was not inferior to his own in the mysterious ancient path of the starry sky, beyond the nine regions and on the green sky!

"Xuanji daozong Jiang Yu... "

Lin xunmer read it silently. This time, Kun Shaoyu and the other three people were able to get away safely because this woman completely upset the situation.

Moreover, this woman was arrogant and aggressive from the moment she appeared. She regarded him as a thief. How could Lintian not be angry?

No matter how beautiful he looks, when he treats the enemy, he is never the one who shows pity for the enemy!

"And Jiang's elder martial brother, who wants to seize the endless tower of the main road, has to be written down."

Lintian took a deep breath, and his black eyes flashed.

"Boy, what's the matter, bird master? I've come in time, haven't I?"

The big blackbird, with a pair of wings on his back, is approaching with a leisurely pace, with his nostrils facing the sky, proud and complacent.

Just, it carries a black pot, how to see how obscene.

"It turns out that the last piece of Feixian Ling in the ancient wasteland is in your hands, but why didn't you appear before?"

Lintian glanced at the thief bird. He was always very mysterious and had many secrets in his stomach.

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The big blackbird sighed: "Alas, it's hard to look back on the past. As soon as I entered the jiuyu battlefield, I was moved to a small world, a secret place where birds don't poop. I can only practice hard every day."

"It was also when Feixian battle came that the bird master got out of the small world and was moved here with the Feixian order in his hand."

Speaking of the end, the big blackbird glared and said, "boy, you haven't appreciated the bird. If it wasn't for me this time, how could you keep your treasure?"

The little silver on one side was not used to the big blackbird's detestation. She hummed coldly, "if you don't show up early or late, I think you are just like that ugly woman. You are more and more insidious. I can't tell you what ulterior purpose you have in mind to help my master this time."

The big blackbird immediately jumped and cried, "Oh, little silver, you've lost your temper since you became a saint. You dare to challenge me. Do you believe that you've been thrown into the pot to cook?"

Silver rolled a white eye: "have seed you try!"

"Don't you think the bird dare? I dare to offend the great sage of the ancient road in the starry sky, but I'm afraid you're a little worm? "

"Don't talk nonsense, there's a way to do it!"

They are tit for tat, glaring at each other, and neither of them is satisfied with the other.

Lintian was so funny that he stopped him.

"Go, go, go back and clean the booty!"

With a wave of his hand, he turned back to the battlefield.


The big blackbird's eyes suddenly became bright, and he could not wait to follow Lintian."Shameless!"

Small silver bah one mouthful, also followed up with small day together.

Soon, they returned to the battlefield, and everywhere they looked, there were fierce scenes filled with smoke.

In the recent war, Lintian returned to him with the same way. He killed many of the top leaders of the eight regions camp in the thousand ghosts array, including Mie Chi Wushu, Hua Hongxiao and lie Qian. At the same time, Shi POHAI also died in the joint attack of Xiaoyin and Xiaotian.

In the end, only Kun Shaoyu, xueqingyi and zhuyingkong fled in a panic, which can be called a great victory!

It can be predicted that the Feixian battle scene is behind the scenes, and the eight regions camp is destined to tremble and bear such a heavy blow!

Even, the situation of the nine domain dispute will be rewritten!

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