Chapter 76. Sarcasm

As for whatever happened in old Zhou's house, Lin Qing He had no interest at all.

Those meats were to show filial piety to Father Zhou and Mother Zhou, as well as blocking Second Sister-in-law's mouth. Killing two birds with one stone.

For noon, she planned to eat steamed rice. Lin Qing He boiled eight-nine eggs and then peeled the eggshell. Followed by, chopping pork ribs and cutting pork belly. Which was then placed in a casserole and stewed with soy sauce.

Then there was oil countering stir-fried vegetable and a light shrimp skin and seaweed soup.

Of course, these were timed to when Zhou Qing Bai got home. Before this, Lin Qing He had a lot of things to do since Zhou Qing Bai was not at home. Although he had fed it once in the morning, she had to feed it again.

As the two pigs' appetites become larger and larger, the food requirement also increased.

Lin Qing He planned to take an afternoon nap, so she took Er Wa and San Wa to dig wild vegetables.

Zhou Qing Bai came back at noon. His cheeks turned red from the sun. Lin Qing He felt displeased at the sight of it. She fetched water for him to wash his face, and then let him bathe himself and change his clothes. Only then did the whole family eat.

Pork belly, ribs, and boiled eggs stewed in soy sauce. Soup sprinkled on top go well with the rice.

Lin Qing He urged Zhou Qing Bai to eat more. Zhou Qing Bai's eyes twinkled when he looked at her. Lin Qing He didn't understand what he was delighted about, so she ushered him to eat and go nap after eating.

As anticipated, Zhou Qing Bai was content with his lunch. Needless to say how good his wife's culinary was.

"Da Wa cleans up the dishes. Er Wa tidy up." Lin Qing He finished eating and sent them to work.

The brothers had already gotten used to it and began to busy away. San Wa went to play with Fei Ying, while Lin Qing He returned to her room.

Zhou Qing Bai was waiting for her. When she came in, his gaze followed her. Lin Qing He coughed and stated, "I have already set things up with Mei Jie, you can't go back on your words."

Zhou Qing Bai pulled her into his arms and said, "I will only give you one chance. If one mishap happens, you will end it."

"OK." Lin Qing He cheerfully concurred.

With the space, nothing will happen in this life.

"I hurt you last night. Is it better?" Zhou Qing Bai asked in a muffled tone.

Lin Qing He's face was slightly embarrassed. Was she injured? She didn't feel it.

But to prevent the wolf from coming again at night, she said: "It's not better yet."

"I'll check." Zhou Qing Bai intended to inspect her.

Lin Qing He blushed: "What are you doing in broad daylight? The kids are outside."

"The door is closed, they can't come in." Zhou Qing Bai said.

But still, how could Lin Qing He let him check it? Definitely won't allow it ah! In the end, she got pressed down by Zhou Qing Bai on the bed and kissed until she was dizzy and gasping.

"Wife." Zhou Qing Bai lowly called.

Lin Qing He saw the hidden fire in his eyes and blurted: "Last night you been doing for so long, and you have been working all morning today. You still got energy?"

"I do." Zhou Qing Bai gazed passionately at her.

"Even if you do, I order you to rest." Lin Qing He glared.

It was undoubted that this rough guy had good physical strength. Just by looking at his physique, one can tell. No man in the village had a figure like him.

Don’t assume she didn’t know that those big girls and young wives out there look looked at him with starry eyes and their hostility toward her was huge.

So what if the hostility was huge? This man isn't someone they can covet, he's Lin Qing He's!

"I'm fine without a rest." Zhou Qing Bai kissed her and wanted to get on top.

"I haven't rested enough. Last night, you were like you haven't seen meat for hundreds of years. I'm not well yet." Lin Qing He expressed with a weak face.

At this, Zhou Qing Bai could only give up and said, "Then take a good rest."

Thinking of what happened last night, Zhou Qing Bai was also a bit guilty. He was indeed rash last night, but he couldn't help it either. His wife was so tempting that he couldn't help wanting it again and again.

Lin Qing He was relieved and then leaned softly into his arms.

After the two were becoming husband and wife for real last night, she truly possessed a feeling this guy was her man.

"Although you're earning work points, you don't have to drain your mind and bones. You can be lazy if you can be lazy. Our family won't starve. You don't have to work that hard." Lin Qing He voiced.

"Not hard." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head.

For a strong man like him, doing farm work was really nothing.

"What is not hard? It's not wrong to call those laborious work. I can tell you now, if you do not protect your body and become incapable in the future, I may kick you away." Lin Qing He snapped.

"Then you can try and see if you can kick me." Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

Lin Qing He raised her hand to caress his face again: "You're still young, so it's not yet. But Zhou Qing Bai, how years of youth will your face have when it's beaten by the wind and glared by the sun outside?"

"It's enough for man to be able to shoulder the responsibility, his face is not important." Zhou Qing Bai maintained.

He said this so manly. Lin Qing He gave in to the impulse, dived in for a kiss. Zhou Qing Bai was ignited by her.

But knowing that she was still uncomfortable, he was not willing to touch her.

"I based on looks, so don't turn yourself into an old man. I don't like that." Lin Qing He expressed.

Zhou Qing Bai uttered an 'En', it was considered as a promise.

What's more, he knew it in his mind. The reason why his wife likes him was probably that he was good-looking.

Because from time to time, she would sometimes look at him in a daze, and occasionally her eyes would glow at the sight of his figure.

So he knew how to attract his wife.

"Sleep." Zhou Qing Bai hugged her waist and whispered.

Lin Qing He let him nap by himself. She came out to supervise Da Wa on his homework. Er Wa had to make up for yesterday's counting and San Wa needed to wash his hands and face to prepare for a nap.

Zhou Qingbai was indeed tired, so he slept in the room with the lingering fragrance of his wife.

Work began again at one in the afternoon.

Lin Qing He was frustrated. Fortunately, the weather was good. and the sun was not so strong. But if they reach June or July, it won't be easy. It'll be simply exhausting to death.

When Da Wa went to school, Lin Qing He brought Er Wa and San Wa out to dig wild vegetables and left the house to Fei Ying's care.

Must say, with such an excellent home watcher like Fei Ying, Lin Qing He was more reassured to go out.

Although all the majority of important valuables in the family were stored in her space, there were still other things.

At this time, many people came out to forage wild vegetables. Lin Qing He led Er Wa and San Wa and ran into several other women who came out to dig wild vegetables.

"Oh, Qing Bai's wife has also come out to dig wild vegetables. You used to look down on these wild vegetables and never eat them." One of the women, who was about the same age as Lin Qing He but had a much older face than Lin Qinghe, spoke.

This was clearly sarcastically remarking that Lin Qing He was now a fallen phoenix.

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