Chapter 75. Can't be provoked

She won't go into detail on how her plan went astray.

In short, Lin Qing He seized to the last trace of reason to resist Zhou Qing Bai at the crucial moment and force Zhou Qing Bai to agree to her pork reselling.

Zhou Qing Bai was sweating at the time. His wife won't let him succeed. At such a time, she forced him to nod and promise to let her do her stuff.

Can you name any hero who can withstand the beauty's torture at the most critical moment?

None exist.

Zhou Qing Bai was an ordinary mortal as well, he can't resist his wife's attack.

Although he was forced to agree, the following punishment had Lin Qing He regretting to provoke this man.

She didn't know how many times she repeatedly woke up and fallen asleep in exhaustion during the night. In short, he didn't stop. It was only when it was well into the night, did he rest.

The next day Lin Qing He woke up after eight o'clock. When she woke up and thought last night's battle, she was slightly frightened.

Sure enough, can't afford to provoke a man, who hadn't been close to the female for too long.

At this time, there was the voice of Er Wa and Mother Zhou outside. During this time, Da Wa had already gone to school and Zhou Qing Bai had gone to work.

Lin Qing He quickly got off the Kang.

Last night, she fell asleep straight away from exhaustion. It was Zhou Qing Bai, who helped her tidy up. Butt after getting off the Kang, she found that her legs were a little weak!

Lin Qing He's face flushed when she recalled Zhou Qing Bai doing this and that last night.

She had to admit that there's no worry about happiness (a.k.a sex) for the rest of her life. Her own man was really strong and fierce.

After a spring-ish pondering, Lin Qing He refreshed herself.

Mother Zhou peeled peanuts in the yard as she talked to Er Wa and San Wa.

"Mother had come." Lin Qing He wasn't embarrassed. Why did she sleep in so late? It was all thanks to Zhou Qing Bai's doing last night. Go blame Zhou Qing Bai, it had nothing to do with her.

"You woke up ah." Apparently, Mother Zhou was a little angry. Her man had to go to work and the children were still young. She only got up at this hour now. Was there such behavior?

"En, San Wa's father was uncomfortable last night. I had to serve him all night. Only slept after twelve o'clock, so I woke up late." Lin Qing He explained without blushing and jitters.

Mother Zhou halted for a while before her tone subsided: "Then it was hard on you. Old Fourth was much better in the morning."

Like she said, it turned out that there was this reason. It was fine to sleep in during the winter. So why did she wake so late at this time?

"It should that he hasn't adapted to farm work yet. I told him not to work today and take a day off, but he didn't listen to me." Lin Qing He remarked.

"It's not easy to support a family," Mother Zhou said.

"It really isn't, so I allowed him to raise pigs and chickens at home." Lin Qing He nodded.

Mother Zhou choked.

"Have you both eaten?" Lin Qing He turned to Er Wa and San Wa.

"We have. Mother, go eat." Er Wa bobbed.

The breakfast was obviously made by Zhou Qing Bai. He cooked millet porridge. The side dish was much simpler, just pickled veg.

Sure enough, if she didn't get up to make breakfast, everything was simple.

Lin Qing He didn't mind. As she had the millet porridge with pickled veg, she couldn't wonder about Zhou Qingbai. Last night, he used a lot of energy and he just had this for breakfast. How can he have the endurance?

"Mother, there's no meat at home. I will go and check if I can buy some meat to nourish the kids' father. You look after Er Wa and San Wa." Lin Qing He swiftly finished up, washed the dishes, and voiced out.

"Go." Mother Zhou was also distressed her youngest son and concurred with this.

Today, Mother Zhou didn't head out to work. After all, she got so many sons and daughters-in-law. No one dared to say anything if this old bone rest.

Lin Qing He rode the bicycle over to Mei Jie.

The main thing was to pass the fact that she'll begin to take the meat tomorrow. Lin Qing He had it all planned out. She'll collect the meat, store it in her space, and save a bit before she takes it to the county city for in one go. With just a few jin every time to the county city, she really didn't want to go so far.

Mei Jie was ecstatic to see her coming here. Her side was already prepared. She whispered, "I thought it was your man didn't agree."

"Actually, he didn't. He's too upright. I finally got him to approve. Once he did, I immediately came to find you, Mei Jie." Lin Qing He explained.

"He didn't approve?" Sister Mei couldn't help utter.

"Now he does. As long as there's no problem on your side, there will be no problem on my side." Lin Qing He quietly spoke.

"You can rest assured." Mei Jie nodded.

"When will I drop by tomorrow?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Come by at three o'clock in the morning. Old Lao Chen will wait for you over there." Mei Jie immediately responded.

Three o'clock in the morning?

Lin Qing He mentally muttered, it was really a pain.

But she still agreed. When she gets back to the village after picking up the meat at three o'clock in the morning, it'll be almost four o'clock. It's pretty safe.

Lin Qing He bought some stuff and then cycled back. Halfway there, she dumped some pork, ribs, and eggs out when no one was at sight.

There weren't many eggs at home.

Once she carried these things back home, Mother Zhou said: "Then I will go home first."

Lin Qing He nodded and handed Mother Zhou a piece of meat about 200g. Mother Zhou refused: "Keep it for yourselves."

"Mother, take it. You occasionally come to help me watch the boys, this way no one at old Zhou's house will say nonsense." Lin Qing He insisted.

Mother Zhou said: "I watch at my own grandsons, who dares to say anything?"

"That's hard to tell. Take it, mother. I still have some here." Lin Qing He waved her hand.

Mother Zhou had the intention to persuade her to save a little money, but now, she dropped it. It was always bought back for her son and her three grandsons.

"Mother, there are so many things to do at home. Where have you been?" Second Sister-in-law couldn't help but uttered when she saw her coming back.

Eldest Sister-in-law's pregnancy was pretty far along, she should be about to give birth in this period. So she was at home instead of working.

Third Sister-in-law had gone to work. Although Little Zhou Dong was still young, he was left at home under Eldest Sister-in-law's care. She took time out to come back and breastfeed him.

Second Sister-in-law did not work today. As her period was very painful, she did not go.

Second sister-in-law had not planned to do chores since her mother-in-law was also home and she could leave it to her mother-in-law. Unexpectedly, her mother-in-law went to Fourth's house to help watch the children.

"This is from Fourth's wife." Initially, Mother Zhou felt Fourth's wife was overthinking, not anymore at this moment.

Looking at Second's wife's reaction, was this not discontent?

Seeing this piece of meat, Second Sister-in-law had no complaints. Beaming, she expressed: "Fourth Sister-in-law is generous, to give such a large piece of meat."

"She said that I helped out in watching Er Wa and San Wa and let me bring this back." Mother Zhou clarified.

That was for Second Sister-in-law to hear. Second Sister-in-law just twitched her lip.

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