"Master, the spoils are too rich! There are more than 130 of them, most of them are first-class treasures, and there are some powerful and incomparable treasures. "

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"In addition, there are countless pills, rare treasures and miraculous materials Well, there are a lot of secret books! "

After a clean-up in the battlefield, Xiaoyin's eyes glowed with excitement, and the whole person was very excited.

Xiaotian fluttered his wings and echoed: "the spoils of this war are really amazing. I suspect that the great figures at the Saint King level will be envious and salivating when they see them."

"Well, this holy treasure is good. Let me give you the palm of my hand."

The big blackbird, with eight character steps, stares at a shining silver flying shuttle, with an expert tone, but the pair of claws are very dishonest, and directly catches it.

Xiaoyin was quick in his eyes and put it away first. He was wary and said: "palms and eyes? I think you're going to rob it

The big blackbird said angrily, "look at your stingy appearance. Bird, what treasure have I never seen? And lust for these things? "

Small silver way: "since don't see eye, that you are honest a bit."

The big blackbird was so angry that he picked up the big black pot. It was like teaching Xiaoyin a lesson. But he was so creepy that he saw the demon butterfly staring at it.

The big blackbird gave a dry cough and said, "ah, we are all our own people. Why should we be so outspoken? The bird Lord promised that we should never move a treasure, right?"

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian look at each other and agree.

"It should have been so long ago!"

The big blackbird was so excited that he rubbed his paws against each other, like a fly rubbing its legs. It was very obscene.

Its eyes were shining, and it was bouncing around in front of the mountain of sacred treasures, and its saliva almost came out.

Xiaoyin suspected that if he and Xiaotian were not staring at him, the thief would have swallowed all the treasures.

Looking at this scene from a distance, Lintian couldn't help but smile. The harvest was really great, but it was easy to understand.

It should be noted that none of the people who can enter the Feixian battle realm this time are top peerless figures in the field.

Such leaders as Chi Wushu and Hua Hongxiao are of great origin.

Is it possible that the treasure carried by such a person can be compared with ordinary things?

However, when Lintian saw all the booty one by one, he couldn't help taking a breath and felt dazzled.

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As the saying goes, a man is not rich without windfall, and a horse is not fat without night.

After this war, although the pay is big, the harvest is also amazing!

"Put it away first, and then we'll divide it up one by one."

Lintian asked.

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian nodded together.

Xiaoyin also smacked his lips and said with regret, "it's a pity that the ugly woman let Kun Shaoyu escape. Otherwise, the harvest will be greater!"

Lintian was counting the flying fairy orders.

After the war, there were dozens of Feixian decrees in Lintian's hands. Most of them were blank, and Zhan Xun and Dao Yun had been captured.

Only eight of them have accumulated the fortune of Zhan Xun, and even the color and breath of Fei Xian Ling have changed, showing a perfect clear color.

Vaguely visible, the eight pieces of Feixian Ling surface, haze dense, vaguely like the shadow of Feixian in which flash, mysterious pole.

"Xiaoyin and Xiaotian each have a piece, Jingxuan a piece, Miss AHU a piece, Laoge and Alu..."

Lintian thought silently.

Of course, he didn't forget to save one for himself and the summer solstice.

As for the big blackbird, there's no need to think about it. This guy is a thief with a flying fairy order. How can he make up for his fortune?

"Master, there are still five days left before the end of Feixian battle. Should we go after Kun Shaoyu and others next?"

Asked little silver.

"Five days I don't know what's going on in the moat city... "

Lintian's eyes were wandering.

Now, there is no suspense about the competition in Feixian battle field. The only thing that worries Lintian is the safety of the ancient wilderness camp.

Immediately, Lintian restrained himself and said, "now to go after Kun Shaoyu and others is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but we can't miss this opportunity and do nothing."


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The big blackbird came up and said mysteriously, "this Feixian battlefield is a good place. You've seen it before. There are strong people on the ancient star road who can break through the order barrier and reach this realm. But you don't know. In their eyes, this Feixian battlefield is a natural treasure house!"

Xiaoyin was surprised and said, "treasure house? There are so many fairies and ghosts here. What's the treasure? "

"Stupid! Haven't you seen that jade vine in the night sky? It seems that only Feixian battle field can breed such a kind of natural resources and land treasures! "

The big blackbird lowered his voice, "just like hengduanwu mountain, it's not easy. As long as you look carefully, you can surely find some treasures that are not inferior to Yuteng in the night sky."Small silver eyes a bright: "really?"

The big blackbird has no good way: "when did the bird master cheat you?"

Lin Xun, who had been watching, suddenly said, "Dahei, do you know something?"


The big blackbird, with a stagnant look, said haughtily, "the bird master knows astronomy and geography. There is no bird master I don't know."

This guy was talking nonsense again. He avoided the heavy and talked lightly. However, Lintian was very clear that there were many secrets hidden in the goods.

He asked with a smile, "what do you think we are going to do next?"

Without hesitation, the big blackbird said, "easy, treasure hunting!"

Lintian nodded and agreed.

"You've lost these flying fairy orders."

The big blackbird glanced at the flying immortal orders in Lintian's hand, and suddenly said, "in this flying immortal battle environment, only nine flying immortal orders can collect enough fortune. At the end of the flying immortal battle environment, you can't take those blank flying immortal orders."

Lintian was surprised. He took a look at the big blackbird. How much did the goods know about Feixian battle?

The big blackbird felt empty in his heart, but he said: "similar things have happened in the last two battles of the nine realms. Is it worth making such a fuss?"

Lintian did not ask. Even if he asked, according to the nature of the thief bird, he was doomed not to reveal much.

"Let's go, let's go!"

The big blackbird said excitedly, "five days is enough time for us to sweep the hengduanwu mountain again!"

"Don't worry, I'll wait until I refine the night sky jade rattan."

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Lintian didn't have a good airway. He had just gone through a big war, and he had to wait for his strength to recover.

At the same time, Lintian also wanted to try how wonderful the power of Yuteng in the night sky was!


"Damn it!"

In an underground cave, it was dark and humid. Kun Shaoyu's face was ferocious and his breath was violent. He could no longer restrain his anger and roared.

"One person will almost bring us to the end of the pot. So far, the most elite forces in the eight regions camp have almost disappeared. What else can we fight against the ancient wasteland in the fight for the nine regions?"

"If the news comes back to the eight realms, what should the world think of us?"

At the end of the roar, Kun Shaoyu's eyes were red.

This defeat was not only as simple as heavy casualties, but also made his mood suffer unprecedented severe blow.

Next to them, the blood green clothes and the candles were silent in the sky. Their faces were more and more ugly. They Why not hate it?

Feixian battlefield, originally the most dazzling competition, seems to determine the changes of the situation among the nine camps.

And after this battle, he was able to get rid of the first person in the true holy land of the nine realms. This is a rare and incomparable honor. It is enough to be famous in history and remembered by the practitioners of the nine realms!

But now, they lose!

I tried my best and tried my best to make the best of the eight domains. In the end, I still lost.

Lost in the hands of a person!

"No, we haven't lost completely."

Suddenly, xueqingyi took a deep breath, and a cold color flashed in her scarlet eyes.

"Don't forget that our action this time is a two pronged one. There is also a battle going on outside the Feixian battlefield!"

Kun Shaoyu and candle Yingkong were dazzled at first, and then flashed bright light in their eyes.

"As long as our eight regions coalition forces break through the ancient wasteland camp and the nine regions struggle, our eight regions are doomed to be invincible."

The more excited xueqingyi was, he said, "at that time, even if his fighting power was against the sky, he would not be able to turn the situation around."

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Kun Shaoyu murmured: "now, we can only place our hope here."

"Don't worry, you two. This time, the United forces of the eight regions will attack the city and have a great chance of winning!"

Suddenly, the candle reflected in the sky, the eyes were quiet, and the voice was deep.

"When it's time, I'll tell you something. As early as a long time ago, I've planted a lot of pieces in the ancient wasteland. When the siege comes to a critical moment, these pieces are bound to" match the inside with the outside "and destroy the ancient wasteland camp in one fell swoop!"

In a word, kunshaoyu and xueqingyi were inspired. Unexpectedly, yinjue ancient region had a plan!


The ancient wasteland, the city of road protection.

Smoke and salt filled the sky and the earth were dim. Like a tide, the Allied forces of the eight regions could not see the end at a glance, and besieged the whole city of road protection heavily.

The magic weapon whistling, the way pouring, like countless gorgeous rainbow, in the constant impact on the great array of power covered in the city of road protection.

This situation has lasted for five days!

SHAOHAO, ruowu, Zhao Jingxuan, Laoge, ALU and other great sages all look dignified and have a low mood.

It's hard to hide the tired color between everyone's eyebrows.

Five days and five nights of continuous defense, even if it's just to control the fortress protection array, it makes them feel physically and mentally exhausted and almost unbearable.No one expected that the enemy would be so treacherous this time. They didn't get close at all. They took turns to attack from afar, making it impossible for the four killer arrays to exert their power.

In the city, countless monks in the ancient wasteland have trouble sleeping and eating, are depressed and nervous, and live in fear every day.

"Brother SHAOHAO, it's not good!"

Suddenly, the figure of smiling heaven appeared on the tower.

He looked very blue and said, "there are some traitors in our camp. Just now, they destroyed part of the foundation of the eight imperial array!"

In a word, it's like a stone breaking the sky, and everyone turns pale.


PS: the second shift is also very fast. It can be done before 9 o'clock!

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