Chapter 1045: Wu Chentian’s Invitation

“As long as you trust me,” Lin Yi teased.

“Oh? Of course I trust you, but the car isn’t good enough!” Xiaoxiao said.

“It’s a mountain road- their modiefied cars won’t help them too much there,” Lin Yi shrugged.

“That’s true- they can’t just accelerate on a path like that!” Xiaoxiao relaxed.

Wu Chentian went to get the car from Xiao Wangba the next morning, pleased at the sight of his company on the street which was also two stories high. The sign was great, too, ‘Chentian Trading Company LL’, it really did look cool! He slapped Wangba on the shoulder, “Not bad, good job! Give me the name card.”

“Here!” Wangba didn’t expect that Chentian didn’t care whether the company was earning money- the guy just cared about appearances, and that made him drop his worries. He gave him a golden business card, “Chentian Bro, is it to your liking?”

“Yes, not bad!” Chentian gave it one look before putting it in his pocket. He got on the car and drove to Sun Jingyi’s.

He parked it under her building, and called her. He wanted to give her a surprise, since this was a gift for her, after all. He also remembered that she said once that she liked Audi, but didn’t want one that stood out too much, so she got an Audi A41. In a big city like Songshan, where there were tons of rich people, an Audi A41 was considered commonplace.

After around half an hour, Jingyi came down- but without the usual heavy makeup. Her makeup now put her towards to cute girl look, and this wasn’t what Chentian expected!

He knew that the mature woman look wasn’t her real face, but he didn’t expect for her to be so cute! It’d been so long since he saw her in this style.

He still assumed that she had put all that effort into dressing up for him! It made him extremely happy. He quickly walked over. “You’re so pretty today, Jingyi!”

“Oh…” Obviously, she didn’t dress up for him. As for whom, she knew it herself in her heart… Women dressed up for men they favored – who did she dress up for?

Wu Chentian was already used to the cold attitude Jingyi always treated him with, so he didn’t mind. He quickly walked to his car and opened the door for her, “Jingyi, please get in!”

“?” Jingyi paused, looking at the Audi TT, “This is your car?”

“Yeah, the company earned money, so I bought a car!” Chentian said, feeling proud and satisfied as he showed off his coolness. He didn’t study it or anything, but he did read a book called So Pure So Flirtatious in which the main character was someone who acted cool very effectively. He forgot one thing, however- you can only act cool if you can back it up with strength. If you didn’t have anything to back it up with, then you’d look like an idiot.

“Oh, I’ll drive my own car,” Jingyi rejected, walking to her own car.

Chentian blinked, but remembered that she had never been in his car before. But, after he gave the car to her, she’d want it, right?

He wanted to give it to her now, but thinking that if he gave it to her during lunch, along with Xiaoxiao’s flattering words, he’d look so cool! With that thought, he held himself back from giving it to her now.

If it weren’t for Lin Yi getting invited as well, Jingyi never would’ve accepted Chentian’s invitation. She’d say that she was too busy, and postpone meeting with Chentian.

But Lin Yi’s involvement made her hesitate. It had been so long since she saw him, and now she really wanted to see him- after all, he could be considered as somewhat her partner, and she had interest in him. Meeting him occasioanally like this made her happy.

The two cars went for Songshan High.

Jingyi drove in front, while Chentian drove behind her. She parked the car in the food street at Songshan High- it was here where she first fetched Lin Yi, and she assumed that he just lived around here. She didn’t expect him to actually be a student here.

Jingyi’s car parked beside the Beetle, and Chentian parked his Audi TT beside Jingyi’s Audi A41.

The two got off their cars.

“I’ll call Lin Yi? Where is this place, do we wait for him here?”

“Okay…” Jingyi frowned and subconsciously walked faster when he leaned in. As for why they parked here, it was because she didn’t want to wait at her house with him! This was the place where she fetched Lin Yi last time, true, but she really didn’t want anybody seeing her with this man, it felt like it’d be emabrrassing for her.

But Chentian didn’t feel those emotions of disgust, but only walked by her side as he called Lin Yi.

Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao had just reached the classroom a while ago, and the phone rang. It was an unkown number, but he picked up regardless, “Hello, who aer you?”

“Is this Lin Yi?” Chentian a sked.

“I am. You are?” Lin Yi didn’t recognize his voice- this sort of person wasn’t someone left impressions on him.

“I’m Wu Chentian, I just came to Songshan, with Jingyi! I’d like to have lunch with you and your grilfriend, do you have time? Chentian said.

Jingyi? Girlfriend? Lin Yi paused, and understood that Chentian was probably talking about Xiaoxiao.

He wanted to reject him, but considering Xiaoxiao’s personality, she probably really liked feasts, “Wait, I’ll ask Xiaoxiao.”

“Okay!” Chentian was happy once he knew it was possible. He only needed Xiaoxiao to help him look cool- if it were just Lin Yi, he wouldn’t want that! After all, Lin Yi wouldn’t help him with his coolness act, and would even try to snatch Jingyi away!

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