On the top of the city, the atmosphere is extremely depressed.

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SHAOHAO, ruowu, Zhao Jingxuan and others are even more gloomy to the extreme.

Among them, seven came from the three ancient orthodoxy in ancient wasteland, namely Tongtian sword sect, Lingbao holy land and Zifu sword Pavilion.

The remaining six were from the black nightmares, Tiangou and shengligu.

Among the thirteen, the two sages had the highest accomplishments. The others were the kings of eternal life.

When they were caught by Xiaotiantian, almost all of them died at the first time, leaving no clues to inquire.

"When they were dying, their internal organs were all broken, their blood showed a strange gray blue color, and their spirits were all powdered."

Xiaotiantian's voice was low and he gritted his teeth. "I checked the relics they left, and I didn't find any valuable clues."

"It can be concluded that they had been secretly controlled by the enemies of Outland and used as chessmen before they came to the battlefield of jiuyu."

All the people looked uncertain.

This time, the eight regions allied forces made an all-out effort to invade and besieged the city of moat for five days. In these five days, the reason why they have been able to persist until now is that the powerful power of the "four unique eight regions" array can resist all attacks.

But now, there are a group of traitors in the city, causing damage to the array!

SHAOHAO took a deep breath, frowned and said: "originally, according to my calculation, with the strength of this array, we can hold on to the eighth day, or even the ninth day."

"But now..."

The meaning of the words is very clear.

"It's happened. The most urgent thing is to consider how to deal with the next situation."

If dance a bite shell tooth, look decidedly, "everybody, I suggest from now on, divide up a group of strength, strict guard in the city all over the big array foundation, in addition, also need someone to hand, one by one to check the strong in the city, whether there are hidden traitors."

"That's it."

Zhao Jingxuan took the lead in agreeing.

Others are also aware that the situation has reached the point of life and death, and they have no hesitation to take action.

That night.

The crowd gathered together again, but their faces became more and more dignified, and the haze that could not be removed was lingering in their eyebrows.

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After deduction, the strength of the four unique eight imperial array can only last until noon tomorrow at most!

"I didn't expect that in this battle of the nine realms, we will turn around the inevitable defeat before, and we will forget the shame of our predecessors, but in the end It's still going to fail... "

The night Chen facial expression is gloomy, angry eyes all red, "the most hateful is, still defeat in own person's hand!"

Others are full of resentment, too.

Just as yechen said, this time, with the power of Lintian alone, the situation of their ancient wasteland camp had already been reversed, and they had the inside information to fight for the final victory.

This should have been an unprecedented feat, an unprecedented event in the ancient wasteland, which is enough to be recorded in the history of the Qing Dynasty!

But now

This hard to fight for a touch of hope, is about to burst!

Who can not hate?

Who can not be angry?

At the beginning, even though there were countless sages who went on and on, throwing their heads and blood, they could only bury their bones here in the end, which made the ancient wasteland lose the battle of nine domains twice in a row.

In the boundless years, because of these two great defeats, the ancient wasteland practitioners declined to the bottom, and almost completely lost the qualification to fight with the other eight realms.

He has been ranked at the bottom of the nine domains. He is regarded as a two legged sheep by enemies outside the domain. He can abuse, trample and kill at will, which is no different from livestock!

And if we lose again in this battle of nine realms The vast ancient wasteland is doomed to be completely destroyed.

In the years to come, it's doomed that we can't look up again!

Because, this time unprecedented "big world" only has one time, the absolute summit domain also only has one time.

If you can't turn the situation around, you will be doomed to wither and dilapidated!

"Tomorrow afternoon..."

Some people sighed that tomorrow was the sixth day of Feixian battle, which meant that Lintian could not return to help each other!

"Alone and helpless, lying in ambush on all sides, waiting for our ancient wilderness camp, is there only the word" perish "

Some look bleak and lose their souls.

"This city was rebuilt by Lintian with great difficulty. The ancient wasteland camp was also united by him, and he had the inside information of today's confrontation with other eight territory camps."

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"When he returns, he will be disappointed to see the scene that the city is ruined and trampled to the ground..."

Someone's voice is rustling.

"Everybody, the situation is not so serious as that!"

Suddenly, Shao Hao's voice was like thunder, which stirred everyone's ears. His eyes were burning with determination."No matter how serious the situation is, even if the battle is broken tomorrow, SHAOHAO will fight to the death with the enemy."

Everyone was shocked.

"If I do, I will never give in."

If dance soft voice mouth, look calm, as if all see open.

"That's it!"

Zhao Jingxuan gritted her teeth.

This city is where Lintian's hard work lies. He also wants to see this city stand on the battlefield of nine regions and live forever in the long river of time. How can he give up?

People only feel the blood in the body, and they all agree that the city is where the people are, and the city is dead!

The night seemed so long.

Under the curtain of night, the moat city in all directions, like the tide of attack, emitting a bright light, roaring from the destruction.

There are many magic weapons whistling and countless Taoist dharmas pouring out That kind of blazing and gorgeous, is also that kind of chilling!

In the city, countless monks have earth complexion, disordered mind and restlessness.

They have been informed that the city of berms Will not be able to defend, which makes them all sad from the heart.

On the top of the city, SHAOHAO and other saints were silent and staring into the distance.

"ALU, if the city breaks down tomorrow, promise me one thing."

Old clam suddenly sound, look more serious and serious than ever before, without the former Hippie and derse.

"What's the matter? Do you want me to leave the city? Then I won't agree! "

Alu also has a voice and looks determined.

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Put in the past, hear Alu so stubborn words, old clam with spitting star son spray him, but this time, old clam just shook his head.

His voice was calm, as if he was talking about a casual little thing: "promise me that tomorrow, no matter what, you will find a way to let Jingxuan leave alive."

Alu was stiff all over, so he understood the old clam's mind!

"Big brother has done a lot for us. To put it in a bad way, even if the city is broken, everyone will die, and no one will resent him."

The old clam said seriously, "but I know that if Miss Jingxuan dies, elder brother I'm sure I won't be able to bear the blow! "

"We brothers have been wandering together for so many years. It's time to do something for big brother, don't you think?"

ALU Muran, red eyes, took a deep breath for a long time and said, "I've known you for a long time. For the first time, I found that your suggestion is the best for me."

The old clam rolled his eyes and couldn't help laughing.

Aru grinned, too.

"Can you still laugh?"

Zhao Jingxuan next to him felt something was wrong and couldn't help staring at the two guys.

The old clam said triumphantly, "this is called the collapse of the holy mountain without changing his face. Now if you don't have a good laugh, do you still have to cry?"

Alu nodded: "old clam is right!"

Everyone could not help but smile.

The night soon faded, dawn broke, and the sixth day of the siege came.

From the early morning, the offensive of the eight regions' allied forces suddenly became more violent than ever before, and no longer adopted the method of "taking turns to attack the city" as before.

It's the whole army!

Obviously, the eight regions allied forces also realized that the force of the great formation of the city of moat was on the verge of collapse, so they launched an all-out attack.

"Kill! Today, we must break through this city and slaughter those two legged sheep! "

"Ha ha ha, it's time to end this battle!"

"When the city breaks down, I will capture all those women, trample and kill them one by one, and have a good bad breath!"

"Brothers, kill

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Outside the city, the sound of fighting resounded through the sky, and the sound of miscellaneous sounds sounded like thunder over the whole moat city.

For a moment, all the monks in the city turned pale with fear and resentment, and some of them turned pale with despair.

On the top of the city, SHAOHAO, ruowu, Zhao Jingxuan and Laoge all look colder and more determined.

In the depth of every eye, there is a boiling murder!

However, what no one thought was that under such a full siege, the berm array, which was strong enough to hold on to noon, was shaking violently, and there was a sign that it was about to break up.


Someone's turned pale.

"What's the matter? It's a matter of time before the array is damaged. Later, we'll try our best to kill the enemy!"

SHAOHAO said in a deep voice.

Outside the city, the sound of battle drums, horns and shouts of killing became more and more intense. The black evil spirit was like a dark cloud, covering all sides of the city, and the sky was eclipsed.

From afar, we can see clearly the excited, ferocious and fierce colors on the faces of the eight regions' allied forces.


SHAOHAO sacrificed an ancient sword with cold and firm eyes. He said, "ladies and gentlemen, when the battle is broken, SHAOHAO will be the first one to attack!"The sound is sonorous and loud.

"We are willing to live and die together with brother SHAOHAO, advance and retreat together!"

"The city is there, the people are there!"

Others did not hesitate. They all sacrificed their treasures and stood on the top of the city. Their bodies were full of terrible and sharp killing intention, just like gods who looked at death as if they were going home!


After all, there was no miracle, and the great array of forces covering the top of the city was the first to appear dilapidated.

It's like a hole in a complete light curtain!

At this moment, the overwhelming fighting outside the city, the fierce killing intention, and the almost violent attack, almost all roared.

It's like a flood breaking a dike, which makes the world turn pale.

And SHAOHAO, they bear the brunt!

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