Chapter 74. Drifting off course

The current season was of a variety of wild vegetables. Besides this, there wasn't much good to eat. The recorded temporary shortage was this current time period.

In the evening, they had noodles as requested by Er Wa.

Diced sauerkraut with minced meat leftover that was fried in oil, which then was sprinkled on the noodles. And finally served with a fragrant poached egg.

This bowl of noodles was really fragrant.

At least four men in the family have no doubt about her culinary skill.

After eating and drinking to their content, Lin Qing He sent Da Wa to wash the dishes.

Since the cold began to fade, this chore was Da Wa's responsibility. At the start, Da Wa had quite a resentment, but now he got used to it.

Er Wa wasn't left idle either. He cleaned the room and the yard. These were his jobs.

As for San Wa, he was still small. As long as he doesn't make trouble, she temporarily didn't count on him.

After the work was done, Lin Qing He took them out to eat and wander. Zhou Qing Bai was at home, feeding pigs.

At this time, they get fed once before they get fed again after 9 o'clock. Then the next feed was at 4 or 5 the next day.

When Mother Zhou came over, Lin Qing He and her three sons had gone to visit Zhou Dong and Zhou Xi.

When she saw that her son was feeding pigs, she asked, "Your wife doesn't do the feeding?"

"I'm can do it." Zhou Qing Bai said, "Mother, have you eaten yet?"

"I have." Seeing her youngest son like this, it was impossible for Mother Zhou to not be distressed. She voiced out: "You worked all day. Go home and rest well."

"This is nothing. My wife has no free time at home." She watched Er Wa and San Wa, prepared all kinds of delicious food, and made sure that everything was clean at home. Once exhausted Zhou Qing Bai returned home from work, he no longer felt tired.

As for these, it was like what he said, he can do it.

What's more, his wife had clearly stated it at the beginning of raising them, she would occasionally help out and for the most part, she won't intervene.

In fact, this smell was quite strong. It was fine for him to manage it by himself. If he really let his wife do it then he won't be pleased.

He would rather do more than want his wife to get hands-on.

After feeding the pigs, Zhou Qing Bai cleaned the pigpen and then sprinkled lime powder again. This was requested by his wife. She said it was used for disinfection.

After sorting out the pigpen, he moved onto cleaning the chicken shed.

Although the chicks were still small, he changed the straw every day as his wife love cleanliness. He also needed to sprinkle lime powder for disinfection.

Although Mother Zhou couldn't bear for her son to undergo such stress, she didn't say anything. She also knew Fourth's wife's temper.

She just asked: "What are these?"

"Lime powder. My wife read in the book and said that it has a disinfecting effect. Mother, do you want to take some back. At this time, the chicken gets sick easily." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

Mother Zhou nodded. It was just a little lime powder.

"Are you getting used to it lately?" Mother Zhou watched her youngest son.

Her youngest son hadn't done any farm work in his life. At a young age, he went to work as a soldier. Now he had retired, which made people feel distressed for him.

Of course, this was what Mother Zhou thought. Zhou Qing Bai had strong adaptability: "Everything is fine. Mother, you don't need to worry about me."

After talking with her youngest son for a while, Mother Zhou went back.

Lin Qing He walked around with her three sons before going home when it was almost time.

"It's getting late. Wash up and get ready to sleep." Zhou Qing Bai directed this at the kids. However, Lin Qing He had a feeling that this was intended for her.

When she thought of this, she looked at Zhou Qing Bai. As anticipated, she saw his pair of deep eyes staring at her.

That gaze was full of aggression and wildness, which makes one's legs soften.

"What time is it now?" Lin Qing He uttered.

Even though she said this, she still sent the kids to wash up.

At the sight of the small wash basin, Lin Qinghe enquired: "Are there any carpenters near here? We need to make a big one for the brothers. One pot full and finish up, that way they don't need to do it one by one."

"I'll find one." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Lin Qing He nodded in response and washed the brothers one by one. Da Wa was six and knew to be embarrassed. Lin Qing He said: "Then do it yourself. Wash cleanly, or I will ask your father to come and rub off a layer of skin. "

The customs here weren't so diligent in tidiness. But her family was subject to her rules. Since it wasn't cold anymore, they got to do it once a day.

Da Wa happily washed himself. After washing, it was Er Wa's turn. Lastly was San Wa. After the brothers come out refresh from the wash-up, it was Lin Qing He's turn.

Then these clothes were washed by Zhou Qing Bai.

That's right. Lin Qing He, the ruthless woman, mercilessly got the man, who had a busy day outside, to wash the clothes.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't have any objection at all.

After washing the clothes, he washed up. If he had it his way, he wouldn't use hot water. However, he listened to his wife and added a little bit, so the temperature wasn't cool.

After washing up, he wore a pair of pants, the ones Lin Qing He made it for him. He washed his clothes and hung them up. Once done, he came to the children's room.

Da Wa was doing homework, Er Wa was learning to count, and San Wa was holding a pen as he continued drawing.

Lin Qing He didn't mind that he was small, she taught him to draw. Must say, San Wa made decent progress, but what he drew was a bit abstract.

"I will buy two vests for you to wear, the next time I go to the county city?" Lin Qing He looked at him.

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai gave a casual response. He actually had enough clothes. Within the first two months of the New Year, his wife made a few set for him when she was idle.

It was also convenient for him to change. She had said he couldn't lie on the kang sweaty.

So he had a lot of clothes. If she wants to buy more for him, he wouldn't refuse.

"I also want to study, but those learning materials aren't easy to get. Do you have a way?" Lin Qing He looked at him.

"What kinds do you want?" Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

"I want everything from elementary school to middle school to high school. I have nothing else to do at home. Once you bring it back, I can study by myself." Lin Qing He answered.

"I'll find some time to get it for you." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

"Thank you." Lin Qing He smiled.

"It's pretty late." Zhou Qing Bai's gaze secretly hinted to her, and very suggestively spoke.

Lin Qing He's mind said, 'It's just after six o'clock. What late?'

While she voiced out: "Da Wa's homework has not been completed. Er Wa has not recited to seventy. And San Wa has not been finished drawing Fei Ying yet.

Soon, Da Wa's homework was finished, and it was all correct. Plus, he passed all the questions she had given.

Da Wa was smug, making Lin Qing He have the urge to hit someone. Usually, he was wrong and at this critical moment, he can do it all. Not helping her delaying time at all!

"Er Wa can make it up tomorrow. Now go to bed with your elder brother. San Wa, come to bed with Father." Zhou Qing Bai gave the final decree and carried San Wa.

Da Wa and Er Wa expressed that it was too early, they can't fall asleep. But a gaze from their father had them behave and honestly agreed to go to bed now.

Lin Qing He was led back by Zhou Qing Bai. Her heart was slightly unsettled. She did not intend to come at him with real guns, just giving some sweet sample. Why did she feel like it was drifting off course?

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