Chapter 1044: Cake Filled With Love

From an outsider’s view, she would look like Tang Yin’s best freind. They wouldn’t suspect she had anything to do with Lin Yi.

It wasn’t until they reached the school building and after Tang Yin went into her classroom did Xiaoxiao become more intimate with Lin Yi. They were almsot entering their classroom soon, and there weren’t many people in the halls, so she didn’t care and put her hand in front of Lin Yi.

“?” Lin Yi blinked, “What?”

“We should hold hands! I stayed back when the big wife was here, but now that she’s gone I should get some attention!” Xiaoxiao said, hasty, “Quickly, quickly, it’s my turn!”

“Ha…” Lin Yi smiled and took her hand. It was only a few steps before they reached the classroom, at which point he would let go.

But that short distance alone was enough to make her happy. She sang a soft tune as she walked in happily with Lin Yi, sitting after Lin Yi like an obedient housewife.

One look at how easily she was satisfied made Lin Yi feel sympathy for her, but there was nothing he could do! He wasn’t medically skilled enough to heal her…

“Lin Yi, honey, I’ve brought something good for you!” Xiaoxiao said happily as she undid her bag and started mumbling to herself.

“Oh?” Lin Yi realized that he was starting to like Xiaoxiao from his heart now. It was also why he wasn’t angry when she lied about her car running out of gas. If it were in the past, however, Lin Yi wouldn’t let her do whatever she wanted like this.

“A homemade cake filled with love!” Xiaoxiao was full of glee as she happily took out a food storage bag, “Here it is, heh heh, my cake of lov- huh?”

Xiaoxiao was enthusiastically about to show Lin Yi her cake of love when she realized it was all squashed! The originally heart shaped cake was now flattened to a completely different look, along with the peaches and strawberries she put!

“Aaaaaah!” Xiaoxiao was going crazy, “I woke up at three to make this, come on!”

Xiaoxiao slapped herslef in the forehead, feeling down. She was a little sleepy when she finished baking, so she just put the cake in her bag and accidentally slept on it- unintentionally using the bag as a pillow!

The cake was still in the bag, so of course this would be the outcome! She forgot about it when she woke up and called Tang Yin, busying herself with makeup…

And of course she wouldn’t remember that she had used a bag as her pillow, along with the cake in it!

Lin Yi felt genuine happiness when he looked at Xiaoxiao- he was touched.

Although Xiaoxiao wrote in her phone that she wanted to make him fall in love with her and die so she could make him sad, Lin Yi didn’t believe that anymore. Who’d go and bake a cake at three in the morning just for this?

“Whatever, I’ll throw it away and make it tomorrow. I’ll use a container this time. Hm, looks like I’ve learned my lesson!” Xiaoxiao said, troubled, “I’m such an idoit, putting it in the bag and using it as a pillow… man.”

“Haha!” Lin Yi couldn’t help but laugh after hearing that.

“Hey!” Xiaoxiao pouted.

“Why throw it away? The shape is messed up, not the taste,” Lin Yi took over the food storage bag and opened it, stuffing the cake into his mouth, “I didn’t eat this morning, anyway- I’m pretty hungry. Hey, this tastes good!”

With that, Lin Yi quickly finished the cake she made, not caring about the shape and design.

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao didn’t expect Lin Yi to just eat it like that.

“Still have more?” Lin Yi asked.

“Uh… No, I’ll make more tomorrow,” Xiaoxiao was happy once more. The eyes she looked at Lin Yi with now held a trace of gentleness to them- Lin Yi feeling touched would only make her touched as well.

She herself, wouldn’t eat the cake after it got squashed like that, but Lin Yi didn’t even care and just ate the entire thing, even asking if she had more… This made Xiaoxiao feel that Lin Yi was really, really nice to her. She’d never felt anybody treat her this well since when she was younger, and she never had a relationship before, so now that she’d fallen in love she felt that everything was so perfect! If possible, she really didn’t want to die…

She was really scared now- the more she developed her relationship with Lin Yi, the heavier it got! Their parting would really hurt if they went on like this, and she didn’t want that! She didn’t want to feel pain, and she didn’t want Lin Yi to feel pain!

Before, when she refused to make friends or get into a relationship, it was because she feared the sadness that would follow on that last day, but now… Things changed. Without realizing it, she had friends- Tang Yin, Yushu, these were her friends now… And she had a boyfriend as well, and it felt like the two of them were getting more and more intimate…

She didn’t know what to do.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasn’t thinking about those things. After finishing the cake, he gulped down some water and tossed the bag into a trash bin.

“No need to wake up so early to make this, it’s a lot of tourble.” Lin Yi worried for Xiaoxiao’s body, too- she didn’t have long to live for in the first place, and waking up at three in the morning to bake would worsen it.

“It’s alright, I’m happy to make it!” Xiaoxiao shook her head, “I’ll prepare it tonight, and tomorrow morning I’ll bake it, so it’ll be a lot faster since I didn’t prepare it beforehand last time…”

Lin Yi didn’t say anything, not when she insisted like this. If she was happy doing that, then sure.

“Did you contact the racing tournament for Friday night?” LIn Yi changed the topic.

“Yeah, I did!” Xiaoxiao became happy again, “I contacted the people I played racing with before and they helped me sign up, but don’t lose okay, I can’t afford two hundred thousand!”

“Haha, you don’t trust my skill?” Lin Yi wasn’t worried about the races between citizens at all.

“I don’t trust my car…” Xiaoxiao smiled bitterly, “Their cars are modified and everything, but mine isnt’!”

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