Chapter 1042: Sun Jingyi’s Truth

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Chapter 1041 – Sun Jingyi’s Truth

“You finished the business cards right?” Chentian asked.

“It’s done! Just as you said, golden! It looks very high end!” Wangba quickly said.

“The sports car? Bought it?” Chentian asked.

“Yes, as you said, an Audi TT!” Wangba said, “It’s a new car, without a licence plate yet!”

“Oh, no need for the plate, it’s a gift!” Chentian said, “I’ll come get it tomorrow morning! But you need to tell people that this car is earned through company money, got it?”

“Got it!”

Chentian hung up and dialed Jingyi.

Jingyi was currently enjoying her bathtub, basking in peace and warmth.

One girl managing an entire company in Songshan by herself was stressful! She had to put on a front, act as if she were a cold female CEO. In her heart, however, she was a bit of a frail girl!

Taking off her mature makeup, the Jingyi now didn’t even look past twenty, her big eyes and long eyelashes, along with her casually let down hair and bubbles in her bathtub made her look like some princess from a fairytale!

If Lin Yi were here, he’d be shocked into wide eys! This was Sun Jingyi? It looked like some girl next door!

Of course, Lin Yi’s eyes were always accurate. He didn’t know what she looked like without makeup, but he could guess that she had been putting on a front. This shocked her considerably.

She lived her life being fake all the time, but she had no choice if she wanted to survive. She wanted to prove to her family that she could create something big, that she wasn’t someone who relied on her family, not some tool for them to use for marriage alliances!

But, without the background and support of House Sun, she was just like any other businessman, quietly managing their small company among the heavy competition, advancing slowly!

As for the forced alliance marriage by her house, or, certain members of her house, Jingyi decided with determination that she would walk this hard path and become successful!

Taking out her phone, she went through her gallery and saw some pictures of Lin Yi- it put a frown on her face. It had been a while since she was in contact with him, but without Chentian causing her trouble, she had no excuse to contact him…

She was extremely curious towards him, after all. Did she like him? Not really- Jingyi knew that, even though she rejected the marriage, she couldn’t just get some random boyfriend. If she did, it would piss her grandpa off!

House Sun didn’t have too many young ones, and those who broke through into the first stage through practitioning was few in number as well. If House Sun didn’t get support soon- while they wouldn’t get kicked out of the noble house society- they would still deteriorate!

So Sun jingyi’s target was specific. She needed to like the person she married, and he needed to be powerful! She wanted her aunt and uncles to know that she didn’t need them to find a perfect boyfriend!

Currently, she had only curiousity towards Lin Yi. Perhaps a little bit of interest, but that was all. She was a logical person, and just from how she faked her life, one would know that for certain.

“Fu…” She sighed slowly. Lin Yi had entered her sights, but from her perspective, he wasn’t good enough. He was a good fighter, but that was far from those practitioners…

Jingyi’s information flow was restricted- she didn’t contact her family nor the noble families much, and had nothing to do with the police, and so she didn’t know about the things that had happened recently, and didn’t even know that Lin Yi almost had to run back to his old home.

Thinking about these thigns, a sudden ringtone interrupted her, giving her a jump! Looking at who was calling, she frowned, but picked up regardless.

“I’m Sun Jingyi,” Jingyi said dully, as if she didn’t even see who called.

“Jinyi, it’s Wu Chentian!” Chentian was clearly excited, “I’m back in Songshan!”

“Oh, you’re back,” Jingyi said flatly.

“Yeah, I’ve invested in a company here, ahha, it seems like I will have to come to Songshan more often now, but that means we’ll have more chances to interact!” Chentian said, acting cool.

“Oh…” Jingyi had absolutely no interest whether or not this guy was starting a company. Some rich guy from a noble house, using his house’s money and connections to do business? That was not difficult at all, of course he’d earn a huge amount of profits. Jingyi wouldn’t be able to compete!

From what she could see, only an idiot would be unable to earn money with all the connections and money he had.

“Haha, it’s been a while- let’s have brunch tomorrow?” Chentian said excitedly.

“Tomorrow? I have to go to work, might not have time,” She rejected flatly.

“Haha, come and chat! Get Lin Yi, too, it’s been a while!” Chentian said intentionally, thinking that if Lin Yi was going, Jingyi would go as well. This would let her see the ugly truth behind Lin Yi’s double-timing.

“Lin Yi?” Jingyi paused, and something changed inside her as she put aside her ideal boyfriend- true, Lin Yi was quite a nice person, but he was a Great Thief… How would her grandpa react if she brought home a Great Thief?

“Yeah, back in Yanjing I met with him, and even bought him and his friend dinner, we had fun!” Chentian said, “So I was planning on having a meal with him again in Songshan, let’s go together?”

“I… Alright then…” Hearing that Lin Yi was going as well, Jingyi barely said yes. She had less and less care regarding Chentian, even though her family wanted her to spend more time with him. She was avoiding him all the time.

“Alright, I’ll go to your company to get you tomorrow!” Chentian was annoyed that the mere mention of Lin Yi’s name was enough to get Jingyi to agree, but the thought that he would be exposed for two timing tomorrow gave him peace as he endured.

“K,” With that, Jingyi hung up.

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