The sound of shock resounded, and the voice of shock was everywhere.

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Because of the great distance between them, they didn't attract people's attention at first.

But very soon, that kind of concussion sound with amazing speed toward the city side close, along the way, the cry of surprise also followed.

"No! Someone's coming to kill

"It's terrible. Is that still human?"

"Help! Help

The shrill screams and frightened howls were heard from a distance, but they stopped suddenly.

As long as you have a little experience, you can judge that those who scream should all be killed!

Soon, there was a flurry of agitation and chaos among the eight regions in the rear.

This scene was also noticed by the saints who were fighting with SHAOHAO. For a moment, they all turned pale.

"It's impossible. Even if Lintian had the life to come back from Feixian battle, he couldn't break the siege in such a short time!"

"What happened?"

For a time, these sages of the eight regions had to postpone the attack, separate their mind and go to the rear.

At the same time, SHAOHAO, Zhao Jingxuan, Laoge and Alu were all stunned.

At this critical moment, foreign aid is coming?

"Can it be big brother?"

The old clam's voice trembled with excitement. He, Zhao Jingxuan and Alu also spread the divine consciousness in the past.

At the same time, ruowu, anti heaven and yechen, who are distributed in different areas of the city of moat, also noticed this abnormal situation, and then looked at it.


The sound of shaking heaven and earth is getting closer and closer, just like a raging storm, which is sweeping towards the city of moat in an unparalleled manner.

So big battlefield, all appear stagnation at the moment, countless eight strong who are bombarding the city of road protection are a burst of panic, aware that something is wrong.

The cry of surprise and scream also resounded through the sky.

Under the cover of innumerable divine consciousness, the first thing we can see is that a black curtain like an eternal night, like spreading ink, comes from the distant sky, obscures the sky light, and emits a deep and depressing breath.


Then, in the far distance, the area originally covered with the forbidden array of the nine sacred ways suddenly produced earth shattering sound.

It was like a heavy hammer, smashing the holy Taoist forbidden array to pieces, and breaking a road, so that the light and rain were flying there, and the Taoist pattern symbols were broken and spread.

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"Is the array broken?"

The saints of the eight regions have all turned pale.

It's only a few breaths, and the nine fold holy way forbidden array is broken?

It should be noted that the eight regions' allied forces have spared no effort to spread the holy way to kill the top saints!

But now, it was broken like paper paste!

"Who is it?"

SHAOHAO and Zhao Jingxuan, on the other hand, were looking forward to it more and more. Their hearts, which had sunk to the bottom of the valley, were all shocked and looked forward to it.

At the moment of life and death, there is a touch of hope coming from afar, no one is excited?

At the moment, the huge battlefield presents a chaotic situation. The eight area allied forces besieged in different areas of the moat city are all affected by this abnormal situation. Their faces change and their minds are uneasy.

What happened?

Then -

originally stationed in the rear of the eight regions army, was suddenly torn by a touch of scarlet blood to open a huge gap.

The scarlet color was sprayed out by the dead bodies, spreading at an amazing speed!

Where you pass, the corpses are piled up and the blood is spilled!

No one can stop, too fast and terrible, even if it is true saint, just a close, will also be in the moment of the corpse yard.

"Alone? How can it be? "

Suddenly, someone screamed, full of disbelief.

Also at this time, all the divine consciousness, all the eyes finally see clearly.

It was a figure, slender, delicate, diffuse in a dark light and shadow like eternal night, coming towards this side.

With her steps, all the places she passed were covered by darkness, and there was no light in the sky, just like falling from day to night.

The enemy who stood in front of her turned into numerous corpses at her feet.

The blood is flowing like a waterfall.

Bones piled up like mountains.

It's like a shocking picture of purgatory.

Her arrival also brought death, leaving a sea of blood!

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Anyone who sees such a scene will feel cold, like falling into an ice cave, unable to believe his own eyes.

A bloody straight path, from the appearance of her figure, has been spreading behind her, toward the moat city.The forbidden array of the nine sacred ways, like a decoration, is easily broken.

What if there are tens of thousands of troops?

If you stop, you'll be dead on the ground!

"Who is she? How can that be? "

A saint from the top of the eight realms cried out in anger. He couldn't believe his eyes.

A man is unstoppable and can't be stopped. He has rolled out a path of blood in the army of eight regions. Who dares to believe it?

"Is that her?"

When she saw the slender figure bathed in the darkness of eternal night, Zhao Jingxuan opened her eyes and felt like she had known each other before.

"Not big brother!"

Cried Aru.

"It's not big brother, it's no different from big brother coming!"

Old clam grinned and looked excited. He almost danced. Even he didn't expect that she would appear here at this moment.

It's like a light, tearing the fog, bringing the dawn!

"So strong!"

SHAOHAO's mind was shocked. With his eyes, he could see that the comer was not generally powerful!

At this moment, all the great saints in the ancient wilderness camp were wide eyed, as if they saw the gods coming from heaven!

Boom -

her figure brings darkness and death. In the place she passes, heaven and earth tremble, and the corpses of the enemies turn into blood and accumulate on the ground.

For the eight regions, such a mysterious woman, like a god of death from hell, brings only death!

Their formation was in complete chaos, with constant screams, screams, screams and wails. Even from a very far distance, countless strong people in the eight regions were trembling and cold.

So much so that it was an all-out siege, but it was completely interrupted at this time!


Finally, a sage in the eight realms couldn't help moving the void and rushing away.


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This is an old man in red robe with big sleeves and elegant demeanor. As soon as he attacked, he sacrificed a silver ancient sword to kill ghosts.

Obviously, he also knows that the comer is not good, and he has no reservation when he moves!

The slender figure didn't stop. It seemed as if it didn't realize it. It continued to move forward. From beginning to end, it showed a kind of extreme calm and calm.

It feels as if there are no mood swings.

When the sword approached, she just raised her right arm. From the black sleeve robe, she showed a white hand that was as smooth as tallow, perfect and almost flawless.

Every finger, like the most outstanding works of the creator, gives people an ultimate beauty.

Such a slender hand, just a pinch in the void, the sword gas from the cutting suddenly burst, light and rain flying.

Then she pointed out from the distance.


The old swordsman had no time to react. His body was just like being pressed by the hand of God, and it exploded directly in the void.

Dying, I didn't even scream!

In the eyes of the public, killing such a supreme saint is as random as killing a fly, which gives people a subversive impact on their vision.

How terrible!

The saints of the eight regions were shocked at the moment.

At this moment, the huge battlefield became strangely silent, and the atmosphere became oppressive.

Innumerable eyes, innumerable divine consciousness, almost all fell on the figure who bathed in the dark forever.

And in the direction of her forward, all the enemy's figures are almost coincidentally to make way for a road, such as avoiding ghosts and gods!

"It's her!"

At this moment, Zhao Jingxuan finally dares to confirm who is coming.

It's just that we haven't seen each other for many years, and the other party's temperament, breath and even figure have undergone earth shaking changes.

So that the first time she saw each other, she almost suspected that she recognized the wrong person.

"It seems that she is more fierce than her elder brother now..."

Aru lost his mind and murmured to himself.

"Not only now, it seems that my elder brother has never been better than her before."

The old clam sighed.

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I haven't seen that girl for many years, who was so beautiful that the world was dim, has become more and more mysterious and terrible.

"Friend, who are you, why do you want to stop me?"

Suddenly, a sage at the top of the mountain opened his mouth. This is a man in a golden robe with sharp eyes. From the woman bathing in the dark, he didn't realize that he belonged to the ancient wasteland.

That is to say, the other party does not have the ancient wilderness order!

There was no response.

She bathed in the eternal night and went on, never pausing, never saying a word.

Silent, calm, calm, alone, behind spread a blood road full of scarlet, corpse mountain blood sea become its background.The face of the man in the golden robe was uncertain, and he was ignored. At other times, he had already started.

But he did not dare to act rashly after witnessing the bloody scenes in front of him.

Fortunately, after his observation, as long as she did not block her way, she would not take the initiative.

"Let's get out of the way and let her pass!"

The man in the golden robe quickly transmitted the sound to others.

The top saints in front of the besieged city also noticed that as long as they didn't get in the way, the women who bathed in the eternal night, not to mention hitting them, didn't bother to look at them all the time.

Totally ignored!

"Brother SHAOHAO, get out of the way

Suddenly, the old clam's face changed slightly. Realizing something, he quickly grabbed SHAOHAO's sleeve and avoided it to one side.

SHAOHAO is confused and a little suspicious. Isn't this mysterious woman here to help them?

Also at this time, bathed in the dark light and shadow of the eternal night, she stood on the top of the city and stopped.

The atmosphere, also at this moment, is extremely quiet. The huge city and the huge battlefield are silent.

Between heaven and earth, her figure has become the focus of attention.

"There is his breath here, but others..."

A whisper sounded, clear, clean and pleasant, just like the sound of nature, floating in the city filled with smoke and nitrate.


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