Chapter 72. Sleep next door

Does she want him to be a monk forever?

At the thought of this, Zhou Qing Bai frowned. This was definitely not acceptable. It wasn't normal for the husband and wife to not have intercourse.

No need doubt it, it was abnormal!

But he unable to get his wife's approval.

Zhou Qing Bai stared at the two well-developed pigs and became a little worried.

It wasn't just Zhou Qing Bai fretting, Lin Qinghe was even more anxious. Now they have reached this season, where all was rejuvenated. The day before yesterday, when she went to collect meat, Mei Jie inquired with her when she'll start to take the meat. That side was ready but Zhou Qing Bai won't agree to let her do it.

Speaking of this, Lin Qing He admired Zhou Qing Bai in this aspect greatly. He endured all that suffering and still could maintain his position. This was a skill.

However, she doesn't have any time to waste with him, so Lin Qing He intends to give him a little taste of carrot tonight and force him to nod in agreement!

That's right. Since ancient times, the sensual vale leads to the hero's grave as the honey-trap scheme never fails.* She gave him some benefit and if he refuses to agree, she will turn on him!

Lin Qing He, who had made up her mind, filled a basket full of wild vegetables with the kids.

These wild vegetables were particularly good for eating or feeding pigs.

Later on, they can forage wild pigweed, which was an excellent feed for the pigs.

It was for her own ones, even if the team owned it, so Lin Qing He was willing to gather pigweed. Mainly to save the grains.

After digging a basket of wild vegetables, Lin Qing He led the kids back home. It was just a little past nine o'clock. Zhou Qing Bai had already gone to work at this time.

Lin Qinghe wrapped pork and shepherd's purse dumplings and set aside some for dinner tonight. The rest was fed to the pig, gotta let the pigs consume some inorganic salt.

Only she, Er Wa, and San Wa were home now. And Da Wa? Once school opened in spring, off he went. Zhou Qing Bai personally took him to the team's elementary school.

After Lin Qing He's training over the winter, Da Wa can keep up with the progression with his current knowledge. Lin Qing He wasn't worried.

In order to get the kid to peacefully go to school, she sewed him a school bag. As for his father's military bag, Lin Qing He was unwilling to let him ruin it.

The newly sewed schoolbag had Da Wa overjoyed. Without his mother's nagging, he happily when to register with his father.

From the beginning of spring to now, he had adapted very well.

At noon, Da Wa returns from school. At the same, Zhou Qing Bai get off work.

During this period, it was very exhausting. Lin Qing He paid no heed to Da Wa, but she was considerate to Zhou Qing Bai, who supported the whole family.

She had prepared a cool face wash, as well as warm water.

Zhou Qing Bai had got to know his wife's temper since he came back, really proud. If he wants her to bow her head, it was very unlikely.

It was evident that she wanted something, judging by her thoughtful action today.

Was she aiming to give him the last attack? Can he bear the gentle knife of his wife?

But no matter what the man thought, he was very calm and enjoying the meticulous care from his wife.

Pork and shepherd's purse dumplings were for lunch. The taste was really delicious and fresh.

At this time, shepherd's purse was really fragrant and tender. Lin Qing He also liked to eat it.

After the family was full, they began their noon break. Lin Qing He began to assess what Da Wa had learned in the morning, then reinforce the knowledge into him, and lastly gave him a few questions to do.

"Mother, why do I feel that you better at making questions than our teacher." Zhou Da Wa sighed at the sight of these difficult questions.

Lin Qing He mentally answered, 'This was an important part of, I, your mother's life. My total score for the college entrance examination was more than six hundred. During college, I was a top scholar, who received a scholarship while under the work-study program.'

However, Lin Qing He said: "Treasure your chance to study now. You don't know how much your mother, I wanted to study back then but your grandpa and granny refused to let me. This bit was what I learned after many difficulties, so I'm not blind with my eyes open."

Hearing this, Zhou Qingbai couldn’t help but look at her. He had always known that his wife recognized the word. When they just matched up, she had mentioned this, but for so many years, she had never written a single letter to him.

He had seen it, her words were very beautiful. An average college student may not necessarily be as beautiful as her words.

Although Zhou Qing Bai didn't say anything, Lin Qing He understood what his gaze meant.

Lin Qing He just caught a glimpse and then removed her eyes to express that she didn't know anything. She didn't do it, so why should she take the blame.

But the man's gaze behind her was too strong, making her nervous and uneasy.

"It's getting pretty warm now, you brothers will sleep next door." Lin Qing He coughed and said.

As soon as these words came out, she felt the man's gaze become more unsettling.

Da Wa was first to protest: "I want to sleep here!"

"I heard Yang Yang said that he sleeps with his father and mother." This was Er Wa's response.

Yang Yang was Zhou Yang, Eldest Sister-in-law's son.

"Yang Yang have no choice. There is only one Kang. Our family got two. We can't let next door's one collect dust." Lin Qing He said rightly.

"What about San Wa?" Da Wa pointed out.

"You're comparing yourself with a little brother who can't speak smoothly. Really?" Lin Qing He expressed to him in contempt.

At once Da Wa had nothing to say. He kicked Er Wa, motioning him to say a few words.

"Mother, you can't bias toward San Wa. You gave birth to all of us," Er Wa said.

"Fine, San Wa sleeps with you over there, If he wet the bed and you dare to hit him, I will hit you!" Lin Qing He snorted.

Since she came, San Wa had wet the bed twice. It was just two times and it had got on Da Wa's pants and stained Er Wa as well. The brothers were so angry that they wanted to hit San Wa.

Da Wa hadn't forgotten about that matter and uttered: "Forget it. Let him sleep here."

"It's fine for San Wa to sleep here. My elder brother and I will go to bed next door." Er Wa nodded.

San Wa hugged his mother, expressing that he doesn't want to sleep with his two brothers. He wanted to sleep with his mother.

"Alright, then it's settled happily." Lin Qing He declared.

Then as soon as she looked up, she met Zhou Qing Bai's deep gaze. Lin Qinghe's heartbeat was somewhat accelerated. Wit a calm face, she said: "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen it before?"

"Do your homework next door." Zhou Qing Bai ordered Da Wa.

Da Wa observed his father. He felt that he couldn't get his way this time and immediately took his homework with him. Er Wa saw his father looking over. He discerningly planned to retreat out of the room, when he heard his father spoke. "Bring your little brother over."

"No, he'll pester me!" Da Wa shouted from his side.

However, no matter he protested, Er Wa brought San Wa over. Sure enough, San Wa demanded pen and copybook from him so he could write and draw by himself, otherwise, he would cry!

"I remembered now. My pot has not been scrubbed yet." Lin Qing He wanted to escape. The man's gaze was burning, so much it can burn people!

"I scrubbed it." Zhou Qing Bai pulled her hand, Lin Qing He spun and landed in his arms.

*I'm not sure if I translate the meaning right, 温柔乡英雄冢,美人计百试不爽. Thanks, Anon! Now updated.

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