Voice, also reveals a touch of melancholy.

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She stood at the head of the city, bathed in the dark light and shadow of the eternal night, and her delicate figure seemed to be independent from the rest of the world.

But she ignored it all.

Because the person she's looking for is not here.

As she once said in those years -

"my world is very small, small can only accommodate you."

But at this time, the saints of the eight regions could not be calm and their faces changed.


Who is he?

But it is certain that this mysterious and terrible woman is looking for people, not to save the ancient wilderness camp!

For Lao Ge and Zhao Jingxuan, they were all sighing.

Over the years, she is still the same as before, and has never changed. She only cares about one person. As for all living beings in this world, all things in ancient and modern times can not attract her attention.

"Girl, who are you looking for? There is nothing in this ancient wasteland that I don't know. "

SHAOHAO suddenly spoke in a gentle voice.

Before that, the situation was urgent, the city of moat was about to fall, and they all had the heart to die.

But with the arrival of this mysterious woman, everything has changed!

She could easily tear open a crack in the forbidden array of nine sacred ways, which was surrounded three thousand miles outside the city.

The vast and huge eight regions allied forces could not stop their pace, leaving a bloody road between heaven and earth, in which a sea of corpses piled up.

Even if it was the hand of juetong sage, she was crushed to death with her finger. She didn't even have the power to struggle!

This is no doubt incredible.

But at the same time, because of her arrival, the huge battlefield fell into a stalemate, and the atmosphere was strange.

Virtually, on the contrary, it gives the ancient wilderness camp a chance to breathe!

Hearing SHAOHAO's words, people like Ruo Wu, Ni Tian and ye Chen can't help but wonder. Yes, who is she looking for when she comes alone in the darkness of eternal night?

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A silent, figure bathed in the eternal night of her, from beginning to end completely unconscious like, ignore anyone.

Standing in silence for a moment, she looked up slightly and looked into the sky, as if looking for something.

Finally, she turned and walked away from the wall.

It seems that she has not found the person she is looking for. All living beings in this city and everything between heaven and earth are irrelevant.

SHAOHAO's heart was tense.

All the strong men in the eight regions united forces were inspired. This incredibly powerful woman really didn't come to rescue the ancient wasteland camp.

"Get out of the way, get out of the way for this girl!"

The sharp eyed man in the golden robe gave orders.

Everyone can see that there is such a woman, it is simply an invincible existence, too terrible and terrible.

If you can make her disappear quickly, it is undoubtedly the best result!

For a moment, the faces of many strong people in the ancient wilderness camp changed again.

Even Zhao Jingxuan couldn't help sitting down and said, "summer solstice, I know you're looking for Lintian, but he's not here now."


A few words, just like a strange magic, let originally turned to leave her, suddenly stop there.

It's just an action of standing still, but it makes all the strong men in the eight regions tense up and change their looks.

This girl is actually looking for Lintian?

Now looking at the whole nine regions battlefield, who can not know the name of Lintian?

However, no one thought that such a mysterious and terrible woman would have something to do with Lintian!

Because in the past two years, no one knew the existence of this mysterious woman, she seemed to appear out of thin air.

At this time, SHAOHAO and they finally realized that She came for Lintian!

For a moment, their hearts were rolling. Before that, they didn't know that there would be such a powerful woman beside Lintian.

"I know."

The summer solstice did not turn back.

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This time she came, she had already caught all the breath about Lintian. Unfortunately, it was just the breath.

His people are not here.

So, she's going to leave.

"But what you don't know is that the city was built by Lintian with all his efforts. There are many friends in the city. If the city is occupied, do you think he will be better when he comes back?"

Zhao Jingxuan took a deep breath and said seriously.

"Also, look at all the people outside the city. They are the enemies of eight regions. Maybe they don't matter to you, but in the past two years, they have tried to kill Lintian more than once and treated him as the number one enemy."

At present, only the summer solstice can save the situation, and Zhao Jingxuan can only do everything to retain the summer solstice.

She knew the summer solstice too well. This mysterious girl never cared about everything except Lintian!The summer solstice is silent.

And the eight regions allied forces are face change, secretly cry to bad!

"Summer solstice, look!"

Suddenly, the old clam stood up, pointed to Zhao Jingxuan and said, "she's my elder brother's woman. If she dies, my elder brother will be heartbroken. If I want to keep you in this way, you can scold me for being mean, but I recognize it."


Speaking of this, the old clam's eyes were red. "But big brother, he has spent so much effort in the past two years, and it's not easy for him to win once. If he fails like this What a pity

In a word, everyone clenched their fists.

Yes, if the city is broken this time, the ancient wilderness camp will be completely destroyed

Zhao Jingxuan sighed, but she also knew that the old clam was doing it to keep the summer solstice. She didn't mind anything, she was worried

Sure enough, at this time, the summer solstice turned and looked at Zhao Jingxuan. His clear, calm eyes made Zhao Jingxuan feel uncomfortable.

Half ring, summer solstice back eyes, voice is still calm without a ripple, "without my consent, all does not count."

People's eyes were slightly different.

Zhao Jingxuan didn't worry about it. Instead, she felt that it was the summer solstice she knew.

"Girl, if you want to leave, please leave at once."

The gold robed man spoke in a deep voice, and he felt more and more bad.

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At the same time, he sent a message to other top saints: "be prepared. As long as this woman chooses to stay, she will attack with all her strength. At the same time, she will arrange others to attack the city with all her strength. This battle is broken. As long as the army rushes in, the overall situation can be decided!"

All the saints in the eight regions agreed with their eyes flashing.

At this time, the summer solstice turned around, and in his white right hand, there was a white bone spear, and there were wisps of stars around it.

The golden robed man's face suddenly changed.

On such a big battlefield, countless strong members of the eight regions camp are also frozen.

Zhao Jingxuan, Laoge, ALU, SHAOHAO and others were relieved and grateful.

"I just don't want to disappoint him."

The young girl's delicate figure stands on the void, surrounded by the dark light of the night, holding a white bone spear. Although she is alone, she has the momentum of overlooking the sky.

Words fall.

She stepped up.

Between heaven and earth, day is like night, and the invisible opportunity of killing diffuses from her figure and diffuses in ten directions.

For a moment, a terrible bloody vision appeared in the void. Countless corpses piled up and countless blood were spreading, just like purgatory, trampled at her feet!

"Do it!"

The gold robed man's face changed greatly, and he gave the order without hesitation.

Dozens of the great sages who had been waiting for them almost immediately locked their Qi on the summer solstice.


The sky is turning upside down.

The gorgeous holy treasure, the turbulent Dharma and the terrible Dharma are interwoven together, covering one person to the summer solstice.

SHAOHAO and Laoke's face suddenly changed, but when they were about to attack, they saw an incredible scene -

the Summer Solstice held up the white bone spear in their hands, an insignificant action, but pulled the dark power of eternal night covered by heaven and earth together.

She stepped forward, accompanied by the eternal night, and all the attacks from all directions were like a bubble that could not withstand a single blow. Before she came near, they burst into pieces and dissipated in the void.


Her figure suddenly came forward and flashed out of thin air. The white bone and spear produced a faint and cold chant, just like the murmur of death.

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A supreme saint is directly pierced, and his body decomposes in the darkness of eternal night.


"What a terror

Jin Pao men and others felt numb on their scalp and the canthus of their eyes were about to crack.

Before, on the summer solstice, a man came from a very far distance, and where he passed, there was a lot of blood and death all the way. From the beginning to the end, he did not use weapons.

Originally, this has been terrifying, liver and gall to crack.

But now, when the summer solstice with the white bone spear attacked, those top saints found that they underestimated the horror of this mysterious woman!


Soon, another supreme saint was pierced and his blood spilled into the sky.

When you see the summer solstice walking in the air, you are like the master in the eternal night, who has launched the killing. There is no nonsense, no hesitation, calm and terrifying calm.

The white bone spear, surrounded by the bright stars, flutters in the eternal night. Everything is unbreakable. The sharp point means that there must be a great sage at the top of the mountain!

In the twinkling of an eye, there were five great saints who died miserably, all of them were fatal. As long as they were targeted, they could not evade or resist.

In the distance, the Allied forces of the eight regions are cold, like falling into an ice cave, and the spirits of the dead are in danger.

On the top of the city, SHAOHAO and Zhao Jingxuan all took a cool breath. They could hardly believe their eyes.Originally, for them, Lintian's fighting power could not be measured by common sense. However, compared with him, the summer solstice was more terrible.

Her action is simple, simple, but invincible. Killing the sage on the top is like tearing a painting, which is absolutely crushing!

From beginning to end, I have never met the enemy of oneness!

"Somebody, stop her!"

The eyes of the man in the golden robe are cracked and red.

The power of the summer solstice frightened him, so he had to mobilize all the top saints in the battlefield to attack together.

Whoosh, whoosh!

In all directions, the sages of the other eight regions, who had been conquering in different regions, realized that it was not good and came together.

For a moment, in front of the moat City, the place where the summer solstice stands with emptiness seems to be the eye of the storm of the whole battlefield!

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