Chapter 71. Hard-hearted Wife

Third Brother Lin knew that she was still blinded in anger, just sighed, and said nothing.

Since he came here, Lin Qing He naturally kept him for lunch and not let him go back on an empty stomach.

Lunch was simple, stewed pork and starch noodles, stir-fried bacon and pickled vegetables, and a mix of edible fungi. The central dish was plain mantou.

"Sister, you don't need to make so many delicious foods. Leave them for Da Wa and his brothers to eat." Third Brother Lin caught sight of what was cooking on the coal stove and quickly interjected.

Lin Qing He maintained: "Even if you're not here, we will eat like this. Your sister's life is not as good as before, but it hasn't drop down to that level yet. Relax and eat. I, your sister is willing to give you to eat. But those in the old Lin family, don't even think about it. Don’t say it when you go back. "

Third Brother Lin turned to Da Wa. Da Wa confirmed: "We do eat like this."

"Tasty." Er Wa nodded.

Third Brother Lin mentally exclaimed, 'Of course, it's tasty. It got meat, starch noodles, bacon, and flour bun. Which one isn't good stuff?'

Third Brother Lin went back after a satisfying meal.

When he came over, he was worried but now on the way back, Third Brother Lin felt a lot more relieved. Although his sister’s life wasn't as great as before, it won't be too bad with a hardworking Jiefu there.

"Third brother is nice." Zhou Qing Bai remarked.

"Out of the entire old Lin family, only he hasn't become crooked." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai just looked at her: "Neither have you."

Lin Qing He mentally retorted that she was not from old Lin family, and the former wasn't something good either.

However, she didn't speak out.

The first days of New Year had passed, the New Year feeling began to fade. On the seventh, Zhou Xiao Mei returned to the county city, because on the eighth day, work will officially begin.

Lin Qing He left the kids for Zhou Qing Bai to take care. She took Zhou Xiao Mei to the county city on the bicycle. Mainly because she hadn't come out for a long time. After all, she needed an excuse to take something out?

She took turns cycling with Zhou Xiao Mei. It would very be tiring for her to bring her all the way.

But Zhou Xiao Mei, returning to the county city this time was much easier than before.

She was quite happy when waving goodbye to Lin Qing He.

At this time a colleague of her came over and asked, "Who is that? A relative in the city?"

"It's my sister-in-law, Fourth Sister-in-law." Zhou Xiao Mei replied.

"Your fourth sister-in-law is so beautiful. I thought she was a city folk." The colleague said.

"Even though my fourth sister-in-law is not from the city, she is the most beautiful in our area. My fourth brother got lucky." Zhou Xiao Mei said.

The colleague smiled, then frowned, "When are you planning to marry?"

"I came back this time just to break it off with him. I really can't afford to climb into his family. My family is a rural background." Zhou Xiao Mei pressed down her temper.

This was taught by her fourth sister-in-law. If it was her, she would definitely explain it like this.

When she said this, it made her colleague respect her and said: "What's wrong in the countryside? There's no worry about eating and drinking in the countryside!"

"Forget it. I can't afford to socially climb. Help me give this hairpin back to him for me." Zhou Xiao Mei requested and took a hairpin out.

"This hairpin is absolutely beautiful," the colleague uttered.

"Since it's pretty, then go over and get him to give it to you." Zhou Xiao Mei finished and went back to the dormitory.

Her colleague blushed, and then whispered: "I didn't steal him from you, it's you, who don't want him."

So less than three days later, Zhou Xiao Mei witnessed her former match grabbing and eating dinner with that colleague. The two appeared quite intimate.

Some other colleagues came over to mention it, Zhou Xiao Mei gave the same explanation- she can't match up to the other, and the other deserved better. Although she, Zhou Xiao Mei was not sensible, she still had self-awareness!

This invoked sympathy from many colleagues for her, but it was also because of this matter that they had high regard toward Zhou Xiao Mei and felt that she can be a good friend, unlike some people. In the past, they thought she a good person. Never thought she would actually steal a colleague's match. Really got no standards!

Zhou Xiao Mei didn't care about this, because after the split, others pursued her due to her noble quality.

Zhou Xiao Mei followed what her fourth sister-in-law told her. After considering them one by one, she found that none of them meet what her fourth sister-in-law said.

Either the family was counting on his salary, or he was too unsightly, or his home was too small.

In short, no one met the criteria.

In the end, Zhou Xiao Mei can only continue to be single. She currently trusted her fourth sister-in-law deeply and felt what remained was the best.

Rather than being picked by others, it was her not wanting others. It wasn't that she wasn't desired, she was very popular.

This was indeed the case.

Zhou Xiao Mei's family composition need not be questioned. She got many brothers in her family. Her circumstance was fine. If one marries her, one doesn't need to worry about her maternal family needing relief from the son-in-law's family.

Maybe instead, they will be able to help the son-in-law's family in the city.

Many maternal families of the daughters-in-law from the rural who have joined the city will give some food after the food distribution

What's more, Zhou Xiao Mei still had own income. It can't get any better.

Therefore, it wasn't false to say that Zhou Xiao Mei was in demand. But Zhou Xiao Mei doesn't have that intention now.

In the countryside, Lin Qing He knew about this because after Zhou Xiao Mei kicked that guy, she had come back once or twice a month and heard all about it from Zhou Xiao Mei.

In a blink of an eye, it was already March, the season of recovery of all things.

"You check around and see who in the village has chicks. Buy a few to raise." Lin Qing He said.

"There are five people in our family, up to three." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

Only then Lin Qing He remembered this. During this period, there were restrictions. One chicken per two people. Her family of five can have three maximum.

"You go to catch six. Chicks die easily." Lin Qing He decided.

Zhou Qing Bai did not object to this. It was indeed the case. Lin Qing He's plan was if they all survived, then she'll wait until they grow up and slaughter them to nourish the whole family.

At this time, it was easy to raise chicks. Zhou Qing Bai went to buy six.

When they were still chicks, more are raised. This was the usual practice. After all, it is necessary to consider that the chicks may die halfway. So no one will say anything.

If they grow up and live, then it wasn't allowed.

Better to be a socialist grass than a capitalist country seedling. If she raised more, then she was latter.

It wasn't easy.

"Our pigs should be able to be slaughtered this year. By then I guess it should be about two hundred jins." Lin Qing He inspected the two well-raised pigs and stated.

"Approximately that." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

"Er Wa, come and dig wild vegetables with me." Lin Qing He shouted.

She called for Er Wa, and San Wa also tagged along. The trio went out carrying the basket.

Zhou Qing Bai looked at the mother and sons with softened brows but immediately sighed again.

He wouldn't let his wife do the business, so his wife wouldn't let him get close to her. From the looks of it, there was no sign of softening from that hardened heart.

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