Chapter 1041: Wu Chentian’s Return

“Alright, leave this matter to me!” Scorpion said with a pat on his chest. He was someone who always walked among the people of the common world, and it was his field. This was a job for him. “What is this girl called? What is her father’s name?”

“The girl is Yu Yuanyuan, she works at a burger shop close to a primary school, and her father sells stuff in the market nearby, called Yu Ren. They’re poor people, and haven’t seen the world- a few words will be enough to hook them in!” Fighter LI had already investigated Yuanyuan’s background already.

Fighter Li may often think about girls, but the females he always interacted with were always the girl type, not the women kind. He preferred pure and innocent girlies, and he was eating at that burger shop yesterday when he felt attracted to Yuanyuan, prompting him to do a background check. He was thinking about how he should approach this topic with An Jianwen, and since he just so happened to ask him to fight tomorrow, he might as well just make the request then and there!

As expected, Jianwen agreed- since it wasn’t a big deal in the first place!

Wu Gonggao of House Wu had finally left the hospital- but the incident that put him in the hospital was actually a blessing in disguise, for he had broken through to Mystic mid phase! This made him overjoyed- perhaps it was true that you needed to break before you can grow.

If that was the case, then maybe Gonggao should get so pissed he’d faint and get sent to the hospital… Two more times! Perhaps then he’d reach Earth class?

Of course, that was just a thought. Getting into a hospital may have some relation to his breakthrough, but that was mostly due to the fact that he was about to breakthrough in the first place! He just hadn’t reached the wall to go past into mid phase yet!

He always trained without rest at home, but couldn’t do so at the hospital. He only calmly rested his body, and after a while, when he recovered and started his training again- he burst right into Mystic mid phase!

He thought about it afterwards- this breakthrough could be because of the readjustment of his body’s health this past while. It was posible that was what made him breakthrough when he restarted his training!

In the end, it was for certain that house Wu would be even stronger now that he had broken through!

Wu Chentian, upon seeing that his grandfather had recovered and had even broken through, he quickly charged to Songshan from House Wu to look for Sun Jingyi, enthusiastically wanting to spill the beans about her relationship with Lin Yi!

Back in Yanjing, Lin Yi, Xiaoxiao, and him had a meal together- knowing that the two of them were a couple meant that Lin Yi couldn’t be Jingyi’s boyfriend, of course, unless Lin Yi wanted to cheat on Xiaoxiao!

But that didn’t matter- Chentian wanted to take Xiaoxiao, Jingyi, and Lin Yi all out for a meal, and if Lin Yi really had been cheating then Jingyi would be able to see Lin Yi’s true face once and for all! Of course, whether this ruined Lin Yi’s relationship with Xiaoxiao was of no concern to him.

He went back to Songshan during the night, and he held back from calling Jingyi, going for Xiao Wangba instead.

“Hello? Wangba, this is Wu Chentian!” Chentian said.

“Chentian Bro, hello!” Wangba was happy that he got this call. House Xiao wasn’t in that great a shape after all, so if there was something they could do to help support House Wu, they might not be removed from their status as a noble house just yet! After all, now that the old man at House Wu was a Mystic mid phase, reaching Earth class was quite the possibility! They had bigger authority now!

“How did it go, that task I left to you?” Chentian naturally didn’t know what had happened to House Xiao, since he had been busying with stuff regarding his old man recently.

Gonggao had just broken through, so he had to spread the news! Who had time to go listen to other people’s news?

“It’s done, the company’s registered and the building’s contracted. The employees and everything are taken care of too, but because we’ve just come to Songshan we don’t have any customer source. There hasn’t been any customers even after so many days!’ Wangba said.

Songshan’s trading companies were extremely large in number- one would be dreaming if they expected people to just walk in to their new opened business!

But Chentian didn’t care- it didn’t matter if they had customers or if they were earning money! Gonghao had broken through, and Chentian had just gotten himself something he could hit on girls with! Gonggao’s wish was to make him marry Sun Jingyi into House Wu, so as to improve its standing!

This company was made for the sake of making him look cool- he wanted the status of manager! It didn’t matter if it earned money or not!

He was recently learning how to act cool, and he felt that he was getting better at it! He realized after that meal with Xiaoxiao- girls nowadays liked guys who knew how to act cool! That was the only way to get girls to like you!!

And so he quickly mended his shortcomings- this company he started was only the first step to his plan! He wanted to be able to be equals with Jingyi, and since she had a company and was a chairman, he had to have that position as well to pursue her!

The second step was to get Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao together with Jingyi, to let Jingyi know just what sort of a person he was! Then, he’d show off his coolness there at the table, and Xiaoxiao would also support him when he demonstrated how great he was! Two birds with one stone!

“It’s okay if it doesn’t earn money, this is just for me to hit on girls! Let it run first, if you need money just tell me!” Chentian said casually.

“Alright, alright!” Wangba said happily. He was still worried that the company wasn’t earning money, after all it was Chentian who asked him to prepare it for him! He thought Chentian would be unhappy, but it seemed that he didn’t care about profits at all! Then fine, since there’s money to be given to employees by Chentian anyway, they could just keep it running!

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