Chapter 70. Third Brother Lin

Play, eat, and movie, it was all done. Now, it was time for the family to head home.

On the way, Da Wa and Er Wa expressed that they will watch the movie in next year's New Year!

"Sure, as long as you study well every day, I can fulfill your desire to watch movies." Lin Qing He generously declared.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't say anything. He took his wife and children back home on a bicycle but still listened to the laughter of his wife and children. His usual cold expression on his face had a rare softness.

It's almost three o'clock in the afternoon when they get home. The whole family was tired after a day out.

Da Wa and Er Wa were so energetic, so Lin Qing He didn't stop them from going out. She took San Wa with her to relax.

At this hour, it was almost time for dinner. Napping wasn't possible.

Lin Qing He washed the apples to snack on. Zhou Qing Bai bit into one, while San Wa was spoon-fed apple puree that was scraped out by her.

Although he counts as two years old, the real age was still too small.

Zhou Qing Bai took over this job once he finished his and let her eat her own one.

"In this freezing weather, what should we eat tonight?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Dumplings is enough." Zhou Qing Bai uttered.

"How about cornmeal mantou?" Lin Qing He was sick of eating dumplings and suggested: "I'll steam another piece of bacon and cook a seaweed soup?"

"OK." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Zhou Xiao Mei came over to eat during the evening. It was amazing to eat bacon. She felt that her fourth brother seemed to be a lot fatter since returning home. At least, he looked sturdier than before. She believed this was all thanks to her fourth sister-in-law.

Look at this bacon. It was so fragrant and delicious that she could almost swallow her tongue.

Lin Qing He's bacon was indeed delicious. This was without a doubt. Just looking at Zhou Qing Bai and the kids and you'll know.

Stir-fried bacon and pickled vegetables with a little sprinkle of crushed chili. So aromatic and tasty.

There was also a big bone and seaweed soup. Even though it was mainly simple cornmeal mantou, as a guest, Zhou Xiao Mei was still satisfied.

She cleaned the tableware, Lin Qing He didn't stop her. Her own Guzi came to scrouge dinner, so why stop her from helping with the tableware clean up.

The second day of the new year was also very fulfilling.

However, the old Lin family apparently had their own thoughts.

Initially, they thought Lin Qing He was throwing a tantrum and said she won't come back during the New Year. She only had this one maternal family, how can she not come back?

Like this, her in-law family would look down on her.

But who would have known, she really didn't visit today, on the second day of New Year.

"Old man, do you think this girl really won't visit?" Mother Lin asked.

"Well, it's just a matter of temper. No need to care whether she comes to visit her maiden's home. With her temper, she will come back crying to her maternal house someday." Father Lin snorted.

Mother Lin nodded: "This girl is too head-strong, she deserves to suffer."

It wasn't just Father Lin and Mother Lin who talked about Lin Qing He. Eldest Brother Lin and Eldest Sister-in-law Lin mentioned her, but it was only a brief sentence or two.

Second Brother Lin and Second Sister-in-law Lin had more words to say.

"She actually not coming back? Do she think she was the same as before, where everyone had to coax her?" Second Sister-in-law Lin sneered.

Second Brother Lin also remarked: "She didn't grow up."

"I can tell you, her life is definitely not going well now, otherwise, it will not be like this. If you bump into, pretend she's not there!" Second Sister-in-law Lin said.

"In the end, we're brother and sister. She did give me my coat." Second Brother Lin pointed out.

"What gives? I said so much flattery that I nearly worshipped how fragrant her stinky feet were for this coat. This is what our family deserves!" Second Sister-in-law Lin sneered coldly.

Third Branch also had their talk.

Third Sister-in-law Lin was really surprised: "I thought your third sister wasn't serious with what she said. Never expect her to not come back today."

Today, only the First Guzi and Second Guzi have returned. Only Third Guzi didn't.

She was pregnant with her second child. The first one was a girl. Now she was more than a month along, so she did not go back to her maternal house on the icy road. Going back after the new year was the same.

"My sister is really angry this time. Can't believe, Father and Mother. In the past, Third Sister brought back a lot of things to honor them. Now Third Sister's life isn't easy, they don't help out." Third Brother Lin frowned.

"You don't have to be upset. Maybe it will be better after a while. Which daughter would really disown her maternal family." Third Sister-in-law Lin didn't care.

"You don't know my third sister. When she said disown, she would never come again if my father and mother don't go and invite her over,." Third Brother Lin sighed.

"Get Father and Mother to go invite? Then don't think about coming back this lifetime." Third Sister-in-law Lin stated.

"I'm going to see Third Sister tomorrow." Third Brother Lin decided.

"It's fine if you go, but those courtesy gifts aren't necessary." Third Sister-in-law Lin immediately responded.

Brother San Lin hummed an 'En'. Currently, he had no money. It would be nice to go over and see his third sister.

After breakfast on the third, he headed over. When he arrived, Zhu Qing Bai was home, in the middle of feeding the pigs in the backyard. Now the pigs were getting bigger and bigger. He got up at six in the morning to feed and then feed again at nine.

"Third brother, you have come." Zhou Qing Bai greeted him when he saw him.

"Jiefu, is my sister home?" Third Brother Lin smiled when he saw him and scanned the courtyard.

"Your third sister is out, should be back in a while." Zhou Qing Bai answered.

Zhou Qing Bai brought him over to the backyard. When Brother Lin saw the two piglets, he couldn't help but feel sad. His third sister loved cleanliness. At home, she used to scold people for raising pigs, and swore never have them in her own family.

Not to mention the pig, was it not the same with the chicken?

But look at the present, because the family became so terribly off that the family had to raise pigs.

If raised well, the two pigs can earn them a lot of work points. It was definitely not easy for his third sister now.

Lin Qing He carried San Wa home and at the sight of this third brother, she was delighted. She had no interest in the other people in the old Lin family, but she still likes this third brother.

"Don't rush back at noon, stay here for a meal." Lin Qing He implored him.

"No need. I'll go home and eat." Third Brother Lin shook his head.

"Such a long trip on New Year, how can I let you go back on an empty stomach?" Lin Qing He said.

"Sister, there's really no need. It's fine for me to eat at home. Now Jiefu has retired, don't be temperamental in the future. Just live well with Jiefu." Third Brother Lin urged.

"I still need you to teach me how to live? Look at San Wa. How well I have raised him?" Lin Qing He hugged San Wa over to show him, "Call Jiujiu."

"Jiujiu." San Wa greeted.

Brother Third Brother Lin grinned a response and touched his pockets with the intention to give New Year's money before he recalled he had no money.

"I'm content that you can still visit me, this sister. Now I only acknowledged you from the old Lin family." Lin Qing He stated.

"Sister, don't say words of anger ..."

Lin Qing He interrupted Third Brother Lin before he finished speaking: "You know what kind of character I am. I didn't talk in anger. I had seen through those people now."

Jiu Jiu: Another way to call mother's brother

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